Koziol Files Writ Before United States Supreme Court

On December 21, 2010, civil rights advocate Leon R. Koziol submitted a Petition for Writ of Certiorari before the United States Supreme on a constitutional challenge to New York’s custody and support laws. Three principal questions are being raised: 1) whether the state has exceeded a constitutional limit upon child control practices in domestic relations litigation; 2) whether the state promotes institutional discrimination on account of gender in these same processes; and 3) whether the state has impaired the liberty rights of a father and attorney to maintain a paternal family unit and fair participation in our state courts after publicly criticizing abusive and unethical practices. The petition arises from a mandamus and prohibition action dismissed by the high court of New York recently which made these issues ripe for review by our nation’s highest court. The Supreme Court accepts relatively few cases for decision each year, however, this petition features questions of nationwide importance to parents and children. It represents one of many efforts to reform antiquated laws which fleece families of their resources through manufactured controversies. These challenged laws coerce parents to fight over their own children in public courtrooms in lieu of private agreements without government interference. A planning session in New York City early next week seeks to organize a national parenting rights convention and spring rally in Washington D.C. An alternate route to the Supreme Court is well underway in connection with two actions consolidated by a federal court judge last month. A fascinating read, we plan to publish components of Mr. Koziol’s writ to our followers across the country at www.leonkoziol.com in coming weeks.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

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4 thoughts on “Koziol Files Writ Before United States Supreme Court

  1. Daniel

    “The petition arises from a mandamus and prohibition action dismissed by the high court of New York recently which made these issues ripe for review by our nation’s highest court.”

    Leon I would like to read the mandamus and prohibition case and the decision. Is there a way I can have the index number or the judge that ruled so I can search the New York Court website to view it?

  2. Russell Brust

    Leon Koziol,
    Subject: WRITS and how can I get some help or help myself – I have no ability or desire to be affiliated with the corruption of Family and Criminal Law.

    So where does a person go to get legal help. First I am close to indigent status (on SSD headed toward Medicaid) and driven there by legal common criminals and a very greedy and liar former spouse. I was left about 12 months after I had my heart attack (her planning started many years before because she wanted me to sign my parents inherited home over to her. On top of my bad heart I had a very serious Acid Reflux condition that has been slowly killing me due to the stress these crimes have placed on me for now 14 years. Now on top of that I have severe diabetes and I’m losing my eye sight. I have been denied by a Family Law judge and his buddy attorney that was his law clerk from having any form of attorney help, over and over in transcripts. The attorney and judge in transcripts openly churn, fabricate, mark all records with their perjury and define how I will never be allowed attorney help in the state of NJ or Bergen County. Corcoran wallows in his crimes with his buddy judge that openly violates his oath of office, the Constitution, my Due Process rights are denied fully, Equal Protection does not exist for me with these two common criminals and their acts of fraud, perjury and extortion are helping to cause my death. I have tried Attorney referrals, Legal Aid, Legal Services Corp and even filed Civil Rights complaints with Dept of HHS and then the last was Criminal complaints with the USDOJ that thru their contempt pushed me aside with no help on 5 crimes that I submitted to them. Even the Federal funded Older American Act Title III thru Legal Services I was denied. I have been denied all of these and they are murdering me without pulling a trigger on a gun.

    Because of what the former spouse and these common criminals (about a dozen) have done I desire to file Criminal Complaints but know I will be denied without any form of an attorney. Besides that I have no idea how to do this, not allowed to have an attorney, even one that I am supposed to be able to have, have no funds for an attorney – HOW DO I FILE ANY COMPLAINT? I have a long list of criminal acts being done to me but in the past working with a Paralegal quickly discovered that without an attorney my Federal type complaints, Civil type complaints and anything I did as a ProSe got me nowhere and I bet I am in the situation I am in because again I have been 100% denied all levels of legal help by this team of liars and criminals that do there acts “Under the Color of the Law”.

