Supreme Court makes lawyer transparency case public under new filing rules


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Should all lawyer disciplinary hearings nationwide be made public? If my Supreme Court case docketed yesterday is heard, hopefully that answer will be yes. Already our high court is taking steps in that direction with its change of practice. In 2015, it made all attorney disciplinary hearings in that court public.

Now all filings have been accorded unprecedented transparency under another rule of the Supreme Court put into effect only two months ago. It has mandated that all new filings be converted to electronic format for publication on its website even though paper booklets and pauper petitions are still required.

My case was filed on January 9, 2018 and docketed on January 17, 2018. It is among the earliest to come under that rule. Titled Leon R. Koziol v Attorney Grievance Committee for the Third Judicial Department, Case No. 17-993, it offers the complete Petition and Appendix (lower court record) for public viewing. And the best part: no fee. That’s right, it’s free!

Competent filings can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions with the big firms. Filing and submission costs together with highly technical formatting rules can cost the filer a minimum $1,500 just for the 40 copies of Petition and Appendix each (and three per adversary). That cost does not include lawyer fees and record production.

In my case, attorney regulations were abused to achieve an illicit purpose. Ethics lawyers eventually discharged for falsifying their time sheets dug up all sorts of trivia and anonymous grievances to discredit my judicial whistleblowing activity. They got away with it because lawyer proceedings are confidential.

Now you can read all about my John Grisham ordeal on the Supreme Court website. Just hit the search bar, then the docket search, and type in the case name or number. It’s easy, and you can immediately educate yourself to constitutional law and the inner workings of our court system. It would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in lawyer research and writing fees. You will note that my earlier filings have no such public offerings.

Tomorrow I will present a summary of high profile cases that I won prior to the retributions by the Third Judicial Department. Its purpose is to convince you not only of the quality and merit behind my Supreme Court case, but why you should support it as explained in yesterday’s post. And once again, kindly share this post for the sake of all victims of the carnage which is occurring daily in America’s divorce and family courts.




Parent equality and whistleblower case docketed today by Supreme Court


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s entitled Leon R. Koziol v Attorney Grievance Committee of the Third Judicial Department, and it was docketed by the Supreme Court today under Case No. 17-993. Unlike prior filings, this one recognizes my appeal from the high court of New York as a challenge to a “discretionary” decision. It could mean nothing, it could be everything because I am asking our nation’s highest court to review a non-final process of law license reinstatement which does not satisfy the finality requirement for Supreme Court jurisdiction. Hence such petitions are routinely rejected.

However that rule is set aside in cases where a continuation in the lower courts would be a gesture in futility, for example a recurring process due to the bad faith of decision makers or harassment for the exercise of constitutional rights. Mine is precisely such a case, and the high court may have docketed it for the reason that I have been harassed with endless, non-final reinstatement processes for too many years as punishment for my public exposure of court corruption and promotion of shared parenting laws.

In my petition for writ filed for consideration last week (January 9, 2018), I cited the case of In re Snyder, 472 US 634 (1985) where the Supreme Court granted writ to invalidate a six month law license suspension of an attorney who refused to apologize for his criticisms of a fee accountability process. My case carries far greater public import. Indeed if my third of three requests is granted, lawyers across the country would be impacted by open public disciplinary proceedings which would then  benefit all clients in terms of genuine accountability.

In 2015, the Supreme Court did exactly that for all attorneys licensed to practice  in its own court, and it may now be poised to do this for all courts nationwide. What a benefit this could bring to media, justice and reasonable attorney fees. From a personal perspective, what a sweet pay-back it would be for all those lawyers (and lawyers on the bench) who persecuted me for over ten years due to my conscientious stand against my profession. What a sense of justice it could bring for all the moms, dads and innocent children abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

Once again I am asking my followers to share this post with media, bloggers and parents everywhere. Organizations and interested parties have an opportunity now to offer amicus briefs in support of my case. But the window period for that is only about two months and I will not donate any more of my valuable time and limited resources. I have sacrificed enough. Here is an opening excerpt from my writ petition docketed today:

Lawyers all across our nation are regularly called upon by the People to challenge abuses of government power. Fearless advocacy is not only a hallmark of the legal profession, it is critical to the maintenance of a free society. But what happens if an unrestrained body of government is able to invidiously suppress such advocacy when the critical argument is directed against it? Do our rights continue to have substance in communities large and small? Do all people benefit the same from safeguards that our military and civilian personnel strive each day to preserve? Is not the whole of a profession called to task?

