Mothers For Judicial Accountability Seeks to Join Federal Lawsuit

Yesterday, Mr. Koziol was contacted by Bridget Marks, a parenting rights activist and founder of Mothers for Judicial Accountability. After providing him with a fascinating and prominent background, she expressed an interest in joining his federal lawsuit filed on November 10, 2010. Ms. Marks has been featured on national shows and radio programs in connection with her successful litigation targeting parental alienation practices. She was also the impetus for the passage of “Bridget’s Law” in New York State. Ms. Marks is expected to attend our Monday brunch at the Plaza Hotel on the 27th.

4 thoughts on “Mothers For Judicial Accountability Seeks to Join Federal Lawsuit

  1. Russell Brust

    If this is a lawsuit that individuals are being allowed to or seeking to join in, WHY NOT ALLOW all the thousands or maybe millions of parents that have been kepts from Equal Protection Under the Law, denied attorneys, kept from their children, denied Constitutional Rights, denied Due Process, extorted from by attorney and judicial criminals and even taken into poverty based on the many criminal acts done to Americans?

    If this all so right whay is this not offered to millions or parents?


  2. RB: I would love to join the whole world in our lawsuit, but that would produce an obvious manageability problem. Any group too large would become infinitely costly and delayed to everyone’s detriment. This is a sophisticated, tactical and precedent seeking test case that must be selectively handled in order to be effective. We certainly welcome your input, but remember, I’m on your side. The “lawyers” came after me for seeking reform to the very problems you cite. Why not make plans to join our convention and rally this spring in D.C.? Also, as you obviously recognize, this kind of litigation is demanding and costly. Any donations you could assemble would be tremendously helpful. Thanks for your support. United we shall prevail!

  3. Rik Little

    Bridget Marks abused her twin girls by programming them with Parental Alienation Syndrome. She convinced the girls to testify that their own father had sexually harmed them. 5 NYS Appelate judges made this finding. Who is she to complain when she got custody back? UNJUSTLY.

  4. Rik Little

    The Obama 2010 ‘Job Stimulus’ gave $310,000,000 thru the Violence Against Women Act to the hate group National Organization of Women. Last year cash strapped fathers groups fought with NOW over the passage of Californias AB612 bill which would have made had it been passed a crime to even mention Parental Alienation in a Family Courtroom. Parental Alienation is a severe form of child abuse which is often lifelong for the child. The “Bridget Marks Law’ in NYS essentially saved NOW the trouble of pursueing similar legislation in NYS. She abused her children and then got them back from the government. Her law essentially bans the raising of Parental Alienation in NYS Family Courts for a change in custody. Custody SHOULD be changed when children abeing alienated and abused. Brazil has made it a CRIME and actionable civil offense last year. Let’s catch up with Brazil on human rights.

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