Day 149: Happy Thanksgiving, Dedicated to Fathers and Families

Today is Thanksgiving, and we here at the Parenting Rights Institute would like to recognize the fathers and families of America deprived of their rights to spend a part of this day with their children. The people we honor today are the parents, children and family members denied contact as a result of abusive and discriminatory divorce, custody and support laws. The state’s preoccupation with money has resulted in countless good fathers giving up the fight to be with their children because the system is so one sided and fraudulent.

Unequal parenting laws are designed to create and perpetuate controversy over any issue that can be orchestrated by lawyers, politicians and the courts in order to generate fees and revenues. Money, and not the child, comprises the true goal behind these antiquated laws and processes. As a direct consequence, countless fathers (85% of victims), noncustodial mothers (10% of victims) and other parenting figures (5% of victims) will either not see their children today or be subjected to lower class treatment.

Many good parents of course have accepted or learned to live with this treatment. However, others have taken their lives, given up hope, or left their children to be raised by others. The impact upon our society has been devastating and costly for taxpayers. In short, it represents a steady transition to socialism and state controlled parenting. Most are unaware that our precious liberties are being eroded with our own consent on the simple claim that government is acting in our children’s “best interests” when they pass and enforce these laws.

Today we send a message of hope for the victims. On April 20, 2012, we are sponsoring a Founding Fathers March on Washington. It’s designed to secure long overdue reform of our nation’s domestic relations system and get government out of the “child business” as one Family Court put it. We need you to make this happen. We are also sending a message to the politicians and lawyers responsible for destroying fatherhood in America. While you take care of yourselves and PAC groups that promote these draconian laws, the constituents you were elected to serve are being injured. Your actions and inactions speak louder than words and tax financed mailers.

As you look over the video included with this post at, you will note the absence of fathers, families and children at today’s Thanksgiving dinner table. This is the scene that is growing all across America for the victims of your money making schemes. Congratulations! Adolph Hitler himself could not come up with a better strategy for seizing our children while making the victims pay for the process (welfare payment propaganda known as “child support” used to pay for lawyers, state fees and health care impacts). Tomorrow we will expose yet another judge who is using this system for personal gain.

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2 thoughts on “Day 149: Happy Thanksgiving, Dedicated to Fathers and Families

  1. asif equal rights are going to work out fine while divorce remains child abuse and parent-family alienation toi begin with, no sir, equal rights are going to work out contraproductive, such quackeries are messing children up even more as fightfathers are forced into, knowingly&willingly harming&damaging children&fathers4life in their being and forced to live our lives in lies making even more dirty filthy wounds, whatever constitution divorce is violating human rights on normal familylife ..

  2. Happy Thanksgiving,

    I spent the entire day without contact with my 6 year old son, not even telephone contact. My custody ordeal ended the day prior to Thanksgiving in such, a decision on appeal from family court order, Suffolk County.
    The divorce industry operating within our court system is designed only to fuel conflict directly funding the pocketbooks of the folks who operate within. It’s sad, families are destroyed, blown to pieces.
    Not knowing, after filing for a divorce in State Supreme Court, we have given the lawyers, judges, and many court appointed experts, who are completely foreign to our lives complete control of our lives. It’s WRONG!
    It is very painful for me to continue typing, so Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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