News Media Forced to Contend with “John Parent” Rally for Fathers’

As a follow up to our Saturday post, we continue to receive positive feedback regarding the success of the “John Parent” Rally for Fathers’ (The case, John Parent v State of New York, asks a federal appeals court to place limits upon support and custody abuses in our nation’s domestic relations courts. “John Parent” is a fictitious name allowed by court order to represent abused parents in this precedent seeking case).

Meanwhile, during the Rally, another case was also being heard regarding, Rajat Gupta, who was convicted of insider trading. Although, Mr. Gupta was in no way being supported by the already in progress, “John Parent” rally as he exited a lower Manhattan courthouse on Friday, many pictures and videos have since emerged of him over the weekend. Most importantly and noticeably, they depict  the prominent showcasing of our historic rally centered directly in the background as Mr. Gupta was being interviewed by the mainstream news media about his trial.

Sooner or later, both the courts and the mainstream news media are going to have to deal with fathers who are no longer willing to accept they’re being treated as unequal parents! The “John Parent” case makes that argument and is a rally call for all “Parents Similarly Situated” to be proud of and get firmly behind. Please help support our cause today! We are not a legal aide society nor do we receive any government funding. It’s individuals like yourself who can help make a difference by supporting our efforts. Thank you in advance.

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