Happy Easter! Is Parenthood Under Fire? A look inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral when I visited it in 2014. This was during my mission to obtain international protection for human rights violations in America’s divorce and family courts.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 796-4000

On this most important Christian Celebration of Easter Sunday, I would like to wish all parents the best in their hopes and dreams for their children and families. I was born on Easter morning and maybe that has something to do with the crusade I have been forced to undertake for justice in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

To that end, here at the Parenting Rights Institute, we are taking crucial action to protect our parental rights which have come under rapid fire in recent decades. For too long, like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, we have taken these rights for granted.

On this very morning, I received a voice message from a mom highly distraught over the abuse she was needlessly exposed to in a local family court. It featured two of the usual lawyers who make their living separating parents from their children. She had not seen one of them in more than a year.

I am more than familiar with her plight because I have been deprived access to my daughters for more than five years without accusation of any crime, no report of child abuse or neglect, all in retaliation for my reform efforts and whistleblowing reports since 2008.

My daughters have effectively lost both parents in the process because a genuine mother would not conduct herself in such a demonic way. But that is what the current antiquated custody system does to people. The replacement mother, created by the state to be a “custodial parent,” is programmed to act as its agent.

Despite my requests for phone contact, I will not get a call from either daughter today. I could remember fondly the years as a single divorced father when we had Easter egg hunts in my home, dinner with family and games outside in the yard. None of this mattered to the sick lawyers on the bench who caused this barbaric separation.

Without any rational grounds behind this parental alienation, what else could possibly have influenced Kelly Hawse-Koziol to fixate herself with replacing me? How could she not see the agenda of her many fired lawyers? Was it a lavish lifestyle that was consuming her? Campaign donations to my adversaries from my child support payments? Political party allegiances of presiding judges? Something much worse?

Cases like mine and this mom on Easter morning require a federal investigation. Those with proper staff and resources must examine criminal violations of federal laws that protect civil, parental and human rights. Questions we all have require answers.

For my part, why wasn’t my custody judge, Bryan Hedges, not prosecuted after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five year old niece? Are such prosecutions reserved only for Catholic priests simply because they wear a different colored robe?

Why was the chief administrative judge who appointed 41 trial judges to my originally uncontested divorce not prosecuted for directing his chief family court clerk to spy on a handicapped judge? This clerk recovered $600,000 in her federal civil rights lawsuit because, unlike litigants, court employees are not foreclosed by judicial immunity, look it up on-line: Morin v Tormey,  626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010).

And just when you thought it was safe to return to court, along comes Utica, New York city judge, Gerald Popeo, publicly censured by the state Judicial Conduct Commission for misconduct ranging from violent threats to unlawful contempt incarcerations. He acted in this adolescent manner because his ego was bruised.

Shockingly, a hearing judge found that Popeo had made a racist joke to an African-American attorney to the effect that downstate blacks call upstate blacks “country niggers.” Where were the protests when that Commission failed to remove him as it should have?

Because he was not removed, the same administrative judge, James Tormey, assigned Gerry Popeo as Judge #41 to my custody and support cases in 2018 after 39 prior ones were removed, retired or disqualified since 2004. This is the same Gerry Popeo who was publicly censored on February 12, 2015 for threatening to come off the bench to “wipe a smirk off” a litigant’s face.

What sort of example is that for a family judge who is called upon to decide domestic violence cases? The list of questions for federal investigators goes on. Why was Judge Popeo not prosecuted sooner when he compared a prosecutor to a “cigar store Indian.”

I’m not making any of this up. It’s all in the record. How much more misconduct does it take to remove a judge? And not just Judge Gerry, but lawyer Gerry in the way of disbarment for the same serial abuses of a magnitude that defies the 21st Century!

Gerald Popeo was assigned to finish me off as a judicial whistleblower exposing such misconduct. Six months prior to this, Gerry approached me at a bar complaining of my involvement in his public censure complaints as a civil rights attorney.

For example, on one occasion in 2010, I was defending a former African-American city commissioner on a series of nuisance and ordinance violations at his night club. We had earlier won a $333,000 jury verdict in a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city that was now harassing him. Popeo put him in the city-lock-up where this man had never been, where he then attempted suicide using a belt placed in his cell. A jury later dismissed all charges.

