Petraeus Scandal Highlights Flaws in America’s Divorce and Custody Courts

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By  Dr. Leon R. Koziol

What was our CIA Director doing in a domestic relations case trying to influence its outcome? David Petraeus resigned as Director of our nation’s highest intelligence agency after promoting a “non-custodial” mother deemed to be “psychologically unstable” by the presiding judge of a local custody court. This mother was not only a lawyer who knew how to influence the system from outside, but she happened to be the twin sister of a Florida socialite rumored to be one of two mistresses in possession of national security information.

The scenario gets complicated. Apparently, some kind of love triangle erupted between two women associates and Petraeus, all married, which got out of control. The scandal came to light after one mistress began doing battle with the other in order to obtain exclusive “access” rights to the Director. But this was no garden variety affair of the kind which damaged a former president and the governors of two large states. This one threatened the interests of national security while exposing the flaws in America’s divorce and custody courts.

For starters, a bimbo battle here at home is no reason to expose outsiders to secrets that could endanger the lives of our military overseas. As for our domestic court system, the scheme to influence a custody case supports what our Parenting Rights Institute has been warning all along. These archaic and lucrative custody laws are harming the health, productivity and welfare of an entire nation. It is a central argument of a civil rights case now before the United States Supreme Court which is scheduled for conference on November 20, 2012.

The case, John Parent v State of New York, asks our nation’s highest court to strike down over-broad classifications of “custody” and “non-custody” which lead to controversies of the kind which involved our nation’s CIA Director. While he was offering parenting opinions about a non-relative and his official influence to a local judge, security issues were emerging across the Middle East and South Asia. Mandated custody titles force parents to war over their offspring in a needless and sometimes barbaric contest that draws countless people away from crucial jobs.

A multi-billion dollar industry has resulted which, like other forms of economic exploitation, insulates itself from public criticism. This is why conscientious lawyers are suppressed or removed altogether when they try to advance progressive and gender neutral reforms. Indeed the John Parent case reads like a John Grisham novel with refreshing honesty which can never be matched by our ex-Director’s biographer. It has caused our institute to offer parents a court management program as the substitute for destructive court battles. Visit us at www.Leon

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