Police: Custody Dispute Motive in Manchester Slayings


“After 23 years of success as a civil rights attorney, Leon R.Koziol, J.D., predicts increase in violence arising from litigant abuses in our courts.”

Taken from a report submitted to the New York Judicial Conduct Commission By Leon R. Koziol, J.D., on April, 23, 2013.

Read the entire report: (Click Here)


The staff here at LeonKoziol.Com has just received late breaking news regarding the Manchester, Illinois killings that occurred in the early morning hours of April 24, 2013, just shortly after the above referenced report was released on this website and predicted an outbreak of such violence.

According to State Police investigative findings released today, it was determined that a custody battle was the motive for the recent killings. For those of you who follow this website on a regular basis, outbreaks of FCIV (Family Court Inspired Violence) as confirmed by these latest findings, should come hardly as a surprise.

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Leon Koziol is available for media commentary regarding this story and other related subject matter. He can be reached
at (315) 796-4000.

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