The Popeo assignment resulted in a near fatal incident at a highway stop on August 30, 2018 which I have compared to the Walter Scott murder in South Carolina. He was the unarmed father fleeing a child support warrant who was shot dead in the back five times by a traffic cop.

So what did that same Judicial Conduct Commission, have to say about all this? It’s a-okay. Wow! If they can do all that to a loving parent, unblemished attorney and model citizen, imagine what they could do to you. What recourse do you have before a judicial commission dominated by self-regulating lawyers?

On May 3, 2019, we are sponsoring the Parent March on Washington to send the overdue message of reform in our nation’s divorce and family courts. We are demanding a federal investigation of human rights violations here caused by federal incentive funding.

We are demanding that our government shift focus from parent-child separations on the border to separations of our own parents legally residing here. Our March begins at 1 pm in front of the White House and ends across from the Supreme Court.

For the sake of your children and parents everywhere, make the pilgrimage to your nation’s capital. We are also sponsoring a Lobby Day on May 2, 2019 for those who would prefer to address members of Congress directly.

A speakers event at 7 pm on that day will occur at the Congressional Ballroom, Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center, 550 C Street SW, just below the Capitol Building itself. Experts in law, politics, education and psychology will give you valuable information on how to best serve your parenting interests. There is no charge for attendance.

Join our nationwide conference calls to learn more and help make this March a resounding success. We are a grass roots effort with little financial support, no political backing and no special influence. On Monday (tomorrow), call (605) 313-4165. Enter access code 763491 when prompted. As long as your protest sign is not vulgar or threatening, we cannot tell you how to fashion your message. But, rest assured, one will state:



More Good News: The Parent March on Washington will become a documentary


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In only a matter of weeks, the vision of a powerful reform statement in our nation’s capital is becoming reality. Promoted as the Parent March on Washington, now there is more incentive for victimized parents to join us. All the divorce and family court ordeals presented at the speakers events will be consolidated into a video documentary. When completed at a later date, it will be published everywhere and submitted to all members of Congress.

This is a crucial development because your stories will now be “eternalized” as the producer described it. Collectively they will become a powerful statement lasting well beyond our three-day event. This documentary is being financed by a Philadelphia lawyer (and former judge candidate) based on his reading of our recent report “Federal Funded Epidemic” and the videos published on this site, http://www.leonkoziol.com.

Only the ordeals of those who come to this March will be included. There are two speaking events for this purpose. On May 2, 2019 at 7 pm, in the Congressional Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street, SW, we are featuring expert speakers in law, politics, education and psychology. By coming here, you will obtain valuable information to apply to your cases. Extraordinary ordeals will also be featured where time allows. There is no charge for this event.

The second speaking event is the one on May 3, 2019 at the end of our March across from the Supreme Court (Area 10). This is where anyone can offer their stories of corruption, parent alienation and other human rights violations occurring in these courts. A microphone and sound system will facilitate this at approximately 3 pm (depending on the time of the March which begins at the White House at 1 pm). We are inviting mainstream and social media to both events.

To maximize our success on behalf of victimized parents everywhere, we need you to share, promote and support this event. We also need you to make and solicit donations on this site. This event is costly and we rely on your financial assistance. It’s time to shift the focus from illegal immigrants at our borders to American parents separated from their children here at home. Join our nationwide conference calls beginning dasily on Monday, April 20, 2019 at 7 pm EST. Call (605) 313-4165, enter access code 763491 when prompted.

Featured below are excerpts from speakers near the same location at a news conference in 2016. It begins with Dr. Mario Jimenez of Miami, Florida. The purpose was to draw attention to a case which I had docketed the same day at the United States Supreme Court (in the background). Now, an economics professor from a prominent university has a case which will be reviewed by the Justices here only days after our March ends. He will be speaking at both events.








Parent March on Washington Continues to Grow. Be a Part of it!

Administrator’s Note. We host a nationwide conference call regarding this event every weekday night at 7 pm EST beginning on Monday April 22nd. Call (605) 313-4165. Enter access code 763491 when prompted.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

The two-part video below explains the background, purpose and itinerary for our May 3, 2019 Parent March on Washington. It is now a three day event. We have an American Parent Caravan leaving Liberty State Park in Jersey City at 10 am on May 1, 2019. It will arrive in D.C. about five hours later. Join us for the ride of a lifetime. Put signage on your vehicles if you wish to draw attention to parent-child separations here in our divorce and family courts.

