You are the front line soldiers in the fight to bring equal rights to the last discriminated class in America, fathers in domestic relations proceedings. It’s not easy, we know, but you must stay the course because other victims, both men and women, most importantly our children, are relying upon you. This day in our sequel of events leading up to the Founding Fathers March on Washington is dedicated in honor of our nation’s fathers’ rights advocates. It’s time that America gave you the recognition you deserve, the same way it did for Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights advocates.

Today’s dedication is being made from the hallowed grounds of the Saratoga National Battlefield in historic upstate New York. This venue was selected to revive your spirit and recruit you to our cause. Saratoga was the turning point in a war that made our current nation possible, and it must be employed as a symbolic turning point in the Fathers’ Rights Movement. Like the patriots who fought this battle, and the founding fathers who kept their faith, you must reach out to your friends and allies, the victims in Family Court, and all those who resort to taking matters into their own hands because their so-called “justice” system refuses to honor their petitions and appeals. In this movement, you are literally saving lives, innocent child victims and America itself from the greed of lawyers and politicians. Future generations will see you as their heroes.

Our government continues to use fathers as the whipping post for failed domestic policies and a feminist agenda that is causing more harm to women than men could ever have delivered. Women are now finding themselves paying the household bills for men in their lives faced with draconian support bills to the ex-spouses. In turn, successful men are avoiding relationships with those same ex-spouses out of a concern that their gold digging behavior might be transferred to them. Moms find themselves unable to raise children alone because dad was forced to abandon them in these one-sided court battles. Grandmothers and sisters become victims when male family members are threatened with “child support” debtor prisons. The list goes on.

As a knowledgeable father advocate, you bring these issues to the forefront but wonder who’s watching your back. The feminist agenda maligns your efforts with sexist slurs such as the proverbial “dead beat dad”. You read about gender biased laws such as VAWA to prevent violence against women all the while questioning how that law satisfies the “equal protection” clause plainly found in your nation’s Constitution.  Where is your protection from violent women, the ones rarely reported until they resort to guns, knives, poison and murder-for-hire. When will the same people who pass these laws finally hold women accountable for fraudulent reports designed to gain an edge in custody and money extortion schemes? Such tactics have been universally found to constitute a form of domestic violence.

After a hard day’s work, you pay your business, home and cell phone bills only to find that your Verizon carrier is rewarding you with advertising which depicts “dad” as a “monster” to your children. Your president is telling you on Father’s Day that you need to “man-up” to your responsibilities while he shows no manliness in facing the real cause of today’s “Fatherless America”. In television commercials you find football players in pink jerseys supporting breast cancer research but none with cheerleaders wearing shoulder pads supporting prostate research. When the sitcoms and movies return to your set, you are infiltrated with male actors depicted as dumb, weak and feminine. Finally, you hike out to the mountains and forests with no woman around and still ask yourself, can you still be all wrong out here?

It’s a crazy world which requires a more traditional man, exactly like you, to bring sanity back to America and its future generations. When Sara Palin was tapped to become our nation’s first vice-president, she responded to a question about Russian-American relations near Alaska with a bomb threat. This came not long before feminists announced that men sought public office to advance themselves whereas women sought public office to accomplish things. It’s good to know that after thousands of years of self advancement by men which produced the world we live in today, a woman would come along to turn it all into a nuclear winter, an accomplishment to end all accomplishments.

November 28, 2011                                                              Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Utica, New York                                                                   Parenting Rights Institute

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