Parents Recognized In Presidential Debates, But Will Their Rights Be Protected?

By  Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Well it finally happened.  In the third round of debates for president and vice-president, parents were recognized for their importance to American society. It began with Mitt Romney toward the end of the Hofstra engagement with the rights of children to have both parents involved in their lives. This was the closest that any candidate in recent memory has come to recognizing the plight of fathers routinely discriminated in America’s domestic relations courts.

The Republican candidate explained that marriage as opposed to contraceptives should be the preferred agenda of government on social issues, drawing upon a conservative ideology which aligned him with the likes of Ronald Reagan (but not George Bush). However, he wrapped things up with his now infamous “binder of women” approach to equal rights derived from his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts.

The Democrat candidate quickly shot back, declaring women to be a family issue and thereby saving himself from a liberal philosophy that essentially declares the other half of the voting population to be evil. It allowed Barack Obama to join Mario Cuomo’s “Family of New York” and Hillary Clinton’s “Village”. He then returned safely to the women’s rights issue by declaring that his daughters deserved equal opportunities.

Nowhere in the debate was the issue of fatherless America raised. Like a sacred cow forever guarded by the same feminists who demand equality in all other areas of “the law”, no candidate for either office dared to confront our last bastion of institutionalized discrimination. Yet most rational minded voters would agree that fatherless families are a leading cause of our social problems today.

We pay for it in the contraceptives supplied through taxation, an escalation of crime, abuse of assault rifles and the rise in health care costs, all issues which dominated the debates. Meanwhile the damage to our productivity goes unmentioned as lawyers and government agents regulate our lives in divorce and Family Court. Indeed it takes no lawyer to conclude that these same issues are the symptoms and not the root of our problems in America today.

Flying well off this radar screen is a parenting rights case being considered by the Supreme Court. It was docketed on September 20, 2012 under the caption John Parent v State of New York, no 12-350. Parent is a fictitious party like the one permitted in Roe v Wade, and it is intended to represent parents victimized in our nation’s domestic relations courts. More than a civil rights case, it is a human rights cause designed to restore protection for the “oldest liberty interest” recognized under our Constitution.

Hopefully, all candidates for public office will take note of this case, if not the greater issue, even if the high court rejects it in favor of gay marriage, funeral protesters and other matters of “national prominence”. It took four grueling years for John Parent to work his way through our federal courts. Now it’s time to give him a chance to be heard. Our viability as a free and civilized nation depends upon it.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
President and Founder
Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502(315) 796-4000

2 thoughts on “Parents Recognized In Presidential Debates, But Will Their Rights Be Protected?

  1. Dr Koziol,

    Obama is clearly waging a war against men. The first bill he signed into law was the Lily Ledbetter act which supposedly gives women better pay opportunities in the workplace.

    Last year 25% more women graduated college than men. That is a GIGANTIC difference and a clear sign that men are being discriminated against and criminalized on every level. I know as a father raising a girl that boys are not supposed at all any longer. Everywhere you have student council, an art program, a theatre program, a music class, a singing lesson, anything that requires a child to be creative or use their imagination and boys are no where to be found. Why not? Because there is no support for young men any more. No one cares about boys. It’s frowned upon for a boy to do anything but play video games. Boys are even these days made fun of if they do good in school. I kid you not. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

    So who do we have trying to change it? Certainly not our President who I stupidly voted for four years ago. He is waging a gender war on men. When asked to comment about the disparity on the amount of women graduating over the amount of men he said:

    CNS News: “In fact, more women as a whole now graduate from college than men,”Obama wrote. “This is a great accomplishment—not just for one sport or one college or even just for women but for America. And this is what Title IX is all about.”

    Take that to the bank.

    I am in grad school and recently had to do a heuristic report on the white house website as a class assignment. I clicked on health care and then I clicked on the button “Relief for You”. Figuring of course “you” in fact meant “me” as in myself since I am indeed an American. In fact I’m a single father so no doubt this would include me, right?

    Here’s what I found, they had groups of people who they were targeting and lining out how Obamacare helps them. I figured we were all being separated into groups and I’d eventually get to single fathers somewhere. Or at least “young men” or “men” if you really wanted to dilute it. Here’s how it went:

    #1 – Women and Families – okay that accounts for over 50% of the population right there. This is who he supports the most. Okay fine but I’ll find men and families in this somewhere, right?

    #2 – Young Adults – I’m not a youngin’ any longer, I’m 34 and will be offically out of the 25-34 age bracket in a matter of months.

    #3 – Seniors – Not for another 35 years.

    #4 – Employers – Actually my employer let me go and now I’m screwed. But thanks for letting me knwo you support them. Next.

    #5 – Health Care Providers – okay I’m starting to think I’m not included here. Next.

    #6 – People with Disabilities – now maybe I could fake a disability like millions of other Americans. If so I could get to be #6 on the list of segments of the population that the country is supporting. But alas I’m not that kind of guy. Next.

    End of list.

    Wow. I’m not included on the presidents list of people he supports. And this is right off of the

    I got news for you Dr Koziol, you’re not on the list either. And either is my kid because she isn’t paired up with a woman to be included on the “women and families” #1 slot up there sitting pretty at the top of the list supported citizens.

    Barrak Obama does not care one bit about men. He is happy to see us all fall out and crumble and for fatherhood to turn into a national crisis. He has lost touch with what a “deadbeat dad” is and is stuck in some kind of 1970’s timewarp. He hasn’t caught up with the real world.

    Maybe Mr. Obama should have his wife leave him and take the kids and let him get the hammer like the rest of us. It’s disgusting that this man is a father himself and has completely abandoned fatherhood at it’s greatest time of need.

    aka Ryan Ward

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