With Mueller Report in, timing is perfect for our May 3rd Parent March on Washington: Join our Conference Calls!

Sean Hannity, Dr. Koziol and Dr. Braverman

The timing could not be better. With the costly two-year Mueller investigation over and no indictments of the president, Donald Trump would now welcome U.S. parents marching for fair treatment in our domestic courts. We are asking Congress to pay more attention to our own parents legally residing here who are wrongfully separated from their children with federal money instead of the illegal ones at our borders.

The Parenting Rights Institute is seeking to turn our nation’s attention to American parents wrongfully separated from their children in divorce and family courts. We need numbers to convince Congress that our tax dollars would be better spent on a federal investigation of the real life abuses in these courts. Join our nationwide conference calls every Thursday at 7 pm EST to learn and help out. Call (605) 313-4165, access code when prompted: 763491.

We have now published our new Parent March on Washington Facebook Page as we continue to receive calls of support from all 50 states. If you love America’s children, spread the word. This three-day event is happening. Don’t be left out.



A Joint Request for Investigation of Family Courts will overcome neglect of individual cases: Bring your summaries to Congress at our Parent March

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

One of our followers sent me an e-mail summarizing a common experience of parents who are abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts. I get so many of these. Is this familiar to you? It is why we must join hundreds of these cases to get an investigation started at the highest level of government, where billions of dollars in federal aid is being mis-spent for these courts, where suicides and needless violence are incited due to a common belief that these courts lack proper accountability. We are facing a growing epidemic due to the suppression of court corruption.

Dear Dr. Koziol:

May be you should tell Congress of my experience with family court corruption, simply put as follows:

District Attorney says it will prosecute crimes by Court personnel, but it must be investigated first.

State Police refuse to investigate these crimes.

Private Investigators do not have access to Search Warrants.

Only access to Grand Jury is via District Attorney or Attorney General.

Governor’s Council will not return calls about crimes of judges and clerks.

Governor will not get involved or overrule his Department of State Police.

Legislature will not correct loophole in jurisdiction of Judicial Conduct Board.  (See below)

FBI will not investigate this political corruption.

The perfect crime!


My case has four altered recordings, one destroyed motion, fraud by Court, fraud by attorneys.  Everyone lied except me. Wife never did financial disclosure but said she did.  Her lawyer knew this and I have submitted proof, but judge was involved from the beginning say the State Police.

Best wishes,

David Ring

Share this post and join our Thursday nationwide conference calls 7pm EST by dialing (605) 313-4165 and the access code, 763491, when prompted. We are getting victims from all 50 states on these calls to help organize our May 3rd Parent March on Washington! It is a grass roots effort and we desperately need your help.

Just Another Suicide Note? Read it here and join our Parent March for a Federal Investigation of Family Court Suicides.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As we continue to grow numbers for our Parent March on Washington set for May 3rd (now a three day event), we are woefully short of the numbers needed to get the attention our cause deserves, that of obtaining a federal investigation into the billions of dollars in aid being abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

While a fine group of dedicated Americans has been joining our weekly conference calls, vast numbers of victims everywhere are not answering our call for solidarity and action. Countless complainers continue to keyboard from the comfort of their homes to the choir, to no one who cares about their war stories, or to no one who can do anything about it anyway.

As both an attorney for 23 years and victimized parent for another ten, I have documented the corruption in these courts, concluding overwhelmingly that we have an epidemic on our hands. The reason it is not being publicized is because parents and children have become a trillion dollar industry. There is no parent protection league, watch dog or union looking out for us unlike the powerful bar associations and special interests protecting their gold mine.

Think of it as the tobacco or chemical industries which lied to the public for decades before much belated accountability was finally wrestled from Congress. Suicides are among the most horrific consequence of this antiquated and highly lucrative custody system. It must be reformed into a progressive shared parenting model of child rearing.

When the suicide note below was sent to me by one of our March organizers, I could not bear to read all of it, so so sad! There are countless like them, i.e. 22 veterans committing suicide every day, visit Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class Citizen .org. (short professional video of a veteran who takes his life in an empty home, felony child support summons on his front door, after returning from duty in Iraq).

