Day 28: of the Parenting Papers and April 20th March on Washington: “Dead Beat Broad”

Those of you following our site already know that April 20, 2012 has been set for the Founding Fathers March on Washington at Senate Park on the West Lawn of the Capitol. Designed to promote parenting equality and court reform, it was announced in November, 2011, see related details at This week we sent final notices to various supporters and groups known to us. We intend to publish their involvement, if any, so that you might learn whether your group or contributions are producing results.

Now, in our final countdown, we feature short stories from callers and e-mailers as promised in a recent post. We call them the “Parenting Papers”. They are intended to stimulate attendance at next month’s event because our court victims apparently believe that it’s someone else’s job to protest for them- and of course reform will not occur with this kind of attitude. These stories are based on real events. However, names and content have been edited to protect the sources. Our second story of this series, Day 28, is entitled: “Dead Beat Broad”.

Sally Skank did not like to work. For as long as she could remember, her goal in life was to exploit public benefits and latch on to some rich guy so that she could lay around and watch her favorite shows like “Sluts in the City” and “Devil’s Housewives”. The strategy was really quite simple: use her support payments for implants, provocative attire and singles venues until some lonely sap took her bait and became the next victim.

Sally had three children from two prior marriages and a one night stand. Qualifying for all sorts of socialist services, there was nothing stopping her from trapping a few more victims especially since Family Court was free and nobody cared to make her accountable for these crimes upon humanity. In fact, she never even told her last victim that he had a child until she needed that dental re-make years later. The newest support order was enforced right away.

When all her tax- free incomes were applied to prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs, along with a lotto and on-line gambling habit, child protection eventually stepped in. Sally Skank lost custody of all her children while pregnant with a fourth .She meant to tell the father, Tony Timid , about it, but he was in jail for child support. She also knew he wasn’t getting out any time soon because she had maxed out his credit after the last woman moved out.

Sally’s condition led to therapy and more socialist programs .She lived briefly in a battered woman’s shelter by accusing Tony of domestic abuse, something which she simply made up as the true abuser during hang-overs and rehab periods. Here, Sally learned how to rid herself of all guilt by adopting feminist ideology, blaming her problems upon oppressive men and “dead beat dads”. It fit perfectly in her life’s scheme because, after all, Tony was in jail for child support and no longer able to provide anyone’s children with a proper home.

Fully rehabilitated in this manner, Sally Skank was made ready for her next victim. She met an alcoholic during therapy who lost his children in divorce. He was quite wealthy, and Sally could therefore satisfy his every need. She moved into his home, claiming to have no children. All she had to do is make sure his child support got out. Every time Vinnie Victim and his ex started getting along, however, she would find a way to undermine it. Why allow another woman to interfere with a good thing? Besides, the ex might find out about Sally’s own children being raised by the U.S. taxpayer.

Vinnie Victim didn’t know it, but he was not only paying for his own children, rarely seen, but also Sally’s children. This is because the welfare law (Title IV-D) was designed to target absentee fathers in order to help pay for the entire program. Indeed, the U.S. Justice Department actually employed the phrase “Dead Beat Dad” in a February, 2012 news release to describe a child support arrest. Sally Skank learned of it at the shelter and laughed out loud, knowing of her exploits as a “Dead Beat Broad” off anyone’s radar in this socialist and sexist environment.       

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