Parenting Rights Case Submitted to Supreme Court on Constitution Day

No regard is given to the predictable conflict and vast injury which this (unequal parenting) doctrine inflicts upon families. Innocent children are left misguided and confused over the course of their lives, fathers are deprived of love and affection upon return from military service, “non-custodial” mothers are needlessly stigmatized before their own offspring, and diverse victims are invented of the kind featured here”.

This is one of many profound arguments in the case of John Parent v State of New York et. al. fashioned by parental rights advocate Leon R. Koziol, J.D. He petitioned the high court for a writ to hear this precedent setting case on September 17, 2012, the same date set aside to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution. John Parent is a fictitious name granted by order of a federal judge on March 13, 2009. It was intended to signify “parents similarly situated” who are routinely abused by a process that exploits children for money generating purposes. To be sure…

“Has not the time finally arrived to infuse some measure of balance and logic to childrearing dispositions in our nation’s domestic relations courts? Do not our military and law enforcement deserve better when they resume their parenting roles after protecting and preserving a way of life we take for granted?”,  Petition page 5.

 A major rally was conducted at a federal appeals court in lower Manhattan on June 15, 2012 in support of the John Parent case. An adverse summary order was predictably issued days later due to the lack of helpful Supreme Court precedent, leading to the current Petition. A similar rally was planned for September 17th with the cooperation of Capital Park Police. However, it was abandoned due to a lack of resources. The John Parent case has worked its way through the courts since February 26, 2009. Over the next four years, its sponsor faced major retributions for his courageous stand against his own profession. Indeed…

This is not the first time that (Koziol) sacrificed himself for the greater good of our Constitution, see Koziol v Hanna, 107 F.Supp. 2d 170 (NDNY, 2000)(forfeiting position as chief counsel in city government to successfully procure free speech, free press and liberty rights for public employees). When the featured divorce in this Petition was filed on January 5, 2006 as an uncontested action, there were no controversies of the kind described throughout the pleading… Today, all the persons and entities named as defendants in this consolidated action have become participants in the childrearing decisions that were once effectively and privately handled by the natural parents, Petition page 5 .

 The sponsors of this site would like to thank all of you good parents who supported Mr. Koziol and our joint cause against an abusive institution which needlessly pits us against one another. We continue to dream of a day when family advocates finally come together to send the long overdue message that we Americans love our children and can tolerate these abuses no longer. For your own peace of mind, read the John Parent petition and share it with others. It will shed light upon your own pain and suffering and cause you to recognize that you were always a wonderful mom or dad after all.

If you’ve been following our hard work and sacrifices on your behalf, you will hopefully recognize the need to secure resources. We are seeking to develop an action group which can bring advocacy to your individual cases. Please do not pass over our “Donate” button at LeonKoziol.Com and consider a purchase of our Court Avoidance Program at and If you would like assistance in your own appeals, trials or petitions, feel free to contact us at (315) 796-4000 or email at

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