A Personal Message From Parent Advocate Leon Koziol, J.D.

I am taking a few moments aside from my test litigation on behalf of parents across America to bring you a heart wrenching story from my home town newspaper. A mother released statements of her five year old girl at the sentencing of a drunk driver who caused the death of the little one’s father. “Mommy, when will I die so I can see Daddy again?” and “Mommy I think you and I should move to heaven so that we can be a family again.” The episode gave new life to causes such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to prevent this kind of needless carnage.

However, a similar carnage is occurring every day in America’s domestic relations courts with little concern expressed by anyone. Fathers and “non-custodial” mothers are being routinely ripped from their children through profit making laws such as the “Child Support Standards Act”. Government bureaucrats, lawyers and forensic agents are feeding off of marital demise and orchestrated controversies surrounding mandatory custody and support awards. These “awards” also cause needless and permanent carnage between parent and child.

There are purple heart soldiers and public safety officers committing suicide in lieu of a “child support” debtors prison. Then there’s the case of  Thomas Ball in Keene, New Hampshire, separated from his children recently based upon a non-issue blown out of proportion by a so-called “child protection” agent. To prevent the mother from losing the same children to the state, this agent convinced her to file false charges as a “custody” tactic. After years of useless and costly processes, Tom burned himself alive in front of a courthouse to protest an oppressive state which took away his loved ones. Unlike the protester he was seeking to emulate in the freedom uprisings of the Arab world, virtually no one in America took notice.

There were no heart wrenching statements from the children who lost their daddies as a consequence of a capitalist based child control system which is harming the productivity, health care and family heritage of an entire nation. There were no criminal prosecutions or civil liability against the people masquerading as state agents who caused the deaths of these good Americans, one whose roots go back to the Revolutionary War. No one appeared at any sentencing hearing in the way of a Mothers Against Dead Daddies (MADD) to protest money abuses in our courts.

While attending to litigation in Manhattan recently, I had occasion to tour the Trade Center and Wall Street protests. Like so many of you, I supported the causes of freedom and liberty which these sites stood for. However, a focus was sorely needed. Such focus is easily found in our parenting rights cause because the abuses of our children and livelihoods will not be corrected without judicial reform. Unless our courts show a willingness to uphold our Constitution by making these money/child abusers accountable, little girls and boys will continue to ask the silent question “Daddy where are you?”

As stated in previous posts, resources have dwindled to nothing in connection with our current cases. We are therefore seeking contributions from all concerned. Such cases would cost individual litigants or groups hundreds of thousands in competent fees and litigation expense. It is therefore crucial for all of our supporters to join us in this effort. A pay pal account has been set up to accept your donation. No matter how great or small it may be, every amount helps. Please consider this using the method provided below or by mail to: Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your help.

3 thoughts on “A Personal Message From Parent Advocate Leon Koziol, J.D.

  1. Hi Leon,

    Just wondering if you have ever thought of using “Brown V. The Board of Education” to dispute the Child Custody system. “Separate but Equal” is never “Equal”

    “Separate and Equal” might have a chance at equal, but they don’t even try now.

    Keep up the good fight,

  2. Leon – I applaud your efforts! Your last comment “Daddy where are you?” was good, but in the write up you mention non-custododial mom’s and it would have been nice to see a comment that included Mommy too. Like you, I have also abused by the system and my 5 year old has been unjustly removed from me and her sister. I am a fit good parent. Now thanks to the system and a Judge, I now have to be a “Custodial” parent to one child and a “Non-Custodial” parent to my other child 2 counties away. As a non-custodial parent of my little girl, I have been granted extremely harsh “visitation” and get to see my 5 year only 2 afternoons a week and 24 hours on the weekend and that is it. Oh, and I have to work too. Imagine what the system did to my children and I have been the primary caretaker for my 5 year old. An appeal is underway and more money spent that could have been put towards my children’s education. I wrote to you through Facebook and look forward to hearing back from you. JSDV

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