A Meeting With the President

That’s the theme and goal behind a rally scheduled for June 16, 17 and 18, 2011 at the nation’s capital. Building upon momentum and ideas generated at the strategy session of this past weekend’s Parenting Rights Convention, this rally is designed to gain the attention of the president so that parenting authority can be returned to the people consistent with fundamental rights retained by them under the United States Constitution. The selected period is Father’s Day week Thursday thru Saturday for the reason that fathers comprise a discriminated class made subject to oppressive laws. Our government has managed to use our children to resurrect debtor prisons and child taking processes without due process of law.

Three years ago, candidate Obama exploited Father’s Day to focus upon absentee fathers rather than the money oriented processes which promoted their existence. The problem with our approach to this political exploitation is that we do not set our goals high enough for meaningful reform. Instead of D.C. family festivals, local protests and keyboard wars (useless computer exchanges to each other in the convenience of our homes), we need to take a meaningful stand where we can be truly heard and seen. We must sharpen our focus upon the core problem of child abuse by government, its relentless assault upon our assets and hard earnings, and its instigation of needless controversy among parents and their children.

Cooperation for the sake of the child is central to our mission. Children need both parents in their lives and it is high time that we remove the lucrative barriers to this optimal environment for childrearing in domestic relations courts. We can continue to fight in our local foxholes, frustrate ourselves with endless court battles, or we can take back our children in Washington D.C. It may be that our president will find himself too busy with new wars overseas which take more fathers away from their children, but our meeting will occur even if it means a message delivered to the front lawn of the White House. In the experience of our sponsors, a constructive message may consist of a lobby campaign in congressional office buildings and a profound presence of parents on the walkways surrounding key government centers. Even if this results only in meetings with underlings and media, it is much more than anything we have seen to date on the reform horizon.

A meeting with the president is important to change the mindset of this nation and government’s escalating intrusions upon our privacy rights in childrearing. By June 1, 2011, we hope to have a committee of delegates named for this proposed meeting. There is no set standard for selection, however, certain constituencies should be represented. Among them are veterans, law enforcement, African-American fathers and mainstream parents made subject to inferior “non-custodial” classifications. At the Parenting Rights Convention this past weekend, it was generally agreed that such a rally was timely and do-able because the issue was urgent and children should not suffer another day without their moms or dads.

As things develop, we will keep you informed on this rally. Feel free to contact us with your interest and ideas. It is expected that a single hotel will be identified for organizing, lodging and workshops and self representation seminars. You need to make plans now for this event. It is time, our time, to take back our children. A “Purple Heart Soldier” presentation from the main event this past weekend is featured with this important announcement at www.leonkoziol.com.

3 thoughts on “A Meeting With the President

  1. You’re not going to get anywhere with this President.

    Obama is a Marxist, big-government, all government control, totalitarian President.

    Divorce, matrimonial law and family law are all derived from Marxist Ideology and big government control over families and children.

    His domestic violence czar is a raging feminazi and anti-male. There are numerous websites where there are quotes from her that all men who commit domestic violence should be castrated.

    You’re wasting your time with the Marxist-in-Chief.

    Even if you do get a meeting with him, you’ll get nothing but “lip service”.

  2. joepublicva

    Koziol, if ur not willing to put out the names of judges that manipulate proceedings to favor a biased outcome, ur only pissing in the wind. Someone or a group of people is trying to manipulate this cause to satisfy some perverted hidden agenda. If corrupt judges dont go to jail, the judiciary members will not find a reason to change….remember, they have immunity, and in some instances self imposed, of any criminal act the AG doesnt prosecute. If I had time to attend, I’d stand out there and piss with you. Hell, its the only pychological relief I could phathom.

  3. Action for Justice ( AXJ ® ) is one of the fastest growing civil and political rights organizations and networks around the world protecting children and families and fighting for equal parenting rights and joint custody when ever possible in the best interest of children.

    Thank you Leon Koziol for addressing this letter to President Obama and perhaps he can receive us in Washington soon.

    AXJ ®

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