News Media Features Story Highlighting Koziol’s Valuable Work

Congratulations to the staff at Your News Now (YNN) for carrying an outstanding segment which featured the valuable work that civil rights advocate Leon Koziol is doing with respect to preserving parent child relationships. Unlike other news outlets which seem to only care about the sensationalistic details surrounding Mr. Koziol’s personal life and professional career, YNN took the time to produce and prepare a segment that focused upon both the substance and relevance of Mr. Koziol’s work as it relates to the long over due need for domestic relations law reform in private child rearing matters. As these same news outlets continue to suppress and marginalize the importance of such mainstream issues, it’s refreshing to see an organization like YNN report the news in an objective, unbiased and informative manner all in an effort to better educate their viewers.

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4 thoughts on “News Media Features Story Highlighting Koziol’s Valuable Work

  1. Russell Brust

    I very big time wonder how our Family Law legal system is so good at separating good fathers from their children, deny Due Process rights, deny equal protection under the law, falsify arrears owed, falsify a need to arrest, extort, and even attempt to murder parents all based on incentive money that gets to a judges pocket.

    What are the states doing to correct all this. My child is fully mentally abused and refuses to see me, call me or even call me dad. She was turned into a slave of my controlling former spouse just so she could hurt me thru this innocent child. What is the state doing to help me, stop and correct all this and imprison the vicious spouse for trying to end my life.

    Is the state helping me or doing NOTHING? Our government now talks about how bad Americans are, they need protection from crazy people – but why are they hated by so many millions of people? One must wonder????

  2. I applaude Leon’s efforts.

    In the criminal realm, public policy has replaced due process in connection with allegations of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a real problem. However, this family law related arena often results in the innocent accused being removed from family, property and home…all absent any conviction. In more than half of all cases, the arrest occurs for simply having a heated argument, a push or a shove. Few cases involve real injury. This is not opinion. This is based on personal observation as a public defender.

    In the City of New York, an allegation of domestic violence often results in removal from home for more than one year. The result is the accusor gaining the upper hand by seizing and controlling children, property and more. The accusor becomes eligible (if a non-citizen) for asylum, housing at tax payor expense, child support, sanctioned seizure of property belonging to the accused and the ability to control not only children, the accusor controls the other parents access to the children.

    Family court may remedy some of this travesty. But, Family Court often takes many months before the parent will be able to “visit” their own children. Oftentimes the removed parent and his/her children will have to endure “supervised” visitation. Often the “supervised”parent will be forced to spend a great deal of money for this “privilege.”

    The accused often loses his or her job and is alienated by the other parent from their children in the interim.

    The remedy is to give discretion back to the police whether or not to make an arrest and provide an opportunity for counseling in lieu of arrest for disputes where no injury occurs.

    In instances where the accusor has lied, the district attorney must vigoriously prosecute and convict the false accusor in the same manner the person falsly accused was prosecuted.
    I had a case where a ranking police officer faced terrible accusations of threatening to kill his former spouse. He suffered for more than one year and nearly lost his job, reputation and access to his children. Once it became clear that the man’s wife clearly fabricated the charge (she was caught due to video evidence), the district attorney and Judge allowed her to receive just probation!

    The effect this mandatory arrest policy has in New York is that it fosters the one parent family unit, enables extreme goverment intervention into families, all to the financial gain of the goverment players.

    Certain County Courts have their own interventionist government business units which engage in extreme family intervention. For example, in Nassau County, the “Model Custody Part” is presided over by Judge Robert Ross. Judge Ross appoints “parenting coordinators and case managers” from the very business enterprise he co-founded. This business enterprise is called the Parenting Coordinators Association of New York. Fit parents are forced by Judge Ross to pay thousands of dollars for the services of their “case managers and parenting coordinators.” The rationale used is that this is “in the best interests of children.” The current state of judicially created case law enables this to occur. The New York legislature would serve our citizens and children best if it would pass a shared parenting statute for presumptively fit parents.

    Under current NY Family law policy, our traditional nuclear family loses. Due Process and Equal Protection are also diminished. Our traditional religious institutions lose. Children lose a parent (usually but not always dad). LeonKozial is right. Our system needs change.