At 5 pm, we will have a “Meet and Greet” at the Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center at the 21st Amendment Lounge. At 7 pm we will have an orientation and strategy session for our three-day event at the Congressional Ballroom at the same hotel.

On May 2, 2019, we are sponsoring a Lobby Day. We need you to contact your representatives in Congress to request a meeting on that day to share our report seeking an oversight hearing and federal investigation of human rights violations in our nation’s divorce and family courts. We are hoping to cover every office in Congress.

At 7pm on that day, we are sponsoring a Speakers Event at the same Congressional Ballroom. Prominent experts in law, politics and parental alienation will provide excellent presentations to help you in your times of need. There is no charge for this event but reservations should be made to assure a seat by e-mailing me at leonkoziol@gmail.com.

On May 3, 2019 at 1 pm our main event Parent March on Washington will begin at LaFayette Park in front of the White House and end across from the Supreme Court on First Avenue. At Area 10 behind the Capitol we will have a rally featuring court victims who will share their ordeals with the crowd and media. We want a National Shared Parenting Act and Judicial Whistleblower Protection Law. We also want to convince the Supreme Court to hear a case which protects our rights in these courts. One of our speakers has a case pending there.

We hope to conclude the three-day affair that evening at the same location with a Candlelight Vigil dedicated to all those who have been lost to parental alienation and suicide.

It’s your one big chance to be heard where your voice will matter. Such an opportunity may never happen again. We owe this to our children and future generations. Be there. Share this message.

Parents Under Siege: The Judge Epidemic


Below: Dr. Mario Jiminez of Miami Florida outlines the serious epidemic being caused by parent-child separations and human rights violations in these courts. He was joined by other experts from around the country during my 2016 news conference to announce my filing of a relevant case before the United States Supreme Court (in the background).


The American Parent Caravan, an interview with organizer Leon Koziol

Hear Dr. Koziol’s April 15, 2019 full length interview on the Saving Fatherhood Podcast:

(Click Here)

Dr. Leon Koziol of the Parenting Rights Institute presents…



May 1st, Wednesday

10 AM, Caravan meets at Liberty State Part in Jersey City NJ motorcade starts on Interstate 70 to I-95 to Washington DC.

5PM – 550 C Street – 21st Century Lounge – Meet and Greet

7PM Congressional Ballroom until 9PM

May 2nd, Thursday

The entire day will be spent lobbying congress with meetings and deliveries of packets. Two tiers of meetings.

May 2nd Evening – Speakers Event and Rally.
May 3rd, March from the White House to the Supreme Court – Hear the ordeals of everyone who wants to be heard.

Friday May 3rd Parent March on Washington – Starts at the White House and finishes at the Supreme Court.

Please Join the Conference call on Mondays and Thursdays at 7PM to learn more – 605-313-4165 – access code – 763491

Support the Parent March on Washington Today! (Click Here)

Report to Congress for our Parent March Lobby Day is Now Available and a Subject of Tonight’s Conference Call



REMINDER: Our next nationwide conference call regarding the Parent March on Washington is tonight, and every Thursday (and Monday nights) at 7 pm EST. Call  the same number and code being used all along: Call (605) 313-4165, then enter access code 763491.

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

A 24-page report has been completed and will be the main component of our lobby packet to Congress and Justice Department on Lobby Day, May 2, 2019. That’s the middle day of our 3-day Parent March on Washington. Click here for itinerary and purpose.

This report details how federal funds are being abused by divorce and family courts to cause parental alienation and human rights violations. It contains highly valuable information based on my 23 years as a practicing attorney in these courts, 12 years as an abused parent, and 10 years as a whistleblower victim.

A federal investigation, congressional oversight hearing, Shared Parenting Law and Judicial Whistleblower Protection Act are among the recommendations being made. It is now available at no cost by e-mailing me at leonkoziol@gmail.com or viewing it here. That link will soon be provided.

This report should be used to request meetings on Lobby Day with your representatives and contacts in Washington. Here is an opening excerpt:


Vital Report Justifying a Federal Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in Divorce and Family Courts

While our federal government struggles with illegal parents separated from their children at our borders, American parents are being separated daily and without accountability in family courts across our country. Under federal law, a “custodial parent” is mandated for states to qualify for billions of dollars in performance grants, Dept of Family v DHHS, 588 F.3d 740 (1st Cir. 2009). This, in turn, undermines shared parenting laws and cooperation, i.e. Bast v Rossoff, 91 NY2d 723 (1998)(attorney parents’ agreement struck down for failure to name a “custodial parent”).

Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, 42 USC Section 658(a), state courts earn vast amounts of revenues from our federal government through performance grants based on the number and size of child support orders issued and satisfied. Not only does this create an inherent and systemic bias among ostensibly impartial jurists, it incites needless conflict between parents forced into an oppositional framework for deciding custody, support and other disputes.

Originally intended to recoup aid to needy families from absentee fathers, Title IV-D was later expanded to encompass all “non-custodial parents,” good and bad. By lumping them together, federal funding was thereby increased exponentially. Such a performance-based program proved highly ineffective on common sense grounds alone. Parents who love their children will use their God-given liberties to advance the interests of their offspring. Instead, natural human incentives are countermanded and replaced by a rigid control structure for money generating purposes.

Federal money thrown at divorce and family courts in this way has become the proverbial gas thrown on a fire. As veteran family judges have observed, this oppositional framework leads to a winner-take-all contest that draws the worst from parents at a time when children need their best. One example is the case of Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS2d 315 (Fam. Ct. 2001) at fn 1, where “parenting time” was preferred over “custody” and “visitation” due to a system which has “outlived its usefulness.” Such terms are more appropriate for prisons and funerals, but their use here causes judges to treat parents as criminals and objects of exploitation for federal funds.

Title IV-D protects this antiquated “custody” framework derived from a day when moms were caretakers and dads were the breadwinners. From that outdated framework, an epidemic has emerged which is producing escalating harm to government, families and society as a whole. It is a silent epidemic suppressed by special interests and bar associations which benefit from custody and support battles. Federal funds have induced states to seize parental authority beyond the rational limits of the judges and lawyers they license to regulate family relationships.

The separation here is not the simple product of divorcing or separated parents. It is an insidious form of separation, far worse than the kind experienced by immigrants, because children are being programmed to ignore, even hate their parents, for the principal purpose of generating lawyer profits and court revenues. Worse yet, it is done every day without so much as a pause from federal lawmakers who, knowingly or not, funded the parent-child separations. The end result is a panoply of societal ills that have elevated government programs and taxpayer burdens.

This insidious form of separation has become understood as “Parental Alienation.” That term derives from the work of Dr. Richard Gardner, an American child psychologist who produced books and studies to show a condition known as Parent Alienation Syndrome or PAS. This condition emerged from custody and support wars featuring one or both parents abusing our courts for reasons other than the “best interests of children.” By removing the “non-custodial parent” from children’s lives, the alienator and courts guarantee a support and revenue stream.

It has become a pay-to-parent scandal, a tax on children, where parent alienation is not so much a condition as it is a symptom. It can be compared to tobacco companies which denied the harmful effects of smoking for decades to resist protective laws. Here, one entity to target is the highly automated Child Support Collection Center in Albany, New York. It has a single confidential office which rakes in billions of dollars in aid and support interest with little accountability.

Click here to read: (Full Report)

Please help fund the Parent March on Washington


Great News For May 3rd Parent March on Washington: Congressional Ballroom Secured For Orientation and Speakers

Congressional Ballroom reserved for our Lobby Strategy Session on May 1, 2019 and Speakers’ Event May 2, 2019, 7-9 pm both evenings for the Parent March on Washington


Congressional Ballroom is located on the ground floor of this hotel, the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street SW, only a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol building,

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE:  Join our weekly conference call every Thursday and now Mondays also at 7 pm EST to keep up with events. Call (605) 313-4165 and enter access code 763491 when prompted. There’s so much happening and we need help to make this a success!


As followers of this site know, our Parent March on Washington is now a 3-day event. To facilitate growing numbers and nationwide interest, it was necessary to secure a venue for orientation and speakers on the two evenings prior to our May 3rd March (the Main Event).

However there were few available locations of sufficient size and stature to accommodate us. One person assigned to the task reported back contract offers of $15,000 to $30,000 for a three hour event. You could imagine the demand for such spaces in the middle of congressional and Supreme Court sessions.

Fortunately, today, at a reasonable cost, I was able to secure the Congressional Ballroom at the Holiday Inn Capitol (Hotel and Conference Center) located at 550 C Street SW, only a few blocks from the Capitol buildings where our May 2nd lobbying initiative will occur.