    My daughter that I have been kept from by my former spouse that has turned her into her slave to hurt me was 18 on May 22, 2010. Over the years I have been informed multiple times this a mother has brain washed/mentally abused my child – of course a crooked Family court stopped my correcting all the issues and they even made it more criminal by helping this former spouse. I made various attempts (14 years worth) thru proper channels, high school, police, Child Find Inc and the child’s mother and even a Union County Judge named Kathlyn Brock, Bergen County ADV on or around that date and all 6 have thru their own stopped, delayed or would not help me make contact with my child. Oh by the way this judge SEALED all the records from me and others to cover-up her mistakes to change my childs last name with any notice to me but then took a letter I sent to her with my evidence of the fraud of doing this change directly to my former spouse. That is a total Gender Bias and a crime directly to me. This mother in every way conceivable has violated for 14 years every court order signed by the Family Law judges (he in bed with her attorney helps her get away with it always). Further she has for 11 years violated every thing in the Final Restraining Order that was given to me the plaintiff based on her contempt, violence, fraud, perjury and also the perjury of her attorney. Again I have been denied all forms of attorneys thru all this. My child is fully a slave to her mother in every way to hurt me. My child has been used to send me a card that has been analyzed to be part of a threat by my former spouse that she wants to “kill me”, my child has been mentally and physically abused and been 100% Parentally alienated against me. My last attempt to contact my child at her fully paid for college thru a trust, the gift and letter was returned to me unopened (late Nov, early Dec). I for 14 years have tried to get help with all this but the judge has fully not allowed me any help or Due Process rights or Equal Protection Under the Law. I am in great pain due to the continuous one sided law where I am denied ALL my rights and this liar spouse is fully rewarded by the contempt of these liar liberal radical feminist lovers.

    I have seen and followed the following –
    1. Elian Gonzales was returned to his father in Cuba thru International Hague Treaty law and big time with State Department help to take back the child being kidnapped by an American Family creating illegal acts. But American Family Law simply F…. a father in America with not an ounce of legal help.
    2. A Brazil family kidnaps Shaun the son of David Goldman after a liar mother and crooked family kidnap the child to Brazil. Wow, Hillary Clinton, State Dept and State Assemblyman Christopher Smith get totally involved and surely put pressure on the country of Brazil. But American Family Law simply F… a father in America with not an ounce of legal help.
    3. Next we see Judge Edward Torack (my judge) show how he can verbally abuse his oath of office and the US Constitution and arrest an fully cooperative mother from Spain by using his total contempt of the Federal Hague Treaty. Maria Carrascosa was criminally put in jail and then Torack had to go to Spain to try to correct his mistakes. Soon after he came back from Spain and in 2007 he was retired from being a judge before he did any more bench damage. In the mean time even Mothers and not Americans simply get F…. In America by judges like Edward Torack.

    How can alleged common criminals such as Judge Edward Torack, attorney Robert Corcoran and former spouse like Kim E. Lararus Wolensky (Brust) be rewarded constantly not be made ACCOUNTABLE and I am fully denied every form of legal help.

    10% of America is unemployed today(that is about 25 million people. I wonder if judges are assigned to all these people to throw them in jail if the do not pay for all the things the court thinks children must have. Oh wait, Family Law only does that to fathers to penalize or they even put them in jail. Are the 10% of Americans going to be put in jail also?

    Do I just crawl into a corner to die from the medical issue I am left with due to these above lowlifes or should I just blow my head off because I cannot get any legal help? I had a very normal life at one time, had growing retirement money until this thief and greedy liar came along, had a wonderful relationship with my child but a spouse that knew I was the better parent has done every lie to kill me and eliminate me from my child. Must I take the law into my own hands? Must I get murdered by pure lowlifes of this corrupt system of law? Where do I go for help?

    R. Brust

  3. I’m going through the same thing, maybe worst, in Omaha Neb. I exposed them and now they want to put me in jail forever. Worse than any trainwreck or nightmare you ever saw! Get in touch. Maybe have have info that you can use and you might have ideas for me. Wally

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