Pennsylvania Judge Gets 28 Years in ‘Kids for Cash’ Case

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Judge Gets 28 Years in ‘Kids for Cash’ Case

  1. two down, Thousands to go.

    Throughout the United States, “pseudo judges” are being paid by the State Child Support Agency to run child support hearings. Along with that, the Prosecutors are paid 100% by the same agency.

    Can you say – “Conflict of interest!” You pay an attorney to represent you in court. YOu would think they are ethical enough to claim that there is a conflict of interest in having a Commissioner even hearing the case, since they are paid for by the Child Support Agency. Every heard an attorney object to that for you?

    Maybe it is time to write a bar complaint against any attorney that doesn’t make that complaint, and A Judicial Conduct Commission complaint against the Commissioner that is getting paid. Or, every judge in the Court who doesn’t report the conflict of interest!

    two down – Thousands to go. Start with your last just – and start leveling the playing field.

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