Family Law Judge Brutally Beats 16-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

11/3/2011 Update:

The tremendous feedback that we received on this post supported the need for greater mainstream news media coverage to the issues we are promoting here at It’s refreshing to see that the news coverage is finally being accorded to some of the issues that we provide regularily on this site. However, we are seriously concerned that this event in child treatment not be exploited by the state to interfere more intrusively into private family child rearing matters. Aransas County, Texas, Court-At-Law Judge William Adams who has presided over family matters, is no doubt an aberration in responsible parenting. This post was made to bring attention to instances where Judges are not held to the same standards as litigants that come before them. A review of the litigation featured elsewhere on this site underscores the need to hold judges more accountable.

WARNING: This video is disturbing in nature:

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Why is the mainstream news media not covering this story?

Read story here:

See what was written previously about Judge Adams in October 2010:

4 thoughts on “Family Law Judge Brutally Beats 16-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

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