This case seeks to answer such questions. Throughout our history as leaders of the free world, American lawyers have risked their livelihoods in the quest to assure that our most precious rights are not systematically eroded. Without the unique liberties exercised by our “architects of justice”, it is likely that “separate but equal” doctrine would still be alive and well in our public schools and transportation systems. Countless innocent people might be imprisoned each day out of a lawyer’s fear of state disciplinary retributions.

A civil rights attorney in upstate New York is now asking this Court to review a disciplinary process which harmed his livelihood and parent-child relations simply because he represented minority groups and boldly championed unpopular causes. His ordeal has been compared to that of Nobel Prize candidate Gao Zhisheng, the Chinese lawyer stripped of his law license and denied contact with his children due to his representation of minority groups and criticisms of a communist government. The cause in this case is not garden variety, parental equality remains the final frontier of civil rights reform in America.

Literally, an innocent man was convicted of fabricated misconduct for endeavoring to bring equal rights to a courtroom where children are exploited for money and fathers are being extinguished from the family equation. This conclusion is easily demonstrated below by the proximate exercise of rights and adverse state action. Without the necessary protection for our protectors, any lawyer can fall victim simply by excelling in his or her work at the wrong place and the wrong time.

If you have something genuine to contribute (not war stories, keyboard pontifications or requests for free advice), call me at my office at (315) 380-3420 or personally at (315) 796-4000. You can also make a donation here, purchase my newly released book entitled Satan’s Docket, or obtain other professional services which I offer at


Open Lawyer Proceedings among the subjects of new Supreme Court filing

Dr. Leon Koziol and associates advocating for parental equality in a petition for writ filed here at the United States Supreme Court in 2016. A relevant news release was reviewed by editors of the Washington Post at the time (as confirmed by one of their correspondents). Now that opportunity will arise again with a petition filed this week seeking protection for judicial whistleblowers and open hearings for lawyer discipline


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

On January 9, 2018, I filed for a writ before the United States Supreme Court which raises precedent questions for lawyers across the country. It also seeks legal protection for judicial whistleblowers. While laws have been enacted for decades giving such protection to other whistleblowers in government and private employment,  no such protection has been extended to those who expose corruption in the judiciary and legal profession.

My ordeal is a watershed example of the horrific injustices which can occur whenever, and if ever, a lawyer takes a conscientious stand against his profession. Within weeks of my testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University in 2013, my daughters, livelihood and law licenses were taken from me by lawyers and justices who were exposed for their corruption of parents and children in our divorce and family courts. I compared their misconduct to a “docket sheet in any criminal court.”

Former federal prosecutors Preet Bharara and Loretta Lynch (prior to her elevation to U.S. Attorney General) also testified the same day. I was one of the few focused on our judicial branch of government. Now the Supreme Court will have an opportunity to decide whether the third branch is above the law applied to the other two when it comes to First Amendment protection for judicial whistleblowers, those most familiar and qualified to shed light on the corruption of justice which is rampant there.

Only recently, as reported to mutual followers by Dr. Richard Cordero, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has appointed a Second Circuit (Manhattan) appeals judge to investigate growing reports of sexual harassment in our federal judiciary. Yet gender discrimination against fathers and persecution of non-custodial mothers continue in the same judiciary without so much as a footnote of concern (in diversity, international and unwarranted abstention cases).