Such suicides are a common final solution to parental alienation which mindless lawyers (and lawyers on the bench) cause every day without compassion or concern. They must finally be investigated on grounds of human rights violations alone! One father, Thomas Ball, burned himself alive in front of a family court in Keene, New Hampshire to protest corruption and alienation. Can you even imagine what it took for this Vietnam veteran to do this, how much pain he had to endure?

Thomas Ball also left a suicide note, but it was more of a manifesto detailing how to make Molotov cocktails for use against family court buildings. That was eight years ago when they simply washed his ashes into a sewer. Maybe I’ve lost everything trying to bring reform and attention to this epidemic, but I know I have personally saves many lives and prevented such horrific outcomes.

My upcoming report to Congress does not begin to match the cost and publicity of the Mueller Report, but it has far greater relevance to every-day society, where government attention must be shifted after all the political hoopla subsides. It has been updated and will be made available soon for those serious about joining us in Washington. Victims generating their own summaries will be included with it in a lobby packet hand-delivered to every member of Congress.

This is an unfunded, grass-roots initiative. For that reason and the sake of parents, grandparents, children and families everywhere, make your donation today, get on the phones, spread the word and make plans to join us on May 3, 2019.

A Father’s Suicide Note

Utterly defeated
by the family court system,
Christopher Mackney, 45, 
committed suicide
Dec 29, 2013 in Washington DC.

The love that my daughter and I shared was truly special. She is a such a sweet, kind and gentle spirit. I am so sorry that I will not be there to see her grow into a beautiful woman. It absolutely crushed me to not be in her life over the last three years. I worked very hard as a father to build her confidence and self-esteem. She is smart, funny and considerate, but she didn’t know it yet. I pray that she realizes her strengths and her confidence in herself will continue to grow. I love you dearly, Lily.

My son Jack was just entering Kindergarten, when I lost access to him. He is gregarious, outgoing and a great athlete. He is smart and fearless. He could have just as much fun by himself as he could with other kids. Even the older boys in our neighbourhood wanted to play with Jack. It absolutely breaks my heart that I will not be able to help him grow into a man. I love you to, Jack. I miss you both so much.

My identity was taken from me, as result of this process. When it began, I was a commercial real estate broker with CB Richard Ellis. I lived by the Golden rule and made a living by bringing parties together and finding the common ground. My reputation as a broker was built on my honesty and integrity. When it ended, I was broke, homeless, unemployed and had no visitation with my own children. 

I had no confidence and was paralyzed with fear that I would be going to jail whenever my ex-wife wanted. Nothing I could say or do would stop it. This is what being to death or ‘targeted’ by a psychopath looks like. This is the outcome. I didn’t somehow change into a ‘high-conflict’ person or lose my ability to steer clear of the law. I’ve had never been arrested, depressed, homeless or suicidal before this process. The stress and pressure applied to me was deliberate and nothing I could do or say would get me any relief. Nothing I or my attorneys said to my ex-wife’s attorney or to the Court made any difference. Truth, facts, evidence or even the best interest of my children had no affect on the outcome.

The family court system is broken, but from my experience, it is not the laws, its the lawyers. They feed off of the conflict. They are not hired to reduce conflict or protect the best interest of children, which is why third parties need to be involved. It should be mandatory for children to have a guardian ad litem, with extensive training in abuse and aggression. 

It is absolutely shameful that the Fairfax County Court did nothing to intervene or understand the ongoing conflict. Judge Randy Bellows also used the Children as punishment, by withholding access for failing to fax a receipt. The entire conflict centered around the denial of access to the children, it was inconceivable to me that he would use children like this. This is exactly what my ex-wife was doing and now Judge Bellows was doing it for her.

To all my family, friends and the people that supported me through this process, I am so sorry. I know my reactions and behavior throughout this process did not always make sense. None of this made sense to me either. I had no help and the only suggestion I got from my attorneys was to remain silent. 

At first, I did what I was told, remained silent and listened to my attorneys. Then after I had given my ex-wife full custody to try and appease her, I learned about Psychopathy and emailed Dr. Samenow about my concerns and asked him for help. Of course, I was ignored. As the conflict continued, I was forced to defend myself. When that didn’t work, I thought I could get the help I needed by speaking out. There is no right or wrong way to defend yourself from abuse. Naively, I thought that abuse was abuse and it would be recognized and something would be done. I thought speaking out would end the abuse or at least get them to back off. It didn’t. When no one did anything they were emboldened.