    Who gain from the current system? Politicians gain. Those working this system of excessive goverment intervention gain, those promoting the destruction of patrimony gain, business interests gain, lawyers gain, court officers/corrections officers/judges gain. Children lose. Our Constitutional rights decline.

    Support equal parenting and civil rights. Support Leon Kozial is on the right track. Many Lawyers who agree with the facts cited here are afraid to speak out. Lawyers are licensed. There are consequences for lawyers who speak out. Leon Kozial reacted to the injustice he recognizes and has suffered by seeking Federal Court remedy. It is one of my greatest hopes that the Federal Court listens to Leon Kozial and acts to protect our parents and children.

  3. Dear Russ: Thank you for your recent comment regarding my reform litigation in federal and state courts. In answer to your questions, the state is doing absolutely nothing to “help” you or any other “support” obligor or child control victim. Why would it when a billion dollar industry has been created which prostitutes our innocent children for the “best interests” of lawyers, bureacrats and forensic bottom feeders, i.e. low level therapists, struggling lawyers in training and welfare recipients (self sufficient “custodial parents”)? Your ordeal is like so many across the country. Unfortunately every one is complaining but no one is doing anything meaningful to correct it. I’m the exception because I sacrificed a lucrative and prominent career in law and politics challenging the same injustices that you are. Unfortunately my resources have dwindled to nothing and I may be forced to abandon years of hard work as a result. Anything you can do to assist me would be very much appreciated. Others are donating in my name to 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, NY 13502. Get more information about my reform efforts at where a recent documentary on my work by news organization YNN can be found along with our group prospectus summarizing the problem entitled “Parenting Rights Institute”. Best bregards…Leon Koziol.

