Coronavirus Whistleblower Ignored in China Like Family Court Whistleblower is being Ignored Here


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

For over a decade I have been researching, investigating and reporting on a growing epidemic in America’s divorce and family courts. My experience as a civil rights attorney and victimized parent made me ideally qualified to expose this epidemic. It also made me a judicial whistle blower with no legal protection.

Accordingly, the state was able to retaliate with impunity, seizing my income capacities, children, diverse liberties and unblemished credible reputation. It was all designed to convince the public that there was no epidemic, parent alienation syndrome (PAS) was a fiction, and lawyer profits were justified.

This reaction can scarcely be distinguished from the targeting of Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who warned of the existence and spread of the coronavirus. He was isolated, ridiculed and discredited by the Chinese government in a similar manner.

Sadly Dr. Wenliang made the ultimate sacrifice when he recently succumbed to the virus that he warned about. Like me as a victimized parent, he was the victim of a growing epidemic. And I was nearly killed by it.

This site, Leon, is filled with proof of this. For example, I sponsored the Parent March on Washington, a 3-day event that featured parental advocates and court reformers delivering my report to all members of Congress.

That report was entitled, A Federal Funded Epidemic: Vital Report Justifying a Federal Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in Divorce and Family Courts. It was completed and delivered long before anyone even knew about the coronavirus.

However, like Dr. Wenliang’s reports, it was ignored, censored and threatened ultimately by a shoot on sight threat of a traffic cop purporting to enforce an unlawful child support warrant. Follow-up lobbying efforts have fallen on deaf ears. Consequently the carnage will grow in the coming months.

In my report, I cited only a few prominent examples of this carnage, i.e. at pp. 10-11:

In countless family court cases, records are falsified and misconduct is concealed or disregarded to protect judicial reputation. Judges are widely deemed to be beyond reproach. Tragedies have there resulted from oversight failures and a lack of criminal prosecutions involving human rights violations under federal law such as the one cited above. Four cases highlight the horrific consequences to parents, veterans, families and law enforcement over the past decade: 

On September 28, 2009, police Investigator Joseph Longo was ordered to pay $1,800 in monthly child support. He answered the same day with a murder- suicide leaving four children without parents. Even the district attorney could not predict this. A $2 million recovery was based on a zone of danger created by city officials as opposed to family court, Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp. 2d 367 (2011) LaDuca, Rage built Longo to murder-suicide, Observer Dispatch, 12/30/09. 

On June 15, 2011, a father and war veteran, Thomas Ball, burned himself alive on the steps of a family court to protest years of abuse and separation from his children. It stemmed from a single incident of slapping his daughter, and he left behind a manifesto on how to firebomb courts. Even after such a horrific death, the ex-wife stubbornly defended herself by complaining that her children’s dad failed to comply with court counselling. This is how demented the process has become, see Mark Arsenault, Dad leaves clues to his desperation, Boston Globe, July 10, 2011. 

On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott, an unarmed father was shot dead five times in the back by a traffic cop while fleeing a support warrant. The shocking murder was videoed by a concealed bystander. Contrary to national hype focused on racism, the victim’s funeral pastor blamed it on draconian child support confinements. Many concluded that the state was now killing for money given the revolving door outcomes. In vain, two reporters warned of this trend, see Robles and Dewan, Skip child support. Go to jail. Lose job. Repeat. New York Times, 4/15/15 at pg. 1.       

On July 30, 2018, a physical therapist with a practice in Manhattan fatally shot his ex-wife, their 6-year old son and current wife in his Astoria (Queens) home. It became the final edict in a protracted custody battle fueled by judicial war games. After a failed Go-Fund-Me effort to pay his lawyer fees, in a page titled “Child Kidnapping,” the abused dad, James Shield, explained, “I had the perfect life a few years ago but it has spiraled out of control,” Moore, Musemeci and Sheehy, Custody battle led dad to family murder suicide, New York Post, July 31, 2018. 

Less transparent are the countless cases swarming beneath these four which can easily explode. Their cause is wrongfully blamed on the parents. The public is duped into believing that an adversarial process yields truth and justice in our courts. That may be true in other forms of litigation, but when children are taken hostage by untethered lawyers, the opposite is true here. Parents commit perjury on an artificial premise that they are protecting their offspring. Sparks convert to forest fires, children emulate the dysfunction, and the perpetrators profit. 

