Parenting Rights Convention Momentum Growing


The first ever Parenting Rights Convention is building momentum as the event nears. The Convention will occur at the Hotel Utica in upstate New York on April 15-17, 2011. The main event is a public hearing which begins at 2 pm on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Guest speakers will be followed by an open forum to receive testimony for the purpose of generating a comprehensive report to the U.S. Justice Department, Congress and state legislatures. The report will be drafted by civil rights advocate Leon Koziol, co-founder of the Parenting Rights Institute. Relevant subjects include parent alienation, oppressive money collection practices, gender discrimination and constitutional rights violations. This Convention is designed to unite parenting interests behind a profound nationwide movement for reform. It is a 9-1-1 call from our children seeking meaningful parenting figures and guidance in their lives. It is a moral, religious and civil rights cause which requires your attendance and support. We the people must be seen before we can be heard under our form of government. A final nationwide teleconference will occur this Sunday, April 10, 2011 starting at 7 pm eastern time SHARP! You can participate by calling in at (605) 477-3000 and punching in access code 561737 followed by the # key. Additional information can be obtained at You can also call the hotel direct for lodging details at (315) 724-7829 ($99 discount room rates for this event) or the Institute direct at (315) 507-3103.

It’s time, our time, for reform! Do not be left out. We need you to be heard or represented at this event.

Driving Distances at a Glance:

City Miles Hours
Albany, NY 90 1.5
Binghamton, NY 130 2.0
Boston, MA 278 4.5
Buffalo, NY 210 3.5
Burlington, VT 185 4.5
Cleveland, OH 380 5.5
Cincinnati, OH 650 12.0
Concord, NH 310 5.0
Detroit, MI 580 11.0
Hartford, CT 200 3.0
Harrisburg, PA 300 6.0
Montreal, Quebec 250 4.5
New York City, NY 225 4.0
Ottawa, Ontario 240 5.0
Philadelphia, PA 270 5.0
Pittsburgh, PA 400 6.5
Providence, RI 250 4.0
Rochester, NY 140 2.0
Scranton, PA 180 3.0
Syracuse, NY 54 1.0
Toronto, Ontario 303 3.5
Washington, DC 400 8.0
Watertown, NY 82 2.0

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