Reminder- Leon Koziol, J.D. To Host Parental Rights Teleconference.

Call in with your questions and comments!

Sunday, February 27, 2011 7PM
Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-3000
Participant Access Code: Enter: 561737 (Hit # Key)

2 thoughts on “Reminder- Leon Koziol, J.D. To Host Parental Rights Teleconference.

  1. joepublicva

    I hope that u will address some of the posting on this site as it should provide some matter of discussion. Additionlly, the recent headlines involving former judges Ciavarella and Conahan should be a reason to start posting names of judges that act outside of their judical responsibility. A judge with few and minor issues shouldnt tarnish his record, yet erroneous and egregious conduct should be documented and indicitive of a problem judge.

    Lastly, please explain ur change in direction against problem judges orders to problem courts procedures. The method of judge appointments is the problem since behind the scence politics and money for re and appointments drives the system. This is truely a distraction to any judge presiding over the lives of people. I don’t think it took a lawyer, like yourself, to get screwed by the family court system to warrant a change, its the bad judges getting caught and thrown in jail that warrants a change…..lets throw some more of them in jail. I’ve lost my daughter 18 years ago by orders of former judge Guy P. DePhillips and I didnt pay him a dime.

  2. Thank you for participating. Due to the high volume of emails, comments, and telephone calls, it’s become virtually impossible for Mr. Koziol to respond to everyone as his time is best utilized focusing on litigation. However, you’re welcome to discuss your parenting concerns when he makes such time available on his Sunday evening tele-conference session. Best wishes!

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