Lodging is still available there at rates higher than others, but the Hotel Harrington, suggested in February has long been sold out. Our original plan, like in the past, was to set up headquarters there in a small conference room which is also reserved.

However, we are well beyond what that hotel can offer (it does have a breakfast buffet room and a restaurant lounge). But the short time frame left us stressed and pressed for options. Now we have a sufficient size ballroom to act as a headquarters for our event.

There is a large restaurant lounge (21st Amendment  Lounge) breakfast-lunch Bistro and even a Starbucks all in the same building. The Harrington Hotel room and others that may be available can serve as a back-up for remote viewing of the main location events.

It’s all still a work-in-progress but we have confirmed a “Meet and Greet” at the 21st Amendment Lounge on May 1, 2019 followed by an orientation and lobby strategy session down the hallway at the Congressional Ballroom between 7 pm and 9 pm.

The following evening, at the same hours and location, we will feature guest speakers, a progress report on the lobby day and a rallying point for the next day Parent March on Washington. We are still looking at guest speakers for Thursday night. If you would like to speak, please e-mail me at leonkoziol@gmail.com.

There is no ticket or cost to attend either night’s events, but Thursday speakers might fill this ballroom to capacity. Therefore, we are asking for e-mail confirmations of attendance to the same address.

All three days will be highly educational, they could benefit your personal cases in countless ways. You will learn things that no lawyer can provide at an overall budget cost. Networking alone can change your life for the better. Here we are all allies, here we are all family, here we have never before made such a powerful stand against family court corruption.

To reiterate our three day events, on May 1, 2019, at 10 am., the American Parent Caravan will leave Liberty State Park in Jersey City and proceed to Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. A four or five hour motorcade of bikers, vehicles and truckers will dominate right lane of traffic.

This motorcade will feature banners and our message of shifting national focus from parent-child separations at our borders to parent-child separations here in our own divorce and family courts. We hope to attract motorists and media along Interstate 95 to our cause. The “Meet and Greet” begins at 5 pm followed by our strategy session at 7 pm when we will make assignments and disseminate our lobby packets.

On May 2, 2019, we will spend an entire day lobbying Congress with meetings and deliveries. We are asking all to contact their representatives for individual meetings on that day. You have to do this now because we’re only four weeks away and they need advance notice.

But even if you are too uneasy with that, you can still partner with others assigned to deliver our packets to congressional offices. We have over 500 to cover, so we need all the walkers we can get. Then we rejoin at 7 pm for Speakers Night at the nearby Holiday Inn Ballroom.

The Parent March on Washington, our main event begins at 1 pm at President’s (Lafayette) Park in front of the White House. It will conclude at the Supreme Court. I have timely submitted the permit applications and confirmed receipt with several jurisdictions that cover our March route.

It turns out there are four of them, and despite the complexities, my direct dialogue has resulted in green lights. It’s not my first rodeo here, or maybe they just like the idea of moms and dads making this stand, grasping our message well. We have reserved “Area 10” across from the Supreme Court (rear of the Capitol Building) for our outdoor rally and media event.

The vigil for suicide and alienation victims has not obtained an organizer so we have cancelled that evening event for now. We end the three day affair with an informal celebration at the nearby Capital Grill (along our parade route) Friday evening.

PLEASE! Spread the word. We need you to join us and help grow the numbers if we are ever going to be heard. We have a Facebook Page now for this purpose entitled Parent March on Washington. You can also call the event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420.

Parent March on Washington is now at the verge of making history: Be a part of it!

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Last night’s nationwide conference call was the best to date as organizations from around the country are joining our Parent March on Washington. It is now a three-day event growing in stature with each passing day thanks to the grass roots volunteers who recognize that something very professional, organized and productive is occurring here. This is not a loose collection of protesters carrying signs with conflicting messages to passers-by. It has a long term agenda.

How can this event make history?

The timing for a parent march could not be better. This is the moment we have waited for. Here’s why:

  1. The Mueller Report has cleared the president. Now a growing number of leaders want our government to move on to domestic matters and the people they are elected to serve. That means American parents, not those invading our borders to gain free services.

  2.  During the weeks preceding our May 3rd March, members of Congress will be reviewing the Mueller Report while the taxpayers will be fed up with costly political witch hunts of the kind experienced by those who expose corruption.

