Thank You to John Parent Supporters in Supreme Court Case

A doctor in Virginia, law partner in Chicago, professor at Columbia University, businesswoman in Syracuse, psychologist from California, fathers rights leader in Pittsburgh, a former congressman, and a retired officer of the United States Marines. These are some of the people who have answered our call for support in the John Parent case docketed for consideration by the United States Supreme Court. There is no guarantee that our high court will hear argument, but there would be no chance of success if someone did not pave the way, a competent advocate who risked his livelihood to make the case for parents victimized in divorce and Family Court.

As we press on by contacting organizations, fellow victims and family sympathizers, it is important to reiterate the uphill battle faced by any lawyer who undertakes a challenge of this kind against his own profession. While moms and dads remain angry and confused over the abuses they incur in these courts, the simple explanation is that they have become a gold mine for lawyers and service providers exploiting their children for money. When family resources run out, so do the intruders with their purported concerns and the needless controversies they perpetuate in countless cases. Our little ones suffer the most.

How did we, as intelligent Americans and loving parents, allow this to happen? How can we go on with our daily lives impaired by the crime statistics, productivity losses and health issues which this child industry has caused? Why are the presidential debates devoid of the most important issue of our day, the need to reform our domestic relations courts so that separated parents can be encouraged to raise their children in cooperative fashion? How can we continue to disregard a parenting rights case in our nation’s highest court which is being trumped by gay marriage advocates seeking the attention of the same court?

It took four years of hard work and sacrifice to get the John Parent case to the Supreme Court. During that time, less than $1,700 was donated to the cause, only $35 since the Supreme Court phase began last month. It cost over $2,000 in filing fees and print requirements alone just to have the case docketed, and even basic lawyer fees for the entire project is estimated to be well into the six figures. Yet many observers, detractors and self made “experts” continue to criticize and pontificate about this case without the slightest positive contribution. Is it no wonder that our family institutions are failing all around us?

A heartfelt thanks to all who have understood the importance of our work and perseverance on behalf of parents, children and families everywhere! We ask you again to get seriously involved in promoting John Parent v State of New York while the Supreme Court still has this case under its microscope. By December, this opportunity may slip by and never return, at least not during our lifetimes. It takes more than words and mere intentions to secure meaningful reform. And when it comes to our most cherished rights under the Constitution, there is no better place than our Supreme Court to make this happen. Just ask Ms. “Roe”, another fictitious plaintiff in the highly unexpected case of Roe v Wade, abortion rights circa 1973.

The staff and supporters at Leon

Administrators Note: We are asking all followers of this website to kindly help support Dr. Koziol and his efforts to bring forth this precedent seeking case.

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