Help Stop the Spread of FCIV!


As a follow up to a previous post dated April, 24, 2013, the Chicago Sun Times has since reported that a Custody dispute may be linked to killing of 5 in downstate family,” according to the news story headline.

See Chicago Sun Times (Click Here)

While the staff here at Leon Koziol.Com does not condone FCIV (Family Court Inspired Violence), it is our sincere hope that both lawmakers and the judiciary will take the necessary corrective actions that are long overdue by providing all parents with fair and equal treatment in matters involving divorce, child custody and support. However, until victims of litigant abuse realize they have a personal responsibility to advocate and find creative ways to finance such reform efforts, these sorts of foreseeable and otherwise preventable tragedies will continue to occur.

Leon Koziol, J.D., has been a long time advocate of such reform. He sacrificed a successful law career when he first began his whistle blowing efforts to expose a multi-billion dollar child-control industry, one that promotes needless and ever-lasting conflict at the expense of loving parents after unexpectedly finding himself in this very same predicament.  Unfortunately, he can no longer afford to fight this battle alone (for the benefit of all loving parents) without your financial support. Here is an excerpt from his report to the New York Judicial Conduct Commission which outlines his own personal experiences. When you read the entire report, you can’t help but wonder, how the average person without a civil rights background such as Mr. Koziol’s, would ever stand a fair chance? This is why your support of his efforts is absolutely essential.

“More than 25 trial level judges were assigned to my originally uncontested divorce case over a seven year period. Some are no longer on the bench, one was publicly admonished, and another was removed as Family Court judge due to child sex abuse. Meanwhile, I was made a target of retribution on the same day I presented an appeals court with widespread misconduct by a lawyer seated on the Fifth District ethics committee. Two years afterward, the same appeals court, in its disciplinary capacity, suspended my law license while a motion for its discharge was pending. Only weeks later, my request was granted, and the entire appeals court belatedly stepped down.”

Read the entire report (Click Here)

There are several ways that our readers can help finance reform efforts in order to help stop the spread of family court inspired violence. The first way is by simply making a donation to the Parenting Rights Institute using the PayPal link located on the right hand side of the page. The second way is through the purchase of PRI Self-Guided Court Program. Either way, your support is greatly appreciated!

One thought on “Help Stop the Spread of FCIV!

  1. FCIV….. spread that tag line Family Court inspired violence…. Family Court inspired violence… courts are gonna hate that one…. long live Liberty

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