The “Oldest Liberty” of Parenting

We conclude our “Safety and the City Series” with a dedication by Dr. Leon Koziol to the “oldest liberty interest” protected by our Constitution known as parenting. Taken from Liberty Park on the Jersey shore, Dr. Koziol explains how our courts have invaded family privacy and parenting to an unconstitutional level with financial inquisitions, abusive processes and a lucrative scheme of laws which enrich lawyers at the expense of innocent children.

By creating needless power and money awards in all separated parenting environments, including those having no real issues, our states have provided financial incentives to keep good fathers and non-custodial mothers out of their children’s lives. It is a multi-billion dollar industry which keep parents engaged in escalating controversy at the expense of everyone but the divorce lawyer. Reform is long overdue according to court studies and lawyer panels. However, it will not occur while this gold mine over the child is being exploited. It will take individuals like you, exercising uniquely American rights, by joining our march in Washington on April 20, 2012.

With the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop, Dr. Koziol is calling upon you to set aside your routines and become involved, because the damage to our productivity, health and moral fiber as a nation will not correct itself. That’s your job under the American Constitution and as a parent under the laws of nature. This effort is guaranteed to fail if you fail. You must do something about it now, not tomorrow, not by someone else in the remote future. Many have sacrificed so that you could exercise your liberties and freedom of expression. Dr. Koziol sacrificed a lucrative career as a trial lawyer advocating for oppressed women, fathers and civil rights victims. He needs to know that it was not all in vain. You’ve been given an option and a forum here at Use it wisely while you can!

December 21, 2011                                                     The Staff at Parenting Rights Institute

Coming Tomorrow!

Dr. Koziol returns with a holiday segment he calls the “Love and Romance Series”. Okay, we’re serious now. He assures us of this: no law, politics or lectures on the Constitution. It is a segment apparently directed against the guys, yes you read that correctly, against the guys. A major problem, as he sees it, leading to needless divorce and controversy is the lack of love and romance in the lives of parenting couples. This includes couples contemplating marriage or childbirth. Girls, you’re going to want to see these videos over the weekend, they’re actually for your benefit in the gender equation. We only wish we knew what he was up to now!

Please help support our fundraising efforts to cover pending litigation costs which could set precedent and potentially reform oppressive custody and support laws! (Read Here). Despite numerous attempts by various parenting groups to lobby the States’ Legislatures, which often results in little or nothing, the courts are the ONLY true fast track for meaningful reform by raising Constitutional challenges.  However, NOTHING is going to change without the proper financial resources. There is simply no other way around this! Your support is urgently needed TODAY!

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