I took my own life because I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do or say to end the abuse. Every time I got up off my knees, I would get knocked back down. They were not going to let me be the father I wanted to be to my children. People may think I am a coward for giving up on my children, but I didn’t see how I was going to heal from this. I have no money for an attorney, therapy or medication. I have lost four jobs because of this process. I was going to be at their mercy for the rest of my life and they had shown me none. 

Being alienated, legally abused, emotionally abused, isolated and financially ruined are all a recipe for suicide. I wish I were stronger to keep going, but the emotional pain and fear of going to court and jail [because of exorbitant child support] became overwhelming. I became paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t flee and I could not fight. I was never going to be allowed to heal or recover. I wish I were better at articulating the psychological and emotional trauma I experienced.

I could fill a book with all the lies and mysterious rulings of the Court. Never have I experienced this kind of pain. I asked for help, but good men did nothing and evil prevailed. All I wanted was a Guardian Ad Litem for my children. Any third party would have been easily been able to confirm or refute all of my allegations, which is why none was ever appointed to protect the children or reduce the conflict.

Abuse is about power and control. Stand up for the abused and speak out. If someone speaks out about abuse, believe them.

Please teach my children empathy and about emotional invalidation and ‘gas-lighting’ or they may end up like me.

God have mercy on my soul.

Chris Mackney

Facebook Censors Parent Rights March. Legal Action Forthcoming! Join Our Conference Call Tonight

Professionally produced videos like the one above promoting our Parent March on Washington are factually alarming. Their content has never been challenged for inaccuracy. It’s the subject, i.e. imprisoned and pedophile judges, which is being targeted, punished and removed from public discourse.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute.

As we suspected for years, Facebook and agencies of our own government are censoring family preservation groups and conservative value systems which made that government possible. Whereas the targeted website, http://www.leonkoziol.com, had received over 2,000 shares on some of our posts prior to 2016, we have been getting routinely get less than ten since then.

Today the evidence was confirmed, and recourse will be sought by a federal court action against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg in the District of Columbia. Reproduced below is the message that was blocked for “safety” reasons and its “abusive” content according to an automated notice that was quickly challenged with a warning of legal action:

PARENT ALERT: Fellow Activists against family court abuses: Join our weekly Thursday Nationwide Conference Calls, 7 pm EST to grow our Parent March on Washington, May 3rd starting 1 pm at the White House. Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute. Without numbers and visible action, things will only get worse. Call (605) 313-4165, type in access code 763491 when prompted. Details at www.leonkoziol.com. It is imperative for the sake of your families and future generations that you spread the word as our websites and social media have been suppressed. I even had to get a family judge gag order removed in New York Supreme Court. Dr. Leon Koziol, PRI Director.

Exposing Court Corruption – Civil & Parental Rights Advocacy

As you can verify yourself, there is nothing “dangerous” or “abusive” about this message. Its only danger is to lawyer profits and federal funding of corrupt family courts. When censorship of this severity is exposed, Americans react with great resolve. This is why we parents can get no reform or accountability in these self-regulated courts. I am outraged and expect substantial compensation from this monopoly communications giant. How ironic it is that Facebook acted exactly as we predicted in that message, one that is at the core of free speech values in an American form of government.

Join our conference call tonight as requested in that censored message!

For the sake of those who sacrificed their lives for our rights, SHARE THIS!

News Releases and March Permit Underway for May 3rd Parent March on Washington: Get Onboard!

Our March permit application has been received by the Metropolitan Police in Washington and is being processed. Such applications must be received 15 days before the event, so we’re all set there. Following that, news releases were sent to major media. We are asking everyone to copy that release reproduced below and submit it along with our March summary to all local and national media contacts you may have. The summary is found in our last post but it can be omitted (the last line of the release) if problematic on your end.


