Breaking News!!!

Utica, NY, July 8, 2010, Stephen Patterson wins federal court ruling against the City of Utica.

In a decision handed down today by U.S. District Court, Judge David N. Hurd, Stephen Patterson’s civil rights lawsuit against the City of Utica was allowed to proceed despite motions for dismissal filed by the City late last year. Mr. Patterson’s attorney, Leon Koziol, had filed the case in September of 2009 and argued successfully against the City’s motions on January 22nd of this year. This decision presents the unique perspective of Mr. Koziol winning another case from sidelines.

In related news, it appears from other decisions handed down yesterday in both federal and state courts, Mr. Koziol is expecting to have his licensing privileges restored in the near future.

Looks like Steve is in store for another big monetary award against the City.

Congratulations to both Stephen and Leon!

See Media Coverage: Utica Observer Dispatch , Utica Daily News

Stephen Patterson Speaks Out on January 12, 2010: Video 1, Video 2

Other Related Links: Leon Koziol’s Civil Rights Report to the United States Department of Justice
Video 1 , Video 2


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