NYC Planning Meeting To Take Place Despite Weather

11:00 am: The word from Mr. Koziol earlier today was that he had arrived safely in NYC despite weather concerns. In addition, Mr. Koziol had received a number of telephone calls from committed individuals across the country who were determined to make the meeting regardless of weather conditions along the north east coast. Stay tuned for further updates.

5:00 pm: Unfortunately weather conditions in Manhattan have worsened. Hotels are filled and folks are getting off the street due to unbearable winds. As well, planning meeting participants from as close as New Jersey and Long Island have cancelled due to unplowed roadways and mass transit delays. Others have altered their plans to come for tomorrows 11:00 am brunch. Mr. Koziol will be in the Oak Room this evening for those who can make it for an informal gathering. Upon the conclusion of both planning sessions, a follow up report will be generated on the subject of a future parenting rights convention. You can reach Mr. Koziol at (315) 796-4000 as others have been doing.  Also, he can be reached at the Plaza Hotel in room #1532. If you’re unable to reach him, please leave a message and he will get back to you.


2 thoughts on “NYC Planning Meeting To Take Place Despite Weather

  1. Barbara

    Unfortunately out here in Suffolk the weather is so bad that seeing conditions is unbearable! I had every intentions of being there..I know that tomorow there is another just loking for the time and place…

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