News Update: See Top Stories

We have received a number of inquires from around the country regarding a void in our daily posts. Unfortunately, Mr. Koziol has been preoccupied for the past week on trial in Syracuse, New York as well as he had professional obligations in New York City over the weekend. He will be back shortly to provide more insight to our Founding Fathers March which is still on track for April 20, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Our first news story should come as no surprise for many non-custodial parents who never quite know just what to expect when you pick up and/or drop off the children. Take a look at what this grandmother did to her estranged son-in-law and what he was able to capture on his iPhone:

See story (Click Here)

Our second story is an update to the Verizon “Moster” anti-father male bashing video

See story (Click Here)

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