However, perhaps for the first time, my cases raise the question of whether attorney disciplinary hearings should be made universally public across the country. And this should be of paramount concern to the media and litigants everywhere. In my case, misconduct by ethics lawyers was covered up or suppressed in the targeting of my law license. My ex-secretary finally went to jail in 2016 for felonies she committed against later law office employers but not for those against me when tampering with mail, court calendars and office funds in an outside scheme to set me up for my public criticisms.

The ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me were ultimately terminated for falsifying time sheets but were never publicly prosecuted for any criminal or ethics violations.  My custody judge (Bryan Hedges) was removed from my case and the bench one year later after  admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five year old niece. And a divorce lawyer in my region (Robert Sossen) was convicted of tax evasion on some $2 million in unreported income. He served a jail term but suffered no loss of licensing privileges while I am approaching eight years of suspension without even an accusation of any crime and ethics issues caused by a now convicted felon of my former law office.

Yes it is an injustice of epic proportion for one of the most conscientious lawyers in all of New York state.  And it is showing no sign of abatement. However my two cases pending simultaneously before the Supreme Courts of New York and United States may make a very positive impact for all moms and dads victimized in these courts. That is because government transparency does not end on the steps of our courthouses. If my ten years of orchestrated (retaliatory) ethics proceedings had been public, none of the horrific injustices would have resulted.

And those of you who paid exorbitant lawyer fees while incurring similar injustices to your parenting rights and child relationships would have genuine accountability (not the mere 10% of cases investigated by our judicial commissions). Put simply I am asking the Supreme Court to standardize lawyer regulation proceedings in all fifty states and make them subject to a presumption of open public access (hearings and records).

This is not a novel request. In 2015, the Supreme Court placed all attorney disciplinary proceedings there under the same presumption. Here is how I justified it in my filings. I drew from my history of sexual harassment prosecutions early in my career (timely with the Justice Roberts investigation) and I questioned why other professionals including a former president (disbarred lawyer Bill Clinton) faced public scrutiny for their misconduct but lawyers in New York and elsewhere do not. Here is a relevant excerpt from my writ filing:

There is nothing significant to distinguish lawyer accountability proceedings from other categories of litigation. Indeed the doctor (employer) who was initially cleared of sexual harassment claims in a case prosecuted by petitioner early in his career was not favored with such confidentiality. Nor was he benefited when that dismissal was reversed unanimously by the Second Circuit and later found liable on the same trial record, Currie v Kowalewski, 810 F. Supp. 31 (NDNY 1993)(“Currie I”); Currie v Kowalewski, 842 F. Supp. 57 (1994) (“Currie II”

CRUCIAL  NOTE:  It is important to share this post with media, fellow victims and organizations who should file a supporting brief while that window period allows. Do it for the sake of parents, innocent children and victimized litigants everywhere. The sacrifices I have made will be for naught with this continued epidemic of apathy which I have experienced on the subject. That apathy, useless keyboarding and war story telling only encourage the misconduct of judges and lawyers.

My recent book, Satan’s Docket describes this epidemic and can be purchased along with other services I offer at You can also make a donation anytime there or on this site at Finally you can contact our office at (315) 380-3420 or me personally at (315) 796-4000.

If you’re depressed on New Years, take a healthy pill from this guy, a midget in a wheel chair playing lead keyboard

And here he is, head of a band from Atlantic City playing at Lake George, New York (King Neptunes Dance Club). It’s the annual all-day frostbite party on New Years Day and he’s got the crowd riled up to happiness better than anything I experienced last night at billion dollar Turning Stone Casino. So stop crying and take charge of your lives. That’s his message and mine for 2018!


And get this: the band’s name is Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns. Now how cool and inspirational is that? Stay tuned while I upload the “longer” version!






Happy New Year to All Loving Parents


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

My resolution and prediction for the New Year 2018 is that parents will make great headway on the road to Shared Parenting and accountability for court corruption. It will become sweet Justice for those wrongfully deprived of meaningful parent-child relationships due to lawyer greed and custody propaganda. We will finally see real progress.