  3. The border crisis will then take center stage with our event timed perfectly to shift the focus. Moms, dads, grandparents and extended families have been exposed to this relentless focus on illegal immigrants while corruption is being ignored here.

  4. Corruption of justice is expanding to alarming levels with crimes of unprecedented proportion. It will take the parents of America to instill true accountability and moral fiber in our government. That’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time.

  5. Parents have never organized like this in our nation’s capital and the timing could also not be more urgent. We have been the silent constituency exploited by greedy lawyers and corrupt family judges for too long. Now we make our stand.

  6.  This will be an exciting three-day affair you will not want to miss. Imagine a pure grass roots assembly of parents with no money, special interest or political backing, a turning point in a gridlock Congress where parents end the national divorce between Democrats and Republicans that is destroying our country! We may then get them to understand how family courts are destroying our families by pitting moms against dads for fees and federal revenues.

Thanks to those fine Americans who are now making this event viral so that we can grow the needed numbers. Lodging reservations are being confirmed every day and hotels like the Harrington (suggested in February) are already filled. Thanks also to those who are fighting off the wolves already trying to stop us.

Why the event?

We are going to Washington to demand a federal investigation of our highly corrupted family courts which misuse federal funds to cause wrongful separations of parents from their children. We want to shift national focus from illegal parents at the borders to legal parents subjected to human rights violations here at home. First the basic itinerary:

1)  On May 1, 2019, we are featuring the American Parent Caravan (APC), a cycle, vehicle and truck motorcade en route to Washington from various locations around the country. One of them already has 200 bikes and vehicles committed. It is starting at Liberty Park, Jersey City and it ends at Veterans Memorial in Washington five hours away. This event has been very effective in prior movements supervised by our organizers. At 7 pm, a meet-and-greet affair will occur at a hotel (or hotels) to be announced.

2)  On May 2, 2019, after a briefing breakfast meeting, TBA, we will split into groups to meet with members and staffers at the Capitol to deliver and promote our report and lobby packets containing an addendum of case summaries offered from across the country. By growing the numbers, we will have sufficient constituents of every member of Congress to gain access. The prior day motorcade and next day March will add greater incentives for our leaders to hear and act on our demands. A review-preview affair will occur at 7 pm at a hotel(s) to be announced. People are already arranging the latter.

3)  On May 3, 2019, after a briefing session TBA,  we will begin assembling at Presidents Park in front of the White House at 11 am. The main event, our Parent March on Washington, will begin at 1 pm and proceed to Upper Senate Park for a rally in support of a Congressional Oversight Hearing. We want to give victims direct access to those who can produce meaningful reform. The March ends at the Supreme Court where mainstream, social and secondary media will be invited to hear our individual ordeals. The 3-day affair will conclude that evening with a candlelight vigil in front of the Capitol in memory of those who have committed suicide or lost their children to alienation.

We are being censored!

If you don’t think that this is urgent or that we are not on to something, consider this. The website which launched this event has been monitored by judges, lawyers, politicians and media of all kinds. A family judge placed a gag order on it which was removed when that judge was sued in New York Supreme Court. Law enforcement have used the information here to obtain criminal prosecutions, and posts have been appended to agency reports.

Prior to the gag order in 2016 we were getting shares in the thousands for such demands as psychiatric evaluations for all family judges prior to assuming office. The video above, produced by an NBC production crew chronicles the many judges who went to prison or removed for committing pedophilia, bribery and extortion to fix custody cases. Today we get only a handful of shares despite all this attention, and Facebook has rejected all but the above video on our new Page entitled, “Parent March on Washington.” In short, this is not only about reversing the erosion of parental rights, it’s about an erosion of all our rights.

Details at http://www.leonkoziol.com. You can also call the event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail its director, Dr. Leon Koziol at leonkoziol@gmail.com.

FYI for those familiar with the shocking witch hunt against judicial whistle blower, Dr. Leon Koziol, events have now occurred which permit an application for reinstatement to the practice of law. This comes after a record nine years of license suspension without an incident of malpractice, never a criminal charge or child protection report, 23 years of unblemished practice, and a secretary influenced to orchestrate ethics issues in his law office. She was finally convicted and jailed in 2016 during the time of the gag order. This is no John Grisham novel. It really happened as detailed in the book, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry, available on the website.