Parenting Institute Offers Writing Services to Divorce and Family Victims


Perhaps you have had your children needlessly taken from you, the divorce process may have caused your boy or girl to become alienated, your life’s earning were seized to satisfy endless controversy created by lawyers. You wanted to be properly heard, but the opportunity was wrongfully denied. Whatever your ordeal, you have a story which needs to be told.

That’s why the Parenting Rights Institute is offering writing, editing and publishing services to those who have this need but lack the professional skills to make it a reality. It may be the one thing which your family and friends read some day which sheds the proper light upon you as a genuine loving person. It may even attract the attention of a movie producer, news reporter or other audience that you are targeting.

Over the years, we at the Parenting Rights Institute have received stories from people who could not get justice in divorce and Family Court. Despite the best efforts of so many parental advocates that we have come to know, reform is not going to happen anytime soon. The multi-billion dollar industry built around our children is simply too lucrative and politically influential.

Your greatest contribution, therefore, may be a book, petition, news release or other diverse publication that accords you some measure of justice or accomplishment. You are hoping to share your experience so that others will not fall victim. It’s the kind of project which can get you more peace of mind than any court therapist can provide. And you are the one in command.

If you have such a need, or know someone who does, feel free to contact our Institute at (315) 796-4000 or You can also mail us a confidential proposal for a negotiable price at our office: Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. Our founder, Dr. Leon Koziol, has published extensive work and editorials over a 25 year period, including a court avoidance program and novel available at Leon This is your crucial life story. Don’t let others define it.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Institute Offers Writing Services to Divorce and Family Victims

  1. Chris Thompson

    Dr. Koziol;

    Please find my story attached, though many of the links are broken due to my ex-wife’s attorney restricting my first amendment rights. Regardless, I have the files to corroborate all statements, a deep desire to change this for my boys, and offer our story for to you to use to make changes for all children nationwide.

    I will begin to change legislation in my state in January and plan to be in DC to help enact change there in February, please let me know if any of this is useful to what you are doing and thanks for fighting for the cause!


      Christopher J Thompson PO Box 1504 Bozeman, MT 59771 406.599.0382


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