Happy New Year! Time to Get Serious About Court Reform

On behalf of the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc., I would like to wish all parents a very prosperous New Year. I would also like to thank all those special parenting advocates I have come to know over the years who wished Heather and I success on our engagement this past Christmas Eve (even if I could not get back to all of you personally). As we move closer to our Founding Fathers March on Washington, set for April 20, 2012, it is important to reflect upon our progress to date and solidify participation in the reform of these oppressive court processes that impair our childrearing rights.

After filing a number of test cases designed to secure constitution based protections for parents victimized by lucrative divorce, custody and support laws, we opened up our litigation to those of you facing similar circumstances. The needless seizure or impairment of child relationships is at the core of this litigation and many have adopted our on-line complaints and briefs as templates for their own challenges. Unfortunately, unless you are competently guided in this endless maze of disjointed, overlapping and concurrent processes in multiple courts, your time and resources will likely be wasted.

Instead, as I have emphasized repeatedly on our site at www.leonkoziol.com, your most effective contribution can be made by combining efforts and joining in this march on Washington. We must together declare our rights under the American Constitution in a profound way. Until we take this matter seriously by taking personal initiative, reform will never occur. Instead you will remain frustrated, misguided and fleeced of your hard earnings and assets as you are dragged repeatedly into court or tripped up by every costly obstacle devised by lawyers for profit.

One year ago, I sponsored a planning session at the Plaza Hotel in New York City behind these reform efforts, hoping to unite relevant groups across the country. In the spring, I sponsored a Parenting Rights Convention in upstate New York attended by a number of group representatives from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and elsewhere. Over the summer I met with leaders in Long Island, Manhattan and Staten Island in an effort to develop an event in Washington D.C. This Founding Fathers March ultimately resulted two months ago to serve as a vehicle for participation and constructive reform. Now it’s time to do your part.

Once again, I offer our free site for a candid and competent depiction of the abusive processes we are seeking to reform. I have called it the “custodial institution of childrearing.” It is a multi-billion dollar industry based upon increased state control of our children through arbitrary “custody”, “support” and other court “awards”. Because this system is so lucrative, you will never change it until you get serious about your rights. It will not happen clicking away on your keyboards at home to one another, lamenting about your personal crises. We all have them. Instead you must contact fellow victims this very day, network with other reform groups, and organize motorcades in your own neighborhoods with signage and posters displayed from car tops, trucks, trailers, etc.

In this way, you can express your views to the nation on America’s interstates without ever leaving your vehicles on April 20th. You need to contact potential donors to our cause on this site so that ongoing litigation, lobbying and reform efforts may continue. We have a number of cases coming up for argument next week and in the coming months in New York City, Albany, New York and elsewhere which may produce important precedent for you and your lawyer in divorce or Family Court. In this, the last of our holiday series, devoted to a lighter side of the movement (love and romance), I focus upon the love of our children. It is the most powerful form of emotion under the laws of nature, and it is being exploited for profit in these courts.

It is time to harness that same power, the love of your own children, and make it work for all of us. Very soon I will be moving on to new opportunities because resources here have dwindled. The management of multiple precedent seeking cases is an arduous task for any law firm, let alone a single advocate forced to proceed as I have due to state retaliation. Too many victims prefer to apply their resources to those who have contributed to their woes in the first place while others simply remain complacent. They allow themselves to become subject to that depressing and worn out belief that someone else will look out for their own children by becoming personally involved. It is this kind of complacency which is the cause for so many of your problems. Unless you show your own power as our laws allow, you cannot complain about your conditions in the bowling alleys and gossip centers of America. No one is listening to you.

January 4, 2012                                                                    Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D.
Syracuse, New York                                                              Parenting Rights Institute

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