Support continues to come in for our proposed national Parenting Rights Convention sometime early in the new year. The Plaza Hotel gathering in NYC on the 26th and 27th will determine its location, agenda and viability. Financing this convention, our related federal court litigation and a rally in Washington remains foremost among our priorities. To this end, we are asking all interested parties to review and download both the news release and our group prospectus “Parenting Rights Institute”. A call to action is being made at this time for serious minded supporters to share this prospectus with potential contributors, benefactors and CEO’s in your respective communities across America. We are prepared to chat with such persons and even meet privately with anyone at a mutually arranged time in NYC at the hotel location. This parenting right contemplates more than a constitutionally protected interest in rearing one’s own children, it carries with it a corresponding duty to make concerns known to a government that is gradually extinguishing that right. The state is exercising increased control over our children using “best interests” propaganda to an intolerable extreme. A multi-billion dollar child industry has resulted to further  promote this propaganda. Taking back our children will not come easy. We need to join together and take up the final civil rights cause of our day, the last vestige of human rights violations remaining quietly unchecked in America today. Thank you all again for your support.

Leon Koziol, J.D.

News Release

Parenting Rights Institute Prospectus

Join Parenting Rights Institute FaceBook Page

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