Parenting Rights Institute


To:       All Media and Interested Parties

From:   Parenting Rights Institute

Re:       Parent March on Washington

Date:   March 20, 2019

Contact:  Institute Director, Dr. Leon R. Koziol at (315) 796-4000

Months in the making, the Parent March on Washington has now become a three-day event due to the variety of victims, advocates and reform groups projected to attend. This March was conceived in response to the near daily attention being given to illegal immigrant parents separated from their children while American parents are routinely separated or permanently alienated from their children without cause in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The current antiquated child custody system is the principal cause, and it is supported by Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Incentive funds reward the states by the number and size of support collections they achieve. The Act’s “custody mandate” fuels this funding and it obstructs progressive shared parenting laws. The overall harm to families makes this a national concern.

The needless controversy which this funding scheme promotes in these courts causes further damage to our society in the form of criminality, violence, productivity and premature deaths. Our government is actually funding a silent epidemic, and organizers of this March are calling upon Congress to conduct oversight hearings and our Justice Department to investigate human rights violations that are occurring without accountability as a result. On May 1, 2019, at 10 am, a Parent Vehicle Caravan will start at Liberty Park, Jersey City, and end at Veterans Memorial in Washington. On May 2, 2019, a lobby initiative in Congress will alert all members to our March and requests. On May 3, 2019, the Parent March will begin in front of the White House at 1 pm and end at the Supreme Court steps. Permit applications are already in progress.

A copy of our March Summary is attached for more details.


Agenda for the May 3rd Parent March on Washington, Now a Three-Day Event



When and where:

May 3, 2019, March begins 1pm at the White House and it concludes at the Supreme Court

What is its purpose?

We are asking our Justice Department to investigate corruption in our domestic relations courts and Congress to open public hearings on the horrific cases that are erupting there. Justifications for federal involvement include widespread abuses of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Federal funds to state courts are based on the size and number of support orders they issue. Such funding provides incentives for lawyers and judges to manufacture parental conflict for revenues and fees. This unchecked abuse has led to a silent epidemic in society. 

States abuse billions of dollars in federal money through protracted litigation and custody mandates which preclude shared parenting alternatives. A trillion-dollar industry has resulted to benefit lawyers, psychiatrists, drug companies and countless others to the demise of families and children. Veteran suicides, addictions and other harmful effects are actually being financed and incentivized by federal money. 

Highly protected and suppressed from public knowledge, these abuses include Medicaid fraud, aggravated violence, overbilling practices, parental alienation and a fatherless society contrary to the purported “best interests of the child.” This March seeks to bring universal awareness to an epidemic that is harming the moral fiber, constitutional fabric and productivity of an entire nation.

Who is sponsoring it?

The March is being promoted principally by the Parenting Rights Institute as an umbrella sponsor with others assisting. PRI is a judicial watch and parent advocacy organization founded by Dr. Leon Koziol in 2010. It has conducted parent conventions, lobbying initiatives and traveled the country assisting parents. It has offered publishing services, self-representation and strategy programs, video documentaries and professional referrals for parents.

The PRI relies on donations and purchases but has remained grossly underfunded. That is why we are relying on individuals and groups to help us organize this March as a grass roots event. The March seeks to bring together victims from all states to finally be heard in a place where true reform can happen.

Related Three-Day Events:

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 – This three-day event begins with an American Parent (vehicle) Caravan on the morning of May 1, 2019. It is designed to give advance notice of our May 2nd (Lobby Initiative) and May 3rd (March). We want our leaders in Washington to shift focus from illegal immigrant parents separated from their children to American parents separated or alienated from their children here in our own country. One such caravan is set to begin at 10 am in Liberty Park, Jersey City and end mid-afternoon at Veterans Memorial in Washington. Through vehicle signage, we hope to attract interstate highway and media notice.

Thursday, May 2, 2019 – A lobbying day on the eve of this March seeks to impact our nation’s leaders. An action plan will be confirmed, 8 a.m. at the Harrington Hotel, 436 11th Street NW, Washington D.C. located ideally between the White House and Capitol. The PRI has used this hotel for lobbying events including a news conference at the Supreme Court to announce the docketing of precedent seeking cases.

Groups with lobby packets will head to both houses of Congress with the hope that every elected member is notified at their offices. By our experience, these representatives pay little or no attention to their constituents unless backed by a high-profile special interest group. This will change when they see the seriousness of our message the next day.

