International Human Rights Crisis Brewing in America

Dear Mr. Koziol,

Please help me understand just what exactly is any different about the blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who fled house arrest and sought refuge with US diplomats after local officials waged a vendetta against him for exposing a campaign of forced abortions and other abuses of China’s harsh birth control policy in comparison to what you’ve experienced  (Pg. 31) for criticizing our domestic relations laws here within the United States?

Unless, I’m missing something here, how is your ordeal really any different?


Steven Levine
Sarasota, Florida

Dear Mr. Levine:

Your May 1, 2012 message that was forwarded to me by email is quite extraordinary because a growing number of Americans are making the same comparisons of my ordeal as a civil rights attorney here in the states to that of a Chinese civil rights attorney who is currently seeking asylum in the U.S. Embassy in China. Both of us criticized domestic relations policies of our respective governments, both of us were threatened with our livelihoods, both of us were denied contact with our children, and both of us were made subject to similar forms of “house arrest” in retribution for our activities on behalf of victimized parents. Ironically in my federal appeals court brief in New York City, John Parent (Leon Koziol) v State, docket 11-2474, at page 31, you will find earlier comparisons to another (detained) Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng. His experiences no doubt motivated the current (blind) lawyer to seek freedom here.

Unfortunately Attorney Chen Guangcheng might want to reconsider his move insofar as he can expect more retaliation at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s socialist policies should he decide to criticize them as I did. Today she has caused good fathers to be committed to debtor prisons and “retaliation camps”. Many Americans following these parallel human rights cases have already contacted the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. to advise its government of the giant international hippocracy that Hillary is facilitating. They are attempting to expose her communist “village” for what it really is, a government controlled community raising our children and removing parental authority from families to produce a multi-billion dollar industry for her lawyer friends. More than anything else, this is what is destroying our health, productivity and moral fiber as a nation while harming America’s children like never before in human rights history.

Thanks for your astute letter. You obviously know the issues. Please share your message with media and fellow parents.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Institute
United States of America

One thought on “International Human Rights Crisis Brewing in America

  1. madspartan

    It’s an unsurpassed irony to catch American tyrants lecturing Chinese ones on the latter’s abuse of dissident Chen Guangcheng. Other than holding Chen under house arrest rather than in prison, how does the Commies’ assault on him differ from what our domestic relations courts and their parasite judges, attorneys and social workers do to American families? Or, how Our Rulers hope to wreak havoc with the NDAA and its “indefinite detention”?

    Meanwhile, Chen has told the American Embassy he hopes to stay in China. Good choice! After all, it’s freer there than here.

    But then, “after the United States arranged a deal for his safety on Wednesday,” the poor man “told visiting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘I want to kiss you.’”

    Only because you’re blind, Chen.

    Recall that when Hillary’s homicidal husband and his Attorney General were gassing and gunning down families in Waco, Texas, Hillary uttered not a single word of even the mildest protest. Ditto for that Administration’s whitewashing the FBI’s slaughter of a mother holding her baby and of her 14-year-old son at Ruby Ridge. You sure you still want to kiss this unconscionable monster, Chen?

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