Parenting Rights Case Docketed by Supreme Court in John Parent v State

After working its way through the federal courts over the past four years, the case of John Parent v State of New York, et. al., was docketed by the Supreme Court under Case Number 12-350. Official notice was received today regarding this test case filed by civil rights advocate Leon R. Koziol on February 26, 2009. It reached our nation’s high court on Constitution Day, September 17, 2012, and now awaits decision by the Justices after briefing deadlines set for October 22nd.

Whether the full Court agrees to hear the case is dependent upon four Justices voting to grant the writ sought by Mr. Koziol. A decision should come down before the holidays. For those of you following the progress of our case, John Parent is a “fictitious” name granted by a lower federal judge and it is intended to represent “similarly situated” parents abused by the divorce and Family Court industry. Details and a copy of the filing can be found at Leon

Parents who have faced abuses in America’s domestic relations courts should now show their support by contacting media, fellow victims and potential donors so that this costly undertaking can achieve its greatest impact. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people who could benefit from this precedent setting case have remained passive or engrossed with their own individual controversies. Meanwhile, gay marriage activists have caused five cases to reach the same court in a fraction of the time. Only one of them has been accepted for consideration on the docket.

Should the case achieve its goal of reforming abusive and discriminatory practices upon parents, its sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute, will provide assistance to all those who have supported our cause. The personal sacrifice, financial toll and retributions upon Mr. Koziol have been devastating. It is our hope now that you will make your donation today and encourage fellow victims to avoid court abuses by purchasing the education program offered by our institute at and You can also contact Mr. Koziol directly at (315) 796-4000 or e-mail him at

4 thoughts on “Parenting Rights Case Docketed by Supreme Court in John Parent v State

  1. Daniel J. Hyra

    Thank you for this update however a personal note from one who’s followed you for over two years, spoken and conferenced with you as well.

    This update is encouraging to hear but perhaps the tone could be more inclusive. It reads as if success is achieved, ONLY those whom financially support you will receive help in the future.

    Every one of us has an issue of sorts, one that devastates us all on different levels. It’s because of this, not in spite of this, that we’re all in this together. I would think that initially the case of “John Parent” began from your own personal plight, yet it should one day stand for all those whom couldn’t afford to do or say anything.

    I support you and your cause and spread the good word to any and everyone I meet f your struggles as they’re not all that different from the next guys.

    We have spoken before and I can only assume we’ll one day speak again.

    Thank you in advance for being the champion of a great cause.


    Dan Hyra Sent from my iP4

  2. Dan:

    Thank you for your i-phone message of September 28th. I do my best to get back to as many supporters as I can given the demands placed upon me from across the country and the complex filing requirements behind the John Parent case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. You appear to be complaining that the tone of our relevant post is “successful” in nature. Rest assured that after four years of hard work and sacrifice getting this case through the courts, not the least of which is the loss of my 23 year unblemished law license two years ago, this docketing event in our nation’s highest court is unequivocally a “success”. Indeed when measured against the lower court failures and abandoned cases filed by so many other victims, including the premier fathers’ rights groups that have done nothing of the sort even with financial backing, this case is a pinnacle of achievement. A law firm partner in Chicago, a professor at Columbia University and a professional businesswoman (software company owner) from Syracuse are among those who recognize this and have submitted supporting letters to such promotional organizations as the Heritage Foundation. You can find details on our more recent posts including a radio feature which can be transmitted virally to everyone you know and entities you can contact for additional support.

    Sadly, since our Supreme Court campaign started last month, actual contributions have come from a single fathers’ rights leader in Pittsburgh in the amount of $35. This is the lay of the land for “courageous” advocates like me and the logical reason why literally a million of my colleagues will not follow me into this hell called “fathers’ rights”. It becomes more disheartening when I learn of fellow victims who ask me to reschedule our local fathers’ rights meetings to attend such priority events as Syracuse v Villanova at the Carrier Dome where tickets sell for $200 and they claim poverty when the collection basket is passed in their direction. I don’t even bother with such meetings anymore. All told, we have collected less than $1,750 in three years while entertaining countless calls for free legal advice and even representation in courts across America. For some bizarre reason, people seem to view us as some kind of legal aid society, but as you know, public funding cannot be allocated for controversial political causes which ours necessarily constitutes. Logistically I cannot “help” all of our followers, but I can focus on the more serious minded ones as I attempt to set the most important civil rights precedent of our day.

    The fact remains that I have covered more than 99% of the costs behind this four year effort to the point of bankruptcy. Unfortunately there is nothing remaining from my personal funds and family contributions to apply to the current home stretch, a six week window period for fellow victims to convince our nation’s highest court to hear the John Parent v State of New York case, docket no. 12-350. While people have all kinds of advice and criticisms for me, words do nothing to finance this costly endeavor, let alone make it even possible. In fact, while fellow victims are busy bowling (the lots are always full) or pontificating on their keyboards to one another, gay marriage “victims” are busy asking Justice Ginsberg at a forum last week to hear one of five cases filed on their subject in the same Supreme Court. Only one of those, out of New York state, has actually been “docketed” for consideration like the John Parent case was this past month. Presumably the other four were NOT “successful” due to the aforesaid complex and costly filing requirements.

    So where is the support for “John Parent”? Who can actually be counted upon to fill the shoes of a fictitious plaintiff allowed by a lower federal court to represent all victims “similarly situated”? Is father prejudice and court abuse really a problem in this country as so many “talkers” would have us believe? This profound and all-inclusive case ended up before the Supreme Court as a test case after our “class action” efforts had to be abandoned two years ago due to the lack of meaningful contributions. So here we are, abused and broken, but never undeterred, because our children and future fathers are counting on us. In this, our time of need, we need support, not detractors, while this window of opportunity is still there for us. To be sure, the next opportunity may never come. Hopefully I have addressed the points made from your i-phone so that you might be encouraged to get seriously involved. We ALL really have to make this a full time commitment for the next few weeks.

    Best regards,

    Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

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