On this, the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, in the wake of global warming, nuclear terrorism and deficit spending, the domestic relations courts of Great Britain and United States continue to steer the “Family of Man” into an iceberg. We see the warning signs everywhere, in criminal statistics, worker productivity and our moral fiber as free nations. The transformation of families into war machines for lawyers and government bureaucrats has bankrupted countless parents and produced epic harm to children everywhere.

Unfortunately, everyone is going about their routines with little concern for these issues. Apathy is at an all-time high and self proclaimed experts kill the messengers of reform. We all know that money is the principal reason for ignoring the iceberg as families and loved ones are fleeced under threat of debtor prisons and child seizure. Like Nazi practices of an earlier era, lawmakers and policy builders simply declare that their oppressive processes are in your children’s “best interests”. Here they are producing a multi-billion dollar industry that is causing an opposite impact. Accordingly, the giant ship’s boilers continue to run full speed ahead.

Fathers are no longer required in the childrearing equation and mothers are the next target as they abandon domestic responsibilities to third parties. To keep this part of the industry growing, “custodial parents”, are trained by the war machine to exploit “adversary parents” for money, lawyer fees and welfare benefits euphemistically termed “child support” (because they are derived from federal welfare provisions without accountability for the true needs of the child). So often when a father attempts to assert his age old authority to raise his own children, he is assaulted with false tactical accusations and so-called “protection orders” reminiscent of a prison system. We call it the “custodial institution of childrearing”.

Indeed, a veteran Family Court judge in New York’s state’s capital declared in a progressive decision ten years ago that “custody” and “visitation” have “outlived their usefulness” while perpetuating an “oppositional framework” between parents which harms the child, see Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS2d 315 (Fam Ct. 2001). Still nothing is done to remedy the carnage. How many more murder-suicides, juvenile crime and Thomas Ball incidents will it take before the iceberg finally sinks this corrupted ship? We hope you are making plans to join us this week in Washington D.C. to promote long overdue reform (see itinerary). A lyric has even been offered to a band tentatively scheduled to play on Friday. It is taken from the hit single “Family of Man”, by Two Dog Night. We hope you enjoy it.

April 15, 2012                                                 Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

Sung to the Music of “Family of Man”:

This di-vorce process was someone’s dream

An army of lawyers on everyone’s team

A four level court fight across the land

We’re building a home for the family of man.

 Court costs are rising

The devil’s to pay

Jailing the parents who got in his way

Law books and hearings to find a plan

Deciding the fate of the family of man

And it’s so wrong, whatever are we coming to

Yes it’s so wrong, with so little time

And so much to do.

Memories replacing the child that is seized

Burning relations before they are eased

Experts replacing what families ran

Time’s running out for the family of man.

So wrong, the family of man….


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