Alarming Story Coming Soon!


As many of our followers already know, this site has received scrutiny from public officials and members of the legal profession. Some of it is privately supportive. Others are actively seeking to suppress the important reform efforts which are featured here.

Consequently, we have had to be cautious when releasing material. This has led to a recent void in public posts.  However, the administration team here at Leon Koziol. Com would like to assure you that we have not given up the vital cause for parental rights. That’s why you will soon be getting a major release with alarming disclosures. It has been in the works for some time now.  Therefore, please have your news, social media, individual and group contact information on standby in anticipation of our next post.

In other recent news, we would like to thank Fox News Latino Correspondent Rick Sanchez for his bold response (Click to See Video) to Melissa Harris-Perry’s original comments taken from a recent MSNBC promo (Click to See Video) which advocates the “the collective notion of raising children.”

We parents know all too well the danger of statism and collective childrearing as advocated by Ms. Perry. Because of it, this misguided ideology, good moms and dads are routinely denied access to their children by the courts in matters of divorce, custody and support. All too late, many parents are waking up to the harsh reality these days, that they have little or no say in who is actually raising their children.

So, why is nobody talking about this? KJ Dell’Antonia, in a recent New York Times Column, has offered some insight on this question. She concludes in her Motherlode feature that “when even the suggestion that we could make better collective investments in our youth can become a flashpoint for the rhetoric of division, the conversation about how we can better support families and care for our children becomes one we’re even less likely to have.”

Well in response to this, we have a prominent civil rights advocate in Leon Koziol with nearly a quarter century of court experience who has been offering discourse on these very subjects for many years. He has provided it in our nation’s capital, in New York City, the courts, congress, the state legislature and the media in general. If the mainstream news media chooses to ignore it, how can their commentators claim that the needed discussion is “less likely” to occur?

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