Join us and spread the word regarding upcoming events so that this epidemic can finally be addressed.






Attorney Avanatti Conviction Parallels Abusive Lawyers in Divorce and Family Courts: Don’t let it happen to you!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Liberal media darling Attorney Michael Avenatti was convicted yesterday on all counts of a federal indictment involving a major extortion attempt on the Nike retail giant. A similar scheme was derailed when his lawsuit against President Trump involving Stormy Daniels was thrown out in federal court with the client holding a $300,000 plus attorney fee bill from Trump’s lawyers. He still faces two additional indictments.

Avenatti’s abuses can be compared to unscrupulous lawyers in divorce and family courts who, unlike Avenatti, are not being held accountable. They make false promises, inflame needless conflict, alienate parents, use children to extort fees and bankrupt entire families. When the money is gone, so are the lawyers. And yet those lawyers on the bench who remain continue the myth that it’s all in the “best interests of our children.”

For this reason, the Parenting Rights Institute offers divorce and family court candidates and victims a court avoidance program, self-representation material and mediation alternatives. We have exposed corruption and monitored lawyer misconduct. However, of great value to those who require representation is a lawyer search service where we locate the ideal advocate at a fair price in the region where your case is located.

Unlike other services, we then monitor that lawyer or law firm to prevent the kind of abuses that Avenatti almost got away with. We have lawyers, a university professor and marketing experts here who assist us. So don’t get caught in the endless billing cycles and blind searches for your next lawyer. Let the experts to it for you at a great saving over the long run.

Call us at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000. You can also e-mail us at

Barnstorming in New Hampshire: We Parents are getting noticed !

We got their attention with this banner message on a family SUV parked in front of the entrance to Bernie Sanders’ victory rally on Primary Night

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Well, we covered the main parts of New Hampshire during the presidential primary to bring parental rights into the mainstream of political discussion. We have been ignored or taken for granted as voters for too long, and this year we are going to change that.

A crime bill to make parental alienation a federal offense, a repeal of Title IV-D funding and a Justice Department investigation of human rights violations in family courts are among the concerns we shared with staffers in the field offices of all major candidates, even a session at the Republican headquarters in Concord, the state’s capital.

We delivered copies of our report, Federal Funded Epidemic, along with a two-page summary which will be reviewed by candidate policy leaders. We continued to demand action from Amy Klobuchar who promised a response during our meeting with her this past October in Washington D.C. She has been growing in popularity lately and placed third in the Democrat vote.

We boldly parked a vehicle with a powerful banner message outside the entrance to the Southern New Hampshire University Field House where Bernie Sanders held his victory rally on Primary Night. Our goal was to shift national focus from illegal parents crossing our borders to the rights of American parents to be free of court abuses and parental alienation.

We even managed to gain entry to the media section of the arena to discuss our issues with national news reporters and present them with our material. CNN, New York Times and Boston television stations were all approached. In the end, we had an impact with secondary media interviews that could lead to major media coverage and a long overdue documentary.

Most of the campaign and media staff we confronted were visibly, if not pleasantly surprised to hear from a nationwide parenting group with at least two reporters needing no briefing due to their own ordeals in these courts. We continue to make progress my friends, and at the very least, they knew that America’s parents have arrived. We will no longer be ignored!

It was a costly trip over a period of days and we need fellow court victims and parental advocates to donate to our site at We also need you to make our work viral as we are being highly censored to protect the family court gold mine. Call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000 so that we can exchange information and strategies to prevent further carnage in these dysfunctional tribunals.


Media packed into the parking lot at the Bernie Sanders victory rally on Primary Night

It’s Bedlam here at the New Hampshire Primary with Donald Trump attracting more voters than other candidates combined

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Well it’s peaceful applause and excitement everywhere around the Arena here in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire where President Donald Trump kicked off his re-election campaign. Vice President Pence opened the event, and because my arrival was a last minute decision caused by an alienating mother of my children, I could not get access to the inside (sold-out) arena, let alone anywhere near it on the outside.

A 100 pound skinny radical was the only bump on the outside as he ran around spewing Trump vulgarities at the top of his lungs. That was a good thing because it caused undecided locals around me to vote Trump at the polls tomorrow. One voter next to me stated that he would have knocked him out in the day and I agreed.

