More About the PRI Education Product for Our Friends at Leon Koziol.Com

Recently our Parenting Rights Institute released an Information/Education Product designed to orient parents to abuses in divorce and Family Court. Developed over the past year, it helps you to avoid harm to parent-child relationships. Priced at less than a single competent lawyer consultation, it also addresses countless issues raised by followers of this site over the past several years. Various financial donors have asked that we produce a useful program which they would be willing to pay for in order to avoid the high cost of lawyers and litigation abuses. Our product was completed this past week to answer this demand. It consists of a dynamic lecture and five part reading program with crucial information that you will not find elsewhere. What’s more, a discount and special warranty is included for those purchasers who take advantage of this opportunity before April 1, 2012. All purchasers will be paid $50 for each new sale and another $50 to a participating organization. Put another way, with 12 sales, you can recover your entire cost and earn an income thereafter. Get the details at and order your product today!

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