Think of it as the kind of miracle which got Buffalo Bills into the playoffs this New Year’s Eve. For my part, as a two decade civil rights attorney and persecuted father who blew the whistle on judicial misconduct, I feel confident that justice for those oppressed will be fulfilled through my parental equality lawsuit recently filed in New York Supreme Court. Just hit this link for details and may your New Year be the best ever (at least better than 2017).



A Christmas with Kristen


A mom and her daughter, Kristen, singing : “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at my 2017 Christmas Party.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay she wasn’t my Kristen, but a fine young lady nevertheless with the same first name from a neighboring school, Rome Free Academy. She joined her mother for my annual Christmas Party at my home this past Saturday. At age 16, this Kristen was intelligent, personable and popular among her classmates. She even brought along one of them to help set things up.

Kristen never sings Karaoke. At least that’s what her mom told me in my living room while we both watched her sing one song after another during the course of a festive gathering among friends and family. As she explained it, her daughter looked up to me as a father figure unlike so many parents these days who could care less about their offspring. I guess it made her feel more comfortable and confident, the way every child has a right to feel with both parents.

It was during a prior night while making plans for this party that I learned about her pain, feeling abandoned and unable to share her high school achievements and activities with her real father. Sadly, at one point, both mom and daughter began weeping at this sad state of family affairs.

I did my best to console them by lamenting that I don’t even get phone calls from my girls who would not even be alive today if it had not been for my decision to put up with their mom (when she was one) for so many years (I have the videotapes and letters to prove it). And I’ve never done anything wrong to them, never been found to be unfit, never even accused of a crime. Meanwhile “rehabilitated” heroin addict mothers are being reunited with their children every day.

The crying stopped when I continued to lament that I haven’t known my two daughters (roughly the same age) for almost four years now, courtesy of a money-lusting court system and their “custodial sociopath,” Kelly Whorse-Koziol, (their current “fake mom”). She gives gold diggers a bad name! I mean who really does this to their own young, lying under oath, filing fraudulent offense petitions (all thrown out) just to suck out any dollar from anyone so that she doesn’t have to earn it. And that includes nearly $50,000 in tax-free “child support” two years ago. I did not get so much as a thank-you.

But as I’ve stated time and again, the fake mom will face judgment some day, the real kind that some call karma. It’s already happened to so many other villains who have been a part of this father replacement scandal, a desperate scheme to have a childless, millionaire substitute for the real dad I have always been and always will be. This whole ordeal reeks of potential bribes and a drug culture. You can learn about the justice that finally came their way in earlier posts here at Leon

It makes you wonder about freaks of nature like Kelly Hawse-Koziol: Could she possibly have been born without a human conscience? Read all about it in my recent book release titled, Satan’s Docket, available at Many thanks to Al, Mel and the karaoke group, Sound Investment, which donated their time and services to make this Christmas gathering special.


Family Judge Sued in her own Courtroom: Merry Christmas !

Christmas scene outside my home. And yes, I personally attached the star to the top of that 60 foot pine tree by climbing it. We’ll be celebrating again tonight at the same location. (not the full moon of course).

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s true, it happened, a story of for the ages, and spiced with court corruption on steroids. We couldn’t have tried to make this event take place. But it did in a place called the Oneida County Family Court in Utica, New York. And the gift was delivered to Judge Scrooge only days before Christmas Eve, 2017. You’ll need a little background to get your own reward from it.

For those of you who have followed my ordeal as a judicial whistleblower, you know how my daughters, livelihood and law licenses were taken from me due to my conscientious stand against my profession. Judges acting like the children they’re supposed to be protecting went ballistic in retaliation for my exposures of corruption. They did so with no regard for law and ethics. I have never even been charged with a crime or unfit behavior as a parent. 

You also know how the ethics lawyers in the witch hunt against me were allowed to resign quietly by their appeals court employers for falsifying time sheets without any criminal or ethics charges. And you know about the unprecedented 30 plus trial level judges assigned to my originally uncontested divorce of 2006 who were disqualified for various reasons.

They included my custody judge, Bryan Hedges, removed from my case just prior to his admission of sexual abuse on his handicapped, five year old niece. And just when you thought it was safe to come out, along comes today’s feature on Leon Koziol. com, a parental blog site dedicated to exposing corruption in America’s divorce industry.

