Koziol Files Civil Rights Claim Against Oneida County and Town of New Hartford

Leon R. Koziol
1518  Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

TO:                 All Media and Interested Parties

FROM:             Leon R. Koziol

RE:                 Civil rights claim against Oneida County and Town of New Hartford

CONTACT:       Leon R. Koziol   (315) 796-4000


October 29, 2010, New Hartford, NY – Oneida County and the Town of New Hartford were named today in a formal claim filed by civil rights advocate Leon R. Koziol. The lawsuit notice states that government agents escorted by armed police converged upon Mr. Koziol’s private residence in a swat-like assault for the purpose of seizing his personal property without any legal authority. The warrant and levy provided him at his New Hartford home limited police and official authority to a Utica location only. In addition, the seizure of vehicles was executed contrary to a court order by agreement between the parents in an ongoing domestic relations case before a state Supreme Court judge in August, 2010. The claim seeks recovery for damages sustained from a joint scheme of processes by government actors designed to harm and discredit Mr. Koziol’s public and professional campaign against discriminatory and abusive practices in domestic relations courts. Mr. Koziol has repeatedly described these practices as a “multi-billion dollar child control industry” corroborated here by the direct involvement of the state tax department.





9 thoughts on “Koziol Files Civil Rights Claim Against Oneida County and Town of New Hartford

  1. Michael Gonnella

    I am glad to see u standing up to these criminals. Prob about 1 percent of attorneys that do this. I think the gov’t actors r bringing us to war but only time will tell

  2. Joseph M. Vargas

    Mr. Koziol I am all for your sir. Today is 11-09-2010 I had trial this morning in Onieda County for my support. I have outstanding evidence showing Fraud and Perjury with the intent to gain at my expense for 4 years now. I have overpaid the State of N.Y. $5000.00 and counting. When I presented this evidence to the Judge it was stated that it was irrelevant. (3) times I stated this in court. It was not even acknowledged. My ex has committed fraud through the Department of Social Services in the amount of $2500.00 to $3000.00 and nothing will be done. Why? The Support Collection Unit has me in the rears for $3500.00 of money that doesn’t really exist. Who do I call? What court do I take this to? Who do I file a greivance to? I am seeking a team of Lawyers to take on the State of N.Y. to put this to an end. Seek justice for Fathers around the world that are consistanly getting shafter due to favortism to the Mother in Family court. Oneida County Specifically. Every bit of advice or a point in the right direct will be greatly appreciated. I have a case a strong case. You don’t have to be an abnormally intelligent person to see the black and white truth that I possess. thanks for you time.

  3. Ben Siegfried

    I am so happy you taking this on! Many more need to file suits just like yours to overwhelm them and show that the people are fed up with their ‘top-down’ criminal conduct of how they treat Families and Children.

    You can see what is going out in San Diego and CA by going here: http://www.thepubliccourt.com Please support the Amicus Brief, anyone from anywhere can support.

  4. I am a victim of Judicial Fraud and Slavery as well. My case began in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY with false Family Offence Petition. I had to pay $5000.00 to my lawyer to defend and prove my innocence – petition was dismissed. Then, during child support hearing, I was denied due process and ordered to pay more than I earn. There is maxim of law: no one is bound by impossibility! How can a judge order me to pay what I do not have? You would think that the judge that ordered this is retard – right? No, he is criminal! It turns out that he and the state is getting a kickback from the fed (taxpayer money) for making me “deadbeat father” and destroying my life by “enforcing ordered child support.” This is called Social Security Law Title IV-D funding. In addition, the more the amount of child supports – the more the kickback. BUT for the judge to be able to do this some ex lawyer must “bring me to the pond with alligator-judge and push me into this pond” by slandering me and denying me due process by team playing with this judge. So I am suing her DREAM TEAM OF LAWYERS, inter alia, for fraud upon the court, perjury, and malicious prosecution. If crooked judge may play stupid, claim that this lawyer convinced me that slander was true, and I have my discretion, that I am immune from civil and criminal liability, that you can appeal my error – crooked lawyer must do his homework, must have truthful facts to present to court and so on. I uploaded my paperwork on http://www.scribd.com/factfather/documents. Use them, edit, and analyze to avoid my mistakes. Comments and suggestions appreciated!

  5. Factfather: Thank you for your recent comment regarding my reform cases in federal and state court. I have also recently filed a petition before the U.S. Supreme Court which together may bring the precedent we are all seeking. Presently I am offering seminars on the subject of self representation, constitutional rights and compensation litigation in our courts. You may contact me directly at (315) 796-4000 to explore costs and locations that may be arranged individually or with other victims.It is a very complex endeavor and I’ve successfully prosecuted such cases as a trial and appellate lawyer for more than 23 years. Unfortunately unless an influx of financial contributions arrive, I may be forced to abandon these costly cases which are designed for everyone’s benefit. Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated. Donations may be made to my name at 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, NY 13502. Specific information is available at http://www.leonkoziol.com including a recent documentary about my work by news organization YNN and our group prospectus entitled “Parenting Rights Institute”. Best regards… Leon Koziol.

  6. Leon, I forgot to tell you that I printed out this prospectus titled “Parenting Rights Institute” and intend to disrtibute it if this is OK with you!

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