Founding Fathers March to Congress & Supreme Court

On Friday, April 20, 2012 the Founding Fathers March concluded with diverse activity designed to give parents, and fathers in particular, equal protection under the Constitution. A rally set to occur at Senate Park was transformed into a peaceful protest in front of the Supreme Court by a group of fathers carrying signs and messages. According to one participant, it was a small group that quickly grew with passers-by supporting the cause.

At the same time, inside our halls of Congress, teams of grass roots parenting advocates from different states converged upon member offices and staffers to deliver our information packets. We are calling for a Congressional hearing and inquiry into the abuses of Title IV-d funding and custody laws. More than half of the Senate and a third of the members of the House were covered over a three day period. At 3 pm on Friday, three advocates met with members of Senator Schumer’s staff to conduct an open conference call with victims in the New York metropolitan area.

We hope to follow with mass e-mailings to assure that all members of Congress receive a packet. Many thanks to those who contacted their own representatives to expect our arrivals. We focused on those members because many staffers indicated that their constituents would receive greater attention. One such e-mail is attached. It is now very important for those who stayed home to make such contact immediately. Here you will find copies of vital components of our packet so that you can include it with your own mailers or e-mailings. In this way our individual and joint concerns can be strengthened with unity.

The three day event accomplished a crucial goal of making noise on this issue. We took note and photographs of vehicles with posters and messages regarding other causes parked along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues. They proved how much more effective our march would have been if so many victims did not stay home. We all had excuses at our disposal. As emphasized, those who expected their neighbors to protest for them were predictably disappointed because those phantom neighbors never showed. Hence, the combined inaction assures that the abuses upon parents and children will continue.

At this time I want to commend the many participants who took up the slack and made things happen. In our Thursday and Friday planning sessions, we turned a makeshift group of concerned parents into an effective reform team. From decorated t-shirts to suit and tie, it caused me to pass right by some of you in the hotel. Indeed, we made an impact with the people we talked with at the various congressional offices. Upon receiving a final list, I hope to post the “Founding Fathers” of this event. It proved to be more effective than any lawn festival.

At a concluding session on Friday evening, a consensus was achieved behind a future workshop and event. We must build on this momentum if we ever expect to succeed against such powerful adversaries. However, all of it requires major funding. Your financial support is greatly needed. Please make a donation today on our site or mail a contribution to Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. You can also purchase an Information Product at at the now extended discount price.

See information packet (Click Here)

Please help support grass roots reform efforts today:

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