  4. Rik Little

    It is good that Mr. Meltzer has raised ‘the other’ tool besides child support enforcement which the State uses to become a ‘Government Dad’. The ‘Domestic violence’ industry must be shown for what it really is used for which is creating State ‘non-custodial’ parents. Real violence has little to do with most ‘domestic violence’ claims where protection orders are handed out to 85% female litigants. (See R.A.D.A.R. for DV statistics). If you haven’t noticed In NYS these ever increasing ‘domestic violence statutes are mostly about ‘crimes’ that don’t have evidence beyond the complaintants word. The false accusations for rape have been followed by accusations of ‘stalking’, harrassment and strangleation. The ‘must arrest’ laws are gender biased and unconstitutional. The Temporary Protection Order may be handed out by a Family Court Judge exparte on a ‘proponderence of evidence’ standard which allows the female litigant to easily make a call to Police with another false allegation that the father has violated the ‘legislated from the bench’ temporary protection order’ and a long series of draconian kafkaesk nightmare events begins with the father first being handcuffed by ‘must arrest police’ in front of his children just before Family Court Ordered scheduled ‘child visitation’ and sent off to jail for the weekend to go thru the system for the next year or so. That year will be expensive litigation in a gender biased Court to try and clear the fathers name. Even if he is acquited after trial the father is forever ‘criminalized’ in the eyes of the State Family Court ‘trier of fact’ because for life he is automatically put on the ‘NYS Domestic Violence Registry’ just for having the exparte TPO ordered against him by the Family Court Judge. This POWER the Family Court Judge unconstitutionally bestows on the female litigant to “call in” to the Police and destroy the other party father litigant in every way is a tactic used everyday in Family Court in NYS. There is absolutely NO way to have the lying female litigant held accountable in ANY way for her ‘false allegations’. This was the intent and design of the radical man hating feminists (like the National Organizationj of Women) who organized and lobbied for the NYS legislature to pass all these so called ‘domestic violence’ statutes using false statistics and political hyperbole. They have made great strides in the media and popular culture as well scapegoating all men as batterers and all women as victoms. The young child witnesses this criminalization of their father by the State and LEARNS to fear the State and if female grows up LEARNING to fell ‘entitled’ to State protection and perks. The ammount of ‘Fatherless’ single mom homes is now 39% and growing. Especially in Brooklyn NY. The cost to society is $2000.00 per temporary protection order issued by these Family Court Judges to thwart the fathers custody case. The cost to society is all these children who grow up being taught to fear/hate men, taking drugs, quitting school, exploiting State gender biased laws for profit, ending up in prison and commiting suiside. You can bet that the “school bully” is the one from a fatherless home acting out from his or her ‘LESSONS” from the State on parenting. The (radical feminists) got there organizational start stemming from the late 1800s Womans Ku Klux Klan. They went from hating/criminalizing/lynching black men to include ALL men. Man hating lesbian radical feminist Andrea Dworkin of Park Slope Brooklyn testified at Joe Bidens hearings to pass the draconian Violence Against Woman Act. She wanted to create all female ‘super families’ and make men pay for everything. In NYS the Radical Feminist chief judge Judith Kaye set up the child abusing family destroying Court system we are stuck with now as well as her biased so called ‘domestic violence’ courts. The ‘attorney for the child’ Childrens Law Center which has the exclusive contract with the NYS Court Administration (Judith Kaye) was founded by radical feminist Carol Sherman in 1996 (coincidentially just after the Federal Social Security title IV-D laws changed to segrigate genders at a federal level) to act as State ‘Attorney for your child’ in Family Court. Childrens Law Center prides itself as being all female attorneys who regularly fix custody/visitation proceedings with false hearsay ‘evidence’ from your child and are the tail that wags the dog of the Family Court Judge. If you are male and go into Family Court to try and see your children you are predestined to lose everything after a long litigation Family Court all during your long litigation in Criminal Court to clear your name of ‘domestic violence charges. It is fixed in no small part due to the State ‘attorney for your child’ from the manhating law firm Childrens Law Center. Judith Kaye made sure her buddy from the Childrens Law Center became a full Family Court Judge in 2008 to continue the gender biased child abuse family distruction system we have. Domestic Violence is complete doublespeak. At the Brooklyn police station and elsewhere there are ADVERTISEMENTS to females headed by ‘Are You Abused” and then going on to explain that “abuse” is your husband feeling jealous, hurting your female feelings, keeping you from your children, talking loud, not giving you money, having a penis (kidding-but the NYS harrassment statute 240.30 basically says that anything that ‘annoys or alarms female you’ and female you are willing to testify that this annoyance causes you “fear” is a ‘Family Offense’ and female you can have the police and Courts destroy the father of your children, in front of your children and give you a guaranteed free pass to be on the growing list of female ‘State costodial parents’. And the man will be punished, destroyed, criminalized and forced to pay for the filching of his own children by the State. It was once a manhating radical feminist dream which has come true to be the Family nightmare with the unholy alliance of radical feminist hate groups (like the National Organization of Women) and the American Bar Association. It didn’t help anything that polititians like Bill Clinton and Joe Biden passed federal manhating laws (vawa, 1994 welfare reform) in hopes of getting the “woman vote” thru NOW. I personally would rather my child be reared by me in a poorer household than to be raised in a State dominated radical feminist materially richer household teaching the Feminazi values described above. The ‘child support industry’ and the ‘
    domestic violence’ industry are very must related and dependant on each other. What we now have is a Fascist criminal racketeering State racket to get Federal money. It abuses children, families, taxpayers and the future of our ‘democracy’. It is THE biggest ‘civil rights’/’human rights issue of our times. It is greatly encouraging and financing the ‘police state’. It looks alot like Germany in 1933. ‘Obama Youth’ is growing up fast. The ‘bullies’ are out there demonstrating what they have learned from their ‘New Government Fathers”. So was it the World series tickets or the ‘temporary protection order’ scandal that allowed former chief judge Judith Kaye and NYS NOW president Marcia Pappas to criminalize NYS Governor David Patterson into not seeking to “govern” the “ungovernable” NYS. Well he’s BLIND, can’t see baseballs so it must be the TPO. I think a US Constitutional amendment granting parents the right to raise their own children without State interferrance is the only way out of this mess and I applaud Mr. Koziols great efforts to head us in that direction. I love my 10 year old daughter Ava more than anything in this world and tried to instill in her from a very young age her civic responsibility and how this world works. I have not had any meaningful contact in over 19 months from being in front of Family Court Judge Bernard Graham and Childrens Law Center Attorney Allison Collins. He said “you’ll see her when she’s 18”. I will fight this evil exclusively for the rest of my natural life and encourage others to do the same. God bless America.

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