Today, we conclude our “Liberty and Justice Series” from another historic site in upstate New York which pre-dates our existence as a nation. Here at Fort William-Henry, in Lake George, our earliest patriots learned how to do battle against French and Indian forces which were harming women and children on the colonial frontier. Militia men were required by the British army to help defend the colonies from attack by French and Canadian invaders. These colonials would later become the regular army and leaders of the American Revolution. The Second Amendment was eventually fashioned by our founding fathers behind such service to liberty and freedom.

In 1756, a little known colonial by the name of Paul Revere was stationed at Fort William-Henry. Of course, he was not able to warn the colonists with his famous “British are coming” battle cry. This is because, at the time, he was fighting for the British. Fortunately he did not rally against the French either because that enemy would later become his ally. Nevertheless, his contributions to civil rights and American history make him an appropriate standard bearer for an award which we are announcing to honor parenting advocates who sound the rally cry in defense of our “oldest liberty interest”, the right to rear our own children.

And so, from the south bastion of today’s replica fort, the Parenting Rights Institute is announcing our first honorees of the “Paul Revere Award”. These awards will be conferred periodically upon those parenting advocates who display extraordinary service to children and families. The award is not limited to those involved in our Institute, but anyone who shows vigilance beyond the call of duty in keeping us abreast of developments that are harming family relationships. Our first awards go out to Dan Weaver and Josephine Ostrowski. These parents have been victims of false accusations and abuse in custody proceedings of the kind that we are seeking to reform in our Founding Fathers March set to occur in Washington on April 20, 2012.

However our modern day “Paul” and “Pauline” did not surrender to the system or merely talk about it from the gossip pulpits. They took action, engaging themselves in research and publications designed to protect others from parenting abuses in America’s domestic relations courts. Dan is a freelance writer for Examiner.Com whose work appears in the Albany, New York CPS and Family Court Examiner. He keeps daily vigil over court developments and current events outside of mainstream coverage. Similarly, Josephine has come alive lately in Westchester, New York, providing contacts and resources needed to move ahead with our march on Washington. She evinces a keen understanding of the issues and how they are impacting mothers and fathers alike. Keep up the good work folks. We need you. America’s families and children need you. Our future is in the hands of volunteers like you who recognize the final frontier of civil rights reform in America.

December 4, 2011                                                                 Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Lake George, New York                                                          Parenting Rights Institute

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