How it originated:

The Parent March was conceived by Dr. Leon Koziol, a parent rights advocate who practiced law for more than two decades without blemish. He successfully challenged gag orders, racist and sexist practices, and won substantial awards in federal and state courts. He obtained judgment invalidating the largest casino compact in New York. 

Dr. Koziol was featured on 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN. When he took a stand against court corruption, a horrific agenda of retaliation followed causing an indefinite suspension of his law licenses and child contact. That 12-year agenda was executed through criminal means without accountability. Like Edward Snowden, he blew the whistle on corrupt practices and helped expose misconduct such as his custody judge removed from the bench for sexual abuse of the judge’s handicapped, five-year old niece.

What is the agenda for the March?

Friday, May 3, 2019 – The White House

After a morning review session with key organizers at the hotel, marchers will begin assembling at President’s Park in front of the White House. A permit is required for events having more than 25 participants, and it will be obtained upon confirmation of a worthy number. Here we will be calling upon the president and Justice Department to open an investigation of our nation’s family courts. We will also request a National Shared Parenting Bill.

At 1 pm, the March proceeds along Pennsylvania Avenue (or the National Mall depending on logistics) to Upper Senate Park where a stop will be made to request congressional hearings regarding the abuses of Title IV-D funding and family court corruption. Such abuses continue to yield a fatherless America through debtor prisons and draconian enforcement practices. The March will then resume to the Supreme Court behind the Capitol Building.

Here we will offer victims an opportunity to present their individual cases and pleas for an end to parental alienation caused by judges and lawyers in these courts. At 7 pm, we will end the day on the opposite (front) side of the Capitol with a candlelight vigil for suicide and alienation victims.

Important:  The subjects and itinerary are not cast in stone. We anticipate input and modifications from volunteers as they join the event. However, we do not wish to jeopardize our effectiveness with a multitude of “beefs” that dilute our main message, that of ending corruption in these courts.

Such dilution became the downfall of the Women’s March on Washington the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Many participating groups were not only at odds with one another, protesters became unruly and vulgar with their messages. In the end, it was little more than a mob complaint about a citizen’s sexist remarks on a private jet.

Our March is not an attack upon elected leaders, Democrat or Republican, and it will not be exploited for a fringe purpose. Dr. Leon Koziol has advised many successful protest organizers without incident. One such protest was featured on 60 Minutes leading to a Supreme Court decision which overruled the one being targeted. Here we hope to get the same Court to hear a case that addresses overbroad judge immunities and an antiquated custody system.

Why should I come?

Your involvement may change history. We parents love our children, but they are being exploited for money, turned against us, and taught to disrespect other authority figures. We have to stand up for our parental rights which the Supreme Court has declared to be “the oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution.” That liberty is being eroded with each passing day because parents lack an effective watch dog in Washington.

In this March, numbers are our strength. You mean something to us. In your last days on earth, you will know that you once were a part of something profound, something they may recognize for generations to come. It will be a tribute to those who gave up their lives so we could exercise these rights. Against that sacrifice, how can you stay home to save a few hundred dollars?

You need to make plans now. The Harrington Hotel is already filled to capacity, but there is lodging throughout the beltway accessible by public transportation. The huge edifices, monuments and stately grounds in our nation’s capital are your property, the people’s domain. Take advantage of it. Train and air fares can be very low if obtained in advance with free cancellations as close as two days prior to arrival. With a will, there’s a way.

We need your help and contributions now. A Go-Fund Me page has been established at www.leonkoziol.com and details are regularly updated there. You can make a donation by hitting any part of the link below. You can also call us on the PRI office phone at (315) 380-3420.

Welcome to our family!



American Parent Alienation vs Alien Parent Separation: Time to Set Priorities at May 3rd Parent March on Washington


The above video provides a wonderfully balanced presentation of parent alienation and the extensive corruption which is being suppressed in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It comes from a book publishing standpoint and supports the need for our March on Washington

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

For too long now, we have been inundated with media stories about the horrific separation of illegal alien parents from their children at the border. Meanwhile no concern or compassion has been shown by our own government for American parents lawfully residing here who are being separated in far greater numbers in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

It’s long past the time for us to take a stand on this, to set the priorities straight in Washington. That is why the Parenting Rights Institute is being joined by parental advocates, court victims and reform groups from across the country for a March on Washington, May 3rd beginning at 1 pm at the White House and ending at the Supreme Court. There is also a Parent Vehicle Caravan proposed to start at Liberty Park, New Jersey on May 1, 2019 at 10 am ending at the Veterans Memorial in Washington.

