Koziol to Host Tele-Conference to Hear Parenting Concerns

What started out as a series of tele-conference calls to discuss plans for a national parenting rights convention and rally has resulted in a significant number of requests for civil rights advocate, Leon Koziol, J.D., to host a live radio talk show. This Sunday evening at 7:00  PM, eastern time, Mr. Koziol will hold a live tele-conference call to discuss plans for a national parenting rights convention and rally. The second half of the tele-conference will be dedicated exclusively to participants who wish to share their parenting concerns with Mr. Koziol. The tele-conference call is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-3000
Participant Access Code: Enter: 561737 (Hit # Key)

As for the prospect of a radio show dedicated to parenting rights issues, when asked, Mr. Koziol stated, “there are a number alternatives being considered given the need to overcome the widespread abuses taking place in our domestic relations courts.”  Individuals with a background in this area who are in a position to assist Mr. Koziol with a media venture are encouraged to call him directly at (315) 796-4000.


2 thoughts on “Koziol to Host Tele-Conference to Hear Parenting Concerns

  1. joepublicva

    I kno ur task of maintaining public awareness is tough….i wanted to hear or perhaps provide input for all to hear. Even w/ the effords here, i am still disallusioned at why such a body of govt could be so deliberately catastrophic to its citizens w/o the ability or with suppressed right for redress unless it collapses under its own weight of dysfunction or renders itself ineffective at exercising its benign unprincipled agenda. There are truly people and egos beneath those robes and what truely drives them are their own insecurities projected unto us. Any court that protects itself so, protects no one. That is the injustice.

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