Today is Day 155 of the Founding Fathers March on Washington scheduled to occur on April 20, 2012, and it is dedicated to Major Lance Waldorf, America’s Purple Heart Soldier. I never knew Lance, although I wish I had. I would have told him to hang in a bit longer, maybe I could get more people to understand the pain he was enduring at hand’s of his country’s domestic relations courts.

Perhaps if our message had not been so suppressed, I could have gotten more people to protect Lance from his enemies both foreign and domestic. I might be able to convince more fathers to join us in a nationwide reform movement so that he would not have to resort to suicide in his very own home. His children would then get to know what a hero their dad was, they would learn why it is worth fighting for a country which promises liberty and freedom to its people.

We are dedicating this day to Major Lance Waldorf not just because he was awarded the Purple Heart Soldier in Iraq but because he was simply an American citizen. He deserved much more than what our domestic relations courts gave him upon his return from active duty. Our government rewarded him with a divorce decree, limited child contact and finally, a felony child support warrant when he could not find sufficient employment to satisfy these draconian money obligations fraudulently known as “child support”.

You see if Lance had stuck it out a bit longer, I would have explained how these court orders violate the supreme laws of our land, the rights to equal treatment, due process and most importantly a right which the Supreme Court described as “the oldest liberty interest protected by our Constitution”, the right to a meaningful parent-child relationship. I would have explained how this money obligation had little or nothing to do with the “best interests” of his children.

The horrors which came upon a good father and citizen were caused by a welfare state mentality, a free spending government and state created parenting adversary that could care less about fathers. Major Waldorf’s innocent children were being exploited as part of a multi-billion dollar industry. And in his final days, this same government and a selfish ex-spouse made him believe that he was nothing more than a felon. This is not the way a country treats its war veterans.

I first learned of Lance Waldorf in a video released by Second Class Citizens.Org. Entitled “Purple Heart’s Final Beat”, it provides a vivid summary of Lance’s ordeal. It had a profound effect upon me, and I urge all of our followers to view it. A copy may be found on our site at under the video link. I kind of feel, like maybe you do too, that we were responsible for his death and so many other veterans like him. While he was out fighting our enemies abroad, we were all too busy at the bowling alleys, shopping malls, watching sitcoms or fixated upon that orange ball bouncing up and down the wooden floors during Tournament time.

It’s high time we stood by our soldiers and fathers in America. They are not welfare checks or criminals to be thrown in to a debtors’ prison. They are citizens, our citizens, and they deserve better. For the sacrifices they endured for our freedoms, we can give up a day of our time to participate in the Founding Fathers March. Learn more about it on our site, and kindly pass this message along to others. Finally I wish to congratulate those serving under Major Waldorf who produced such a timely video.

Day 155

November 18, 2011                                                                                         Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

                                                                                                                    Parenting Rights Institute

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