My recently released book, Satan’s Docket, continues to entertain readers while educating them to the realities of divorce and family courts from a model father and civil rights attorney who spent 30 years in litigation. What a great Christmas present as so many have discovered through recent orders at

Today’s shocking story could never have occurred unless I so angered certain judges with my public disclosures that they went ballistic with their retributions and abuses of judicial office. You need to share this with media, organizations and fellow victims not so much for my sake, no one is seriously supporting me anyway, do it for your families and children.

As yesterday’s post reported, I filed a parental equality case in New York Supreme Court. One day after its filing, on December 15, 2017, I was summoned to appear before the 40th trial level jurist assigned to my originally uncontested divorce. That’s right, forty (40). I’m not making this up any more than my pedophile custody judge or his replacement Daniel “Kangaroo” King who allowed a fabricated PhD and Master degree into the record for purposes of imputing false income. He did so for retaliatory support incarceration in 2013 after I reported court corruption before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.

Now the name of our latest villain is Natalie Carraway, and I have no idea where this support magistrate came from any more than the security guy did who said she had come to our local family court just for me. How truly “honored” was I. Anyway, four days earlier on December 11th, I had appeared before Kangaroo King’s replacement judge, James “dweeby” Eby of Oswego, New York Family Court. It was a first appearance on my show cause petition for holiday parenting time filed at least one week before Thanksgiving.

Of course, the dweeb had no intention of “granting” me father access to my daughters after nearly 1,500 days removed from their lives. He was assigned by Syracuse Judge James “Bond” Tormey (Morin v Tormey family court “espionage” case) to harass me with every possible abuse of judicial office. The Jimbo twins were determined to discredit my professional reputation and public message of reform at any cost.

After telling me to pound salt, the dweeb was interrupted during proceedings by that security deputy. He came in uninvited and asked this Oswego judge if he could serve me with a support violation petition then set for a first appearance four days later before Natalie “clueless” Carraway. The dweeb replied that it was not Oswego “policy” to allow service of papers in a case not assigned to the presiding judge but because it “may be” policy in Oneida County, he ruled that I was “served.”

We were then excused from his deliberations but I refused to accept service on grounds that I was intending to challenge “service by mail” in the separate support case, a mode of service requested by the “custodial sociopath” Kelly Hawse-Koziol on the face of her sworn petition. Because such petitions feature warnings of arrest and incarceration of up to seven years, that’s right seven years, on their face, I was not expecting “corrective” service by a court deputy assigned to security.

More importantly, I wanted to obtain a ruling to invalidate this unchecked practice of mail service given its clear violation of due process and devastation to victims such as Walter Scott. You might recall him as the unarmed dad in South Carolina shot dead in the back five times while fleeing a child support warrant. His family recovered $6 million for civil rights violations (the latest form of “child support”).

But how could Judge “dweeby” Eby know any of this? He was not assigned to the support case. And now he unwittingly became a witness to the service issue and therefore subject to (yet another) disqualification (always blamed on me, the innocent victim). Of course my adversaries, known and unknown, will endeavor to “sweep this all under the carpet” using every lame excuse possible. Or maybe they just don’t care about “law and order” anymore. We got to get this guy, Leon Koziol, out of the way at all costs, legal or illegal.

To my surprise, the security deputy was still pursuing me outside the courthouse to serve me again with the same papers even after Eby’s ruling that I had already been served. Now how close did this pursuit come to the one which resulted in the murder of Walter Scott? The only thing which separated our fates was the mood and mentality of this sheriff deputy who managed to barge into an unrelated (custody) proceeding and take control of it. Stay tuned! It gets better!

Between the dweeby proceeding and clueless one of December 15, 2017, I had the parties named in my state Supreme Court case served properly with my complaint. I did this with a privately retained process server. We had to travel hundreds of miles over a two day period to serve New York’s top judge in Albany, and judges Eby and Tormey in Oswego (Lake Ontario) and Syracuse. It cost me hundreds of dollars to comply with “the law.”

