Supreme Court Fi l ing: What it Means to Caring Parents in America

On September 20, 2012, the case of John Parent v State of  New York, et. al., no. 12-350, was docketed by the Supreme Court of the United States. Parents and family advocates are now needed to convince the high court to hear this precedent seeking case. It took four years of sacrifice to get it through the federal and state court system, and it may be many more years before the next opportunity comes along.

We are seeking to stimulate a grass roots effort and fundraising initiative during the month of October, 2012 to bring families together behind a moral imperative at the steps of our nation’s highest court. Already we find gay marriage activists organizing behind a similarly docketed case. Why aren’t mainstream moms and dads getting the same level of support and attention? Are we to blame for our own apathy?

To be sure, lawyers and court beneficiaries are not going to do this for us. Here is what it means to you, so please share it with others:

1)  John Parent is a fictitious name granted by a lower federal court not unlike the petitioner in Roe v Wade to protect the privacy rights of family litigants. It is intended to encompass all parents victimized by abusive divorce, custody and support processes in the states.

2)  The “Parent” petition asks the high court to set a limit upon state interferences in our private lives when it forces parents to war over their own children. For example, court orders without “custody” titles are a less restrictive option which more closely satisfies constitutional requirements.

3)  The case hopes to secure constitutional protection for shared parenting and joint childrearing arrangements after divorce or separation. Such protection will reduce parental alienation, family conflict and child seizures caused by lawyers and evaluators who benefit from needless litigation.

4)  An extraordinary First Amendment question in this case requires Supreme Court review: Are judges and lawyers immune from public criticisms of their childrearing authority? Severe retributions were inflicted upon a conscientious advocate who went against his own profession to bring this long overdue case.

These issues will remain subject to diverse and harmful treatment in our local courts unless you get involved in the John Parent case today. Please contact fellow victims, alert the media, make your donations on our site at Leon and buy our court avoidance program at or You can also contact the case sponsor, Leon R. Koziol, J.D. directly at (315) 796-4000.

If you’ve been following our hard work and sacrifices on your behalf, you will hopefully recognize the need to secure financial resources. Kindly consider supporting our efforts!

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