We are hoping to elicit similar caravans from other cities with tractor trailers, bikers and family vehicles to send a four hour (driving time) message to national media and the public. On May 2nd we are conducting a lobby initiative to bring additional attention to this March the next day.

It is a three day affair to end parental alienation, family court corruption, persecution of good fathers and a request for a congressional hearing and investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses. You can get a one minute video summary by clicking here or a more detailed itinerary by clicking here. For an inspirational aspect to our march, check out our historical applications.

Please join us every Thursday on a nationwide conference call to promote these events. Call (605) 313-4165 at 7 pm EST and punch in the access code 763491 when prompted. No war stories, negativity, vulgarity or personal attacks. This is a very serious and professional undertaking which is building momentum with each passing day.

Here is an opening excerpt from a report by the Parenting Rights Institute which will be distributed to event participants, media and key members of Congress in coming days:


A Federally Funded Epidemic

Request for Oversight Hearing and Investigation of Federal Funding Abuses that are Permanently Separating Parents from their Children in Divorce and Family Courts

While our federal government continues to obsess itself with illegal immigrants separated from their children, American parents are being routinely separated without accountability in divorce and family courts across our country. Through a federal Child Support Standards Act, a statutory creature known as a “custodial parent” is mandated for states to qualify for billions of dollars in annual funding. This, in turn, forecloses shared parenting laws and co-parenting incentives.

Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, 42 USC Section 658(a), state courts earn vast amounts of revenues from our federal government through performance grants based on the number and size of child support orders satisfied. Not only does this create an inherent and systemic bias among divorce and family judges, it incites needless conflict between warring parents created by an oppositional framework of childrearing and dispute resolution.

Originally intended to capture absentee fathers to recoup aid given to needy families, Title IV-D has been expanded since 1975 to encompass all “non-custodial parents,” good and bad. Federal funding to the states was thereby increased exponentially. Such a performance-based program has not proven very effective, and in countless cases counter-productive, but it did cause immeasurable and irreparable harm to parent-child relationships.

Federal money thrown at divorce and family courts in this way has become the proverbial gas thrown on a fire. As veteran family judges have observed, this oppositional framework leads to a winner-take-all contest that draws the worst from parents at a time when children need their best, see i.e. Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS2d 315 (Fam. Ct. 2001) at fn 1. In Webster, “parenting time” was used over “custody” and “visitation” due to a system which has “outlived its usefulness.”

From the current antiquated framework, an epidemic has emerged which is producing escalating harm to government, families and society as a whole. It is a silent epidemic suppressed by special interests and bar associations which benefit from custody and support battles. Federal funds have induced states to seize parental authority beyond the rational limits of the judges and lawyers they license to regulate family relationships. It is an epidemic which has threatened the building blocks of civilized societies since the beginning of creation.

The separation here is not the simple product of divorcing or separated parents. It is an insidious form of separation, far worse than the kind experienced by immigrants, because children are being programmed to ignore, even hate their parents, for the principal purpose of advancing lawyer profits and court revenues. Worse yet, it is done every day without so much as a pause from federal lawmakers who, knowingly or not, funded the parent-child separations.

This insidious form of separation has become understood as “Parental Alienation.” That term derives from the work of Dr. Richard Gardner, an American child psychologist who produced books and studies to show a condition known as Parent Alienation Syndrome or PAS. This condition emerged from custody and support wars featuring one or both parents abusing our courts for reasons other than the “best interests of children.” By removing the “non-custodial parent” from children’s lives, the alienator and courts guarantee a support and revenue stream.

In short, parent alienation is a symptom, not a psychological condition, and it is the consequence of this federal Title IV-D funding scheme. However, both the symptom and condition are denied due to the powerful interests which benefit from them. It can be compared to tobacco companies which denied the harmful effects of smoking for decades to resist protective laws or even those who deny the Holocaust. The time has long passed for our federal government to take action regarding this growing epidemic.