Like Nancy Pelosi’s backfired debacle on impeachment,if the liberals could keep sending us freaks like this one (probably from a liberal junior college campus), Donald Trump could win all 50 states. They’re already mumbling about more investigations of Trump when they should be investigating family courts and their abuse of Title IV-D funding. Will they ever “get it?”

Let’s face it, Donald Trump is our only hope for passing a federal crime billagainst parental alienation. We must finally reform our antiquated family courts into a sane operation free of entitlement funds that are destroying parent-child relations on a growing scale.

The liberal-socialists would seize our children altogether and brainwash them into the utterly immoral society we are becoming. That’s why we’ll be approaching all campaigns with our message to show why Donald Trump is simply unbeatable. These other candidates are looking out for the so-called rights of illegal aliens more than they are our own families.

Look for our banners on the news Primary Day (Tuesday, February 11, 2020). Call me direct at (315) 796-4000 if you can help us out in this vital mission for the sake of all American families!





To All Candidates For President at the New Hampshire Primary: We Need a Crime Bill Against Parental Alienation in Family Courts Funded by Congress

Dr. Leon Koziol, pictured here next to presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar with fellow parenting advocates in her senate office ion Washington. She has yet to respond to our report hand-delivered to her at the time of our meeting four months ago.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

At our 3-day event, Parent March on Washington, held on May 1-3, 2019, aggrieved parents from across the country converged on our federal government to demand reform in our antiquated family courts. These courts are funded by Congress through incentive funds known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

Billions of tax dollars are being wasted on grants which reward the states and its family courts based on the size and number of support orders issued and satisfied by a white collar army of state collection agents. This, in turn, creates an obvious systemic bias against non-custodial parents in violation of due process.

For states to receive such funds, parents otherwise working together to raise their children in separated households are required to name a “custodial parent.” This predictably leads to escalating controversy to the delight of unscrupulous divorce lawyers. Ultimately good moms and dads are alienated from their children in a manner far more hideous than the separation of those illegally crossing our borders.

This growing crisis is explained in our report, Federal Funded Epidemic, delivered to all member offices in Congress. To date they have remained aloof from this crisis without so much as a phone call in response. Accordingly, a second march is planned for June, 2020 to focus on electing a president and Congress truly responsive to parental rights.

Our quest this year begins with the New Hampshire Primary where we will be confronting candidates like Amy Klobuchar to hold her accountable for a failed promise to respond to our report hand-delivered to her in October, 2019 in her Senate office in Washington.

Over the years, the federal government has criminalized parents unable to pay inflated child support orders caused by these funding incentives. It has led to such draconian laws as the Parent Punishment Act championed by the Clinton Administration which makes it a federal crime for a non-custodial parent to take up residency in another state with a support obligation in excess of $5,000.

Such a “criminal” can be sentenced for up to seven years, yes 7 years, as warned in boldface capital letters on support violation petitions in New York. Arresting and confining parents to a human cage on nothing more than a money debt is a human rights violation.

This revolving door prison crisis led to the police murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina on April 4, 2015, an African-American father shot dead in the back five times, unarmed, while fleeing a support warrant at a traffic stop. Such arrests can occur even if the debtor is seeking better employment to pay those debts.

Yet nothing is done on the other side of this equation regarding custodial parents who maliciously alienate children from support debtors. It is a serious psychotic condition resulting in veteran and parent suicides and domestic murder. Our federal government is actually funding the destruction of parent-child relationships.

If Congress is disinterested in saving tax dollars and holding abusive family judges accountable for their war on parents, a crime bill must be drafted to make parent alienation a federal offense. We can call it the Kelly Hawse crime bill after one of the most horrific parent alienators in America today.

Call us to give your support to this crime bill and lobbying effort in New Hampshire by calling our office at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000. You can also e-mail us at It is important that you share this post as we are being censored on all fronts.

18th Birthday Message to a Daughter Harmed by an Alienating Parent

Honor America Parade in Rome, New York where my daughter proudly displayed an American flag. It was  during my campaign for state senate prior to a hate campaign by the state’s “custodial parent” and witch hunt in retaliation for my crusade against a corrupt court system

By  Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

The following text message was sent to the cell phone of Kelly Hawse-Koziol at 11:45 pm on the 18th birthday of my eldest daughter. I have no number to either of my daughters. I doubt that this alienating parent shared it with the one it was intended to reach.

