It was with some shock and dismay that we learned last week that the Nazi Party hired a full time lobbyist to secure socialist reforms in Congress. Meanwhile American fathers continue to rely upon self financed volunteers like Dr. Leon Koziol to promote court reform which is so crucial to family preservation and our moral fiber as a nation. What few fledgling organizations exist to protect the father’s half of the parenting equation fall quickly into disarray, impotence and eventual demise. Money is central to this unfortunate trend and the inequities found throughout our domestic relations processes especially when considering all the federal funding and propaganda contributions going to opposition groups.

We need to find a financing mechanism for our own lobbyist. When considering all the commitment and professional performance seen in light of the few resources with which our group has struggled, imagine what could be accomplished if we got a fraction of those same contributions. Too many supporters are registering their grievances ineffectually from the comfort of their keyboards, and it is getting us all nowhere. Attached is a copy of the cover sheet being distributed directly this week to members of Congress and the Executive Branch in Washington. Here you get a glimpse of all the hard work.

We hope to arrange meetings with various lawmakers and influential people while employing volunteers on the belief that we can reach every member of both houses. That’s over 500 visits and 5,000 copies of paper in our lobby packets. We obviously need your help. If you will not be attending our march, rally or lobby initiative (see April 13th itinerary), kindly consider a donation at Tomorrow, our office will provide this site with information concerning a direct call from a father deployed in Afghanistan. He is supporting our march and asking for help in a divorce which is causing a severe alienation from his child.

See Parenting Rights Institute Lobby Cover Letter (Click Here)

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