Saratoga National Hostoric ParkOver the past ten days since we launched the Founding Fathers March on Washington, support has grown from all over the country. If you’ve been following our daily countdown of posts, you already know that it is set for April 20, 2012 and is being organized by the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. Among our callers is a representative of We the People Family Preservation, Inc.  This particular group appeared at our Parenting Rights Convention this past spring and is sponsoring a Family Preservation Festival at the nation’s capital for the same day as our march. The Festival covers the weekend from Thursday, April 19 through Sunday, April 22, 2012 and includes public speaking events and congressional lobby initiatives.

We have agreed to join efforts to produce a greater impact. Now our motorcade on America’s interstates to the capital beltway will have a place to land and take a stand on the subject of parenting laws and constitutional rights. To gain further participation, we are releasing this week a sequel of daily dedications called the “Liberty and Justice Series” from the Saratoga National Battlefield and Monument in historic upstate New York. You won’t want to miss this spirited segment. The first of this series, posted yesterday, was entitled “Take Back Our Courts”, and it features a New York Supreme Court ruling which I obtained from a judge who sits in Saratoga County. He was assigned to preside over an ongoing case against the state tax department. We need you to get the word out and start planning for our march. God Bless America!

November 28, 2011                                                                          Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Utica, New York                                                                               Parenting Rights Institute

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