How To Defend The American Family

The following article was written by  Stuart Meltzer, Esq. Stuart is a New York City attorney, friend, and fellow parental rights advocate:

Two thousand years ago, Roman Legionnaires were rewarded for service to the empire with a guarantee that their family would travel with them, reside with them outside battle and be rewarded with a pension at the end of their service. Their family model provided brick which supported an empire which lasted for centuries. Immorality, violence and disloyalty contributed to the fall of their empire.

Today in the United States there are Constitutional guarantees to Due Process and Equal Protection. There are laws and a presumption of gender equality. Or is there? The “best interests” of children are the primary focus of our Family Courts. Or is it?

In most States, our families are being torn apart by Judicial Order and by powerful bureaucrats. This is due to money, profits and power replacing the element of family and loyalty to traditional American culture. Traditionally in our nation both parents played important roles in the lives of children. These roles have shifted with each gender now engaging in some or all of the same roles played by the other.

However, parenting is not shared. Parenting is now a trophy won in litigation. Our children’s best interest are meted out with Courts rewarding one parent with control while the other person is ordered to be the cash provider. Today, it is commonplace for the non-custodial parent to be treated as a human ATM machine. Children are expensive and must be supported. However, this truism is now implemented with the non-custodial parent having little or no access, little or no decision making to the very children they are working so hard for.

This removal of one parent from engaging in parenting is justified as “in the best interests of the child.” The legal rationale is justified with the idea that if both parents do not get along, then one parent must be chosen to have decision making power. Unfortunately, this rationale is dangerously flawed. In lieu of shared parenting plans, money is now the real underpin and such reward the incentive to break apart two parent families. The child custody exploitation business encourages adversity between the two parents.

Common sense and social trends show that our family social structure and moral values are not transforming, they are breaking down. Look at our inner cities, look at drug use, child pregnancy, the decline in educational achievement, the replacement of American technical expertise with overseas competition, the importation of technologies once dominated by America. At a minimum, removing one parent from a child contributes to all of these aforementioned negative trends now hurting our society. Do I need not cite sources for this short conclusion? No, all know this to be true. The only kind of entity which would dispute this conclusion would be the one profiting from the dismantling of child-parent relationship.

Capitalism, government growth and power now feed on our children as a source of revenue and jobs. But this kind of job creation is self destructive, it generates no new technology, product or service to sell. It is exploitive to children and damages our family social frame-work. This kind of job creation emotionally damages our victimized citizen parent and hurts their children. This in turn creates the need for more government intervention!

The tool which is used for this insidious child exploitation industry is wielded when the Courts designate a “primary caretaker” and the “non-monied party.” Here the government chooses who will enjoy the financial, power and control provided to the “custodial parent.” The other parent is effectively removed with varying degrees of limited access to ones own children. All access the non-custodial parent has to their children is provided only as a result of utilizing the adversarial custody business paradigm.

Thus, the power of the Courts prevail over the fundamental right to parent one’s own children. The Billion dollar custody business is now entrenched in our culture and manifests itself as a negative entity, chipping away at our family and traditional cultural values. American cultural power is being eroded. This immoral social trend in turn will lead to the downfall of our nation as a respected superpower. People fight with morale and for moral. The Romans lost both.

In conclusion, our government has created a new two class family system of those entitled with permission to receive and control children and those with the obligation to serve the receiver. Law enforcement is used to enforce this two class system. Non-custodial parents to the back of the bus. You will see your children when you want to when they emancipate, if they are not alienated!

Every child requires support. But support means more than money. It means two parents equally involved.

Already there are substantial sections of our society in which the solo entitled parent, anointed by Judicial decree as the more fit parent, is the neighborhood norm. This is the norm in this authors home turf, Brooklyn, New York.

It is time for all American citizens to take back our fundamental family values, remove the government from parenting absent true unfitness and pass national equal parenting laws.

This can be done with your help. It is time to recognize those politicians who feed off the exploitation of children and remove them from power. This can easily be done by the power of the vote. Join us. Help us save the integrity of the American Family and our great culture.