Koziol Releases Statement Regarding NYS Law License Suspension






2 thoughts on “Koziol Releases Statement Regarding NYS Law License Suspension

  1. Rik Little

    The fascist corruption in the Family Court system in NYS NEEDS a bright light shown upon it. Sign me up as a class action party to your lawsuit. I just read it all and it gives me hope. I will be filing my own suit in District Court soon for similar relief and thank you for putting yours out there. I DID have to move out of NYS because of these feminazi pigs. They are all abusing my 10 year old daughters life. You refer to census records in your lawsuit to bolster your approximate 90% female ‘custodial parents’. I suggest you investigate something called the ‘blue book’ which is the NY States records to the fedearal government of child support/enforcement payment. God speed.

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