National Civil Rights Advocate Announces Internet Talk Show Program

1518  Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

TO:                   All Media and Interested Parties

FROM:            Leon R. Koziol

RE:                   National Civil Rights Advocate Announces Internet Talk Show Program

CONTACT:    Leon R. Koziol   (315) 796-4000


March 11, 2011, Utica, NY – Civil rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., author of the popular blog site, Leon, has announced his plans to host an Internet talk show on the subject of parenting rights and family abuse in our court systems. As a successful trial attorney for more than two decades, Mr. Koziol is hoping to increase public awareness of the laws and rights available to mainstream parents made subject to abusive practices in domestic relations matters. As part of this innovative addition to network communications and commentary, Mr. Koziol is seeking private investors to form a media company.

“The Internet is the most efficient way to reach the masses”, said Koziol. “The time has come, the environment is ripe  and recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that over 2.5 million people are getting divorced each year resulting in a massive number of unnecessary child custody disputes. This is destroying our productivity as a nation,” he added.

Having appeared on national and local media programs over the years, Mr. Koziol is uniquely positioned to create a cutting edge dialogue which promises to attract both listeners and major corporate sponsors. This proposed program can rival many of today’s top mainstream talk shows while serving as a catalyst for change in the area of domestic relations law reform.

Plans for the media company include a regularly scheduled informational, controversial and somewhat entertaining style featuring Leon Koziol as the show’s main host. A tentative format calls for a debate oriented co-host who will be responsible for providing opposing viewpoints that are reflective of common stereotypes found in our society today. In addition, there will be news commentary and live callers discussing such relevant topics as divorce, child custody and the state’s intrusion into private child rearing matters. Subscribers will be able to access the show in a streaming video/audio format over the Internet through the use of a computer or mobile telephone. Future plans for the media company call for the development and distribution of information products.

Individuals wishing to become private investors in the media company are encouraged to call: (315) 796 4000.


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