Self Represented Parents Winning with PRI Program in Divorce and Family Court


The success of the Parenting Rights Institute Court Program has influenced us to continue our reduced price offer through April, 2013. For the past year, the Institute has been improving this program to help participating parents avoid exorbitant legal fees (if you have a lawyer) and to succeed with self representation (if you do not have one). It has also helped parents resolve differences out of court through less damaging alternatives. References are available.

For those who have joined the program, we have provided network assistance, lawyer referrals and such unique benefits as background checks on various state judges so that you are not left alone in your parenting ordeals. Look us up at and make your purchase today at the discounted price of $299. This is less than the cost of many single consultations with a lawyer who might make matters worse for you. Read the program summary with professional background of its producer, and feel free to contact our office at (315) 380-3420. Get prepared, avoid needless litigation and protect your children!

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