Parenting Rights Convention Planning Meeting Announced

Office of Leon R. Koziol
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502
Phone: (315) 796-4000



DATE: December 1, 2010

On behalf of the Parenting Rights Institute, and third parties, I am urging victims of custody, support and child control laws to join me on December 26-27, 2010 in New York City for a gathering of concerned parents to plan a winter Parenting Rights Convention and Spring rally in Washington D.C. We will be meeting at 7 pm on the 26th in the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel overlooking Central Park. A follow-up brunch will occur on the 27th. Alternate lodging can be reserved at 3-star Ameritania Hotel adjacent to Letterman Theatre on Times Square only several blocks away. More details to follow on our site at Heading our list of priorities are prominent benefactors and fundraising initiatives behind a nationwide movement.


15 thoughts on “Parenting Rights Convention Planning Meeting Announced

  1. I am sure you are aware that perhaps every father (and mothers) have been beaten up so severely FINANCIALLY and other ways (i.e. my case I’m dealing with major PAS, Finacial and medical Health issues besides the extortion, RICO and denial of ALL my legal rights). If this New York city PLAZA gathering comes close to be expensive I will not be able to make it.

    I have been denied my Constitutional and legal rights in so many ways I can not keep track of all them. At this very moment my former spouse is holding me hostage and continues to extort while my child has a fully funded $95,000 College Trust available yet at 18 (on May 22, 2010) I was rightfully not obligated anymore but it all continues to line her pocket because they will not allow me to have an attorney.

    R. Brust

  2. Harold

    if you have the meeting video-recorded, it would be hugely helpful to folks like me who can not afford to take off from work and fly to N.Y.C. for the planning meeting. Is video-recording on your agenda for the meeting?

    Your work is beginning to spread to the corrupt players in San Diego. Many of the more well-known court whores have been losing their victim-clients, and they are twiddling their thumbs for a good part of their twisted day.

  3. Mike

    Please reconsider teleconferencing. I know that there are other attorneys out there besides myself that cannot attend and are interested in participating.

    Mike out of Chicago

  4. Leon,

    I am intrigued by your idea but I don’t understand the logic behind a national movement of reform. Custodial issues are extremely local and customs vary widely between court rooms in the same county, let alone between states. With so much parity amongst custody laws of States it seems to me to be a better focus of money and attention on changes within states.

  5. “..I don’t understand the logic behind a national movement of reform..”
    This is Not a local issue. I hear the same problems from Moms and Dads regardless of state or county.

  6. From what we’ve learned from the research regarding custodial issues there needs to be certain standards that all states are required to recognize. Countries such as Australia have created national standards. One such standard would address the meaning of “meaningful relationship” that the states currently give lip service to without undrstanding what that entails. Basic standards on access policies that foster a meaningful relationship between the non-residential parent and child need to be articulated. States would then draw from national guidelines —- guidelines that comport with current research.

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