All that was left to serve in my newly filed lawsuit at our December 15th support hearing was the “custodial sociopath” and Clueless Carraway. We got the sociopath, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, in the court lobby and then my server joined me in the back of the courtroom  before Magistrate Natalie Carraway. She progressed through the usual formalities.

That’s when I learned that my custodial adversary was now represented by her sixth attorney employed by Social Services (while she was earning nearly $100,000 annually as a tenured Frankfort-Schuyler school teacher receiving $45,500 in tax free child support only two years earlier, again under threat of incarceration to a debtor prison).

When the subject of our next appearance came up, I logically raised the mail service challenge and in-court service by a sheriff deputy assigned to court security. But my ordeal never ends when it comes to shocking events. Clueless Carraway informed me from the bench that she had taken it upon herself to investigate the service issue already (before I even raised it at our first appearance now underway).

Magistrate Carraway had secured the transcript of Judge Eby’s custody proceedings at public expense when it was my adversary’s legal obligation to do that at her expense for purposes of proving proper service. More bizarre, Judge Eby would eventually become the appeals judge in her support case and therefore tainted as a biased witness to proper service.

Hey this is New York, don’t try to figure it out. In my lawsuit, I explained why judges and experts could not understand my ten year ordeal, but stick with me anyway. It’s for your own good. You’ll just have to trust me on that. Judge Clueless announced that she was accepting her colleague Eby’s ruling on service while selectively excluding the county policy question which preceded it.

That’s when I responded with the chaos that would follow from her precedent which I was certain that no judge in my (Oneida) county would adopt. I asked Clueless to imagine what our system of justice would be like if any court security deputy could simply interrupt any court proceeding to serve papers for a private party in a separate case. An angry Carraway was unmoved as presiding judge here. And that’s when her world was rocked.

If that was her firm precedent, I asked her to accept service of my state Supreme Court summons and complaint which named her as a defending party by my process server seated in the back of her courtroom. She made me repeat that question as it was evidently beyond her comprehension that a judge could be served by a litigant while deliberating on his case.

But come on man! This is exactly what had occurred to me in Judge Eby’s courtroom four days earlier and she had just ruled that this was an acceptable mode of service. Utterly discombobulated, Clueless Carraway finally replied that she was going to conclude this first appearance and attend to matters in chambers (this was her only case and she was probably intending to consult her assigning judge, James “Bond” Tormey about it all).

But our needless wait in the court lobby for Carraway’s exit had its fateful benefits because the deputy was enticed in the meantime to respond to our casual inquiries about what had just happened. He gradually disclosed that he had been contacted by an Oneida County family court clerk (only minutes after my arrival for Eby’s hearing and Hawse-Koziol’s observed entry into that clerk’s office) to serve papers for someone. Deputy Dummy replied, “sure, why not” while abandoning his security post for this purpose.

Deputy Dummy then confirmed that he had no idea who this service was for and that he was not being paid for it. After all, that would be double dipping and likely the crime of official misconduct inasmuch as he was already being paid a wage for public safety purposes. Making matters worse for him, he also conceded that he was not a part of the Sheriff Department civil division which by law must charge a fee for such private purposes.

I could go on and on, but you probably know where I’m going with all this now. That’s right, the same state Inspector General who caught my ethics lawyers falsifying time sheets. After all, imagine the liability consequences if a violent event erupted in the court lobby while Deputy Dummy was preoccupied, uninvited, in closed proceedings where no one was in danger. Judge Tormey’s chief family court clerk recovered $600,000 just for being directed improperly to conduct “political espionage.”

This was also a nail in the coffin for my state Supreme Court case against Dweeby Eby, Clueless Carraway and James Bond Tormey. Can a better case be made for gender discrimination practiced by those who apply public dollars and special court privileges to give free process serving to a custodial mother while dad is required to pay for his? Shouldn’t we “lock her up” along with all the others who do this?”

There’s much more to come. Stay tuned!