Happy 18th Birthday Kristen!

Since you were born I always wanted to do something special with you on this day. But like so many other events I was prevented from experiencing in your life and that of your sister, your mother got in the way without cause of any kind except that of replacing me for money and status, and harming me when her agendas failed.

Someday when you can understand what happened to your loving dad, you will realize what your mom truly did to destroy our once wonderful father-daughter relationships:

Disney World, your first experiences with the ocean at Cocoa Beach, swimming behind our family boat at “Mermaid Island” as you and Cassandra came to call it, that Christmas tradition of carrying the two of you out across the starlit winter sky in our front yard at that special moment in the Polar Express movie, all the Harry Potter movies you explained to me with great enthusiasm, fireside dancing with fellow kids at the Sagamore, stories and quizzes you enjoyed during our trips to so many exciting places, the challenges of climbing the gauntlet at Destiny Mall, our many parades and field day carnivals afterwards during my campaigns you enjoyed so thoroughly, the carriage ride through Times Square, Macy’s Day Parade and your spontaneous performances in Central Park in front of musicians which attracted so much attention. And we certainly can’t forget your first parasail rides at our summer place, Lake George, where everyone treated you like celebrities.

It’s such a long list I would loved to have shared with you today at dinner which I asked your mom so vigorously to facilitate. But like everything that was good in our lives, your mom did everything she could to destroy it for no logical reason at all. I never once harmed either of you, and despite a tantrum or two over your mom’s anal monitoring of me since our separation in 2004, I hung in there as best I could against a court system bent on punishing your dad for exercising his God given rights. The sacrifices I made are now folklore among similarly persecuted parents across the country, some of which are movie stars, famous athletes, university professors, prominent doctors and professionals.

Sadly I will not be able to give you that special gift I was hoping for today and I will certainly not do so by phone or Grandma Hawse who burned her home down with neglected candles. If your mom is honest for once in her war on dad, she will admit to my lawyer assistance which got Grandma a nice fire insurance settlement without the usual one-third taken out for fees. So much of this is forgotten or tortured in your mom’s endless quest for revenge. She wants to make sure that her damage to our relationship is lifelong.

I had no intention of getting into any of this with you had you driven over to a restaurant of your choice for a birthday dinner as I requested. At first your mom was receptive when she contacted me for a “normal divorced family” environment, but typical of her history of provocative behavior, she reneged and returned us to the battle she started ignorantly and pointlessly in 2006 leading to the “embarrassing” fiasco she caused today. No one in the sane parenting world can understand her spiteful behavior. She had so many opportunities to end this but it’s obvious today that she enjoys the drama into eternity.

You are an adult now facing big challenges in the sick world we live in. That’s why I must do what I need to do next which could have been so easily avoided. You girls are innocent victims of a corrupt court system which has become my destiny to expose and reform. It’s something of which you should be proud but prevented from feeling due to the 100% domination by a vicious parent alienator. What I do next may bring a lot of publicity to our ordeal as I travel to the New Hampshire Primary and Washington D.C. to secure overdue reforms, but your mom has, once again, given me no choice.

All I wanted was a nice birthday dinner, free of the past, where we could be nostalgic on the good times and share plans on an exciting future. Someday it is my hope that you will learn the other side and realize just how much I sacrificed to remain in your lives. I will always be there for you and love you as a dad (not a non-custodial parent) no matter the brainwashing championed by your “custodial parent.”

It’s nearing midnight, so it’s safe to assume I will not even receive the phone call I asked for on this special day. What kind of a “mother” does this with so many girls and guys your age who would have loved and begged to have a dad like me.

Happy Birthday Kristen. The years went by too fast.

Love always,

Dad (Leon Koziol)


Special Note to my 6,209 followers: I will be giving updates regarding my trip to the New Hampshire Primary and the message I intend to bring to our Democrat candidates for president. Please share this post as our website has been highly censored. Prior to my post regarding mandatory psychiatric evaluations for family judge candidates (i.e. my pedophile custody judge Bryan Hedges), I would receive over 2,000 shares on a single release. Today, I’m lucky to receive 10. I am asking for a federal investigation into what is surely a grave censorship of these vital public messages.

