Judge Removed From Koziol Custody Case Now Removed By High Court


You just can’t make this stuff up!

Once again, well ahead of his time, Leon Koziol targeted a family court judge back in August of 2011, seeking to have him removed from a custody case involving his 7 and 9 year old girls in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Koziol repeatedly objected over the years to any sessions known as “Lincoln” hearings conducted without the parents present in the privacy of a judge’s chambers. Eventually, Judge Hedges granted Mr. Koziol’s motion and removed himself from the case. Only 6 months later, the judge was brought up on charges of sexually abusing a 5 year old handicapped girl and the New York Judicial Conduct Commission removed him from the bench.

This is the same commission where the 28 page report was submitted by Mr. Koziol that was published here at Leon Koziol.Com on April 23, 2013. Just 2 days later, the high court of New York affirmed Judge Hedge’s removal.

See New York Daily News Article (Click Here)

The following excerpt was taken from Page 9 of Mr. Koziol’s report:

Another named defendant was Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges who was removed from the bench by this Commission in a recent published decision. He admitted to sexual interactions with a handicapped 5 year old girl (relative) while in law school. The sordid details are better left to the decision but only months prior to his removal, this same judge presided over my ongoing custody case. My motion for his recusal was opposed by the divorce lawyer and child attorney on grounds that this judge was beyond reproach. It was fortunately granted prior to the standard “Lincoln” session in chambers (without the parents) involving my then 7 and 8 year old girls.

8 thoughts on “Judge Removed From Koziol Custody Case Now Removed By High Court

  1. HRose

    The Piece of Shit may have been removed from the bench, but was he prosecuted and locked away? You didn’t mention that

  2. Ray Brew

    If these judges are crooked, liars, in bed with woman’s attorney, child abusers, fathers abusers, why are they not easy to take off the case and then put in jail for their crimes. I had a crooked judges that was getting pay offs from his Law Clerk attorney buddy yet to this day I have never been able to recover from all the corruption he dished out to me. Today their acts are forcing me into MEDICAID (tax payer paid – yet I have had stolen from me well over $500,000), total poverty, a totally abused by her mother child, I can not get any protection from multiple written threats to my life by the X and her accomplices and I’m losing my life due to the extortion. The state of NY REFUSES to lift a finger on anything to help me.

    Russell Brust


  3. Hedges reminds me of Judge Watkins, in West Virginia. He’s been removed, but the system remains that allowed the abusive judge. We need immediate family law reform across America.

  4. HRose

    I read the Daily News piece on the perverted court whore ex judge. I’m a self-declared dumbshit- Please educate me: Why is it that Dr. Emad Tadros loses $200,000 to a disreputable king of court whores, and you lose your law license – and this filthy perverted POS ex judge scum just gets fired? Wtf is wrong with that picture Dr. Leon? Keep in mind that I am a self-declared know-nothing moron. Please use your talents and educumate me

  5. Thankyou Leon for keeping up on the removing of the law breaking Judges. I was there for Leon and his children at Foley SQ. in NY on June 15, 2012 for the Parents Rally at his Federal court hearing. U.S. Citizens do not be afraid to speak out about these corrupt Judges who violate your rights in the courts. WV Judge Watkins was suspended (Family Court) to the end of his assignment in 2016. Hopefully he will not be reinstated and will nort be able to destroy any more lives. For details email me: ctparents@gmail.com ‘US Concerned Parents’ support group & Parents MOVEment.

  6. HRose

    Actually Leon,

    The scumbag POS F’ing Pervert former poor excuse for a judge should still be on “a” bench- A Prison cell bench, where he takes it up his ass by his new inmate colleagues

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