In the sequel leading up to the Founding Father’s March on Washington set for April 20, 2012, today is dedicated to America’s diners. Throughout our great country, this is the venue where truckers, travelers and local families are fed and entertained. All sorts of community and world issues are resolved here with waitresses, busboys and cooks joining in to mediate rational outcomes. Some of our nation’s finest talent and food are found here, and their countless number along the interstates will undoubtedly provide regular stopping points for our network of motorcades from all parts of the country progressing to our nation’s capital next year.

If you’ve been following our sponsoring site, the Parenting Rights Institute, at Leon, then you know that we are seeking reform to our divorce, custody and support laws. It is a system which forces parents to fight needlessly over their own children in order to feed a growing population of lawyers and court programs. The state is taking control of entire families and dictating how we will raise our own offspring. It often employs lawyer trainees and half baked “professionals” incompetent to raise their own children, if they have any. Others simply cannot make it in the real world. Extended families and children suffer along with the litigants.

At Christmas time, this multi-billion dollar industry is most damaging as countless moms and dads are deprived quality time with their little girls and boys. This comes as a result of a byzantine caste system in Family Courts across America which provides immense revenues for government and lawyers, some 300,000 in California alone, see Day 143. Our site is filled with free valuable information concerning this system which I call the “custodial institution of childrearing”. Federal welfare laws regulating “child support” enforcement require state courts to keep all separated parents in a constant state of opposition in order to receive entitlements based on the number of “custodial” and “non-custodial” parents mass produced in these domestic relations courts, see i.e. Dept of Family v DHHS of U.S., 588 F3d 740 (CA 1, 2009).

Such courts are overwhelmed and utterly incompetent to raise America’s children. Countless cases which could have been resolved through mediation or at the local diner are turned into lucrative court battles by “ethically challenged” and greedy lawyers. Unsuspecting parents are too emotional and vulnerable to recognize all the trivial issues blown out of proportion in this manner because their children are being ransomed. Meanwhile the judges (former divorce lawyers) will not hold abusive lawyers accountable for widespread ethics violations. Instead they are quick to destroy one of the few conscientious attorneys who are demanding long overdue reform. You can read about my personal ordeal in a federal appeals court brief posted on our site.

America is losing the battle to preserve parent-child relationships. Moms are being transformed into a gender-merged entity known as a “custodial parent” and dads are being relegated to weekend servitude with no parenting role. The system is breaking down rapidly with violence and lawlessness, see Day 142. Absent a responsible and functional court system, we the people must look elsewhere to resolve our disputes and protect our precious little ones from exploitation, see i.e. Day 153 (dedicated to “the child”). Soon we will be introducing an “Education Product” designed to keep you out of these courts and in your children’s lives. There can be no greater gift at Christmas than one which can keep your families cooperating even in difficult times of divorce or custody dispute.

We have to take matters into our own hands before our moral compass as a nation breaks down altogether. This holiday season, stay away from lawyers and courts. As an alternative, I highly recommend a waiter or waitress at your local diner. They don’t know all the laws, and that’s another good reason to ask for their opinions (or the well versed senior seated in the booth next to you). Moreover, they won’t rudely wave you on to their next customer from a high horse bench. They will not expect a $300 hourly tip and you can get better justice more efficiently without spending your life’s earnings. In the end, you will have much more to spend during the holidays. From Saratoga, New York, I remain your loyal parenting advocate.

December 3, 2011                                                       Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Parenting Rights Institute

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