On a stranger note, as I read the above text message on my i-phone to type it into my home computer, the paragraphing arose automatically without any prompting on my part, i.e. a single hit on the “enter” key produced single spaces in the body of each paragraph, and the same single hit produced an automatic double space each time I came to the end of a paragraph, i.e. I never had to hit the “enter” key twice.

This continued throughout the entire post to my amazement, as if the computer was reading my mind. There was no connection between my phone and the computer or correction function since paragraphing is not a logical command on this type of transfer activity or and computer program that I am aware of. If you’re a tech expert, I would love to receive your theory or explanation. Call me at (315) 796-4000 or e-mail at

Donald Trump Says He Was Put Through “Hell” During Impeachment, But He Never Endured Parental Alienation.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In our last post, we condemned “Naughty Nancy” Pelosi for her juvenile stunt of ripping apart the State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. The “quintessential scorned woman” as we described her, this stunt made everything she stood for a giant hypocrisy.

Well, Pathetic Pelosi had to eat more humiliation after Donald Trump got the last laugh by ripping up Pelosi’s impeachment articles the next day when he was acquitted by a huge margin in the Senate. That ripping never really happened, but media had a field day with it, raising the question of why Pelosi and her gang of misfits pursued this witch hunt in the first place.

After all, the same Pelosi  counseled against impeachment only one year earlier. Indications are that her unlawful paper ripping stunt before a global audience was directed more against the radical nut jobs like AOC who prevailed upon her to engage in this ill-fated fiasco. It made Donald Trump more popular and powerful than ever.

I have compared this fiasco to parents who capitulate to greedy, self-serving divorce and family court lawyers who prevail upon them to engage in custody and support wars only to find that their children are, predictably, worse off in the end. They bankrupt these parents with no conscience regarding their ultimate inability to finance their children’s college educations.

These parents only enriched the strangers, lawyers, service providers, and lawyers on the bench who, in truth, could give a “rat’s ass” about our children en route to their bank deposits and country club war stories. That is why I am headed to the New Hampshire Primary this week to pose the question: why did you candidates ignore our pleas for reform at our 2019 Parent March on Washington.

What gives these candidates the right to place illegal aliens over the rights of American parents who followed the rules but were separated anyway from their children for the sake of lawyer profits and court revenues under the federal Title IV-D program? I could use your help with our banners and distributions, but the apathy and excuses are too much for me to tolerate any longer. They are what allow these wolves in sheep’s clothing to get away with what they do.

This leads us to the wolf in religious clothing who was the only Republican senator to vote against Donald Trump on the first article of impeachment. Of course I’m referring to Mitt Romney, the losing Republican candidate for president in 2012 who realized after his first vote that no one else in his party was going to join him. He tried to assuage that blunder by voting against impeachment on the second article, but by that time his colors were blazing with self love.

Obviously scorned by his own loss for president he was jealous over the historic victory of Donald Trump four years later. He abandoned his constituents in Massachusetts to become elected as a Republican senator in Utah before those good people could figure out what Mitt was truly about. I mean, why would Mitt seek shelter for his blunder by raising his so-called religious faith and God himself as an explanation?

Let’s face it, Donald Trump was correct when he debunked this excuse as a “crutch,” using religion to mask Mitt’s true self-loving politician agenda. Just think about this for a moment. If Mitt had been successful in swaying his colleagues to remove our president, he would have taken full credit for his “courageous” stand. The last thing he would have done was credit God or his religion. So stop blaming God, Mitt, for your self-loving blunders and resign from office like a good Christian truly repentant for your vanity and lies to the people.

Today is the 18th birthday of my eldest daughter. Not only did her so-called mother, “custodial parent,” Kelly Hawse-Koziol alienate her from me for self-loving reasons, but she brainwashed my precious girls into hating their father for no reason other than her vain objective of replacing me with a childless millionaire.

Like Pelosi, her objective failed when that guy realized that the true father would not surrender to her extortion. Realizing finally what Hawse-Koziol was truly about, he threw her out of his millionaire home. So what did she accomplish other than the destruction of a model father and his relationships with his offspring?

Stay in touch for our announcement tomorrow.