With One Judge Removed From Family Court, Koziol Seeks Removal of Another


Just when you thought it was safe to return to court, along comes another example of misconduct and gross incompetence which we have targeted in the Syracuse Onondaga County Family Court. Parents entering this arena are at risk of similar victimization and should pass out flyers at the courthouse steps to demand corrective action on a daily basis. The people of Syracuse, New York must take a hard look at what is happening in their public system of justice.

After going through nearly 30 trial level judges in the past seven years of a once uncontested divorce, Leon Koziol has announced that enough is enough. No more payments will be made to this “child support” bureaucracy fraudulently declaring itself to be acting in the “best interests of our children.” A letter has been issued directly to a support magistrate demanding his resignation after another judge, Bryan Hedges, of the same Family Court was removed by the state’s top court last week for sexual abuse upon a handicapped five year old niece.

Once again, you just can’t make this stuff up. Apparently only our protected judges can do this as a Family Court magistrate, James Gorman, actually manufactured a PhD among Mr. Koziol’s professional qualifications to support his “finding” that imputed income can be satisfied with no reduction in obligations. There is much more, and you simply have to read the entire demand letter attached here. It can be used as a template for your own demands, as we continue cleansing judicial office across the country from its corruption and misconduct upon good Americans.

After Koziol publicized his last complaint to the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct, this “child support” magistrate, named in that complaint, evidently abused his position in revenge so that free speech of the kind found at Leon Koziol.com can be utterly shut down. Whether you are a support victim, a subject of child alienation, a police officer sworn to uphold this system or a common taxpayer who pays for it all, this story must be told. More important, it must be read completely, and it must be circulated everywhere to promote “free press” that is being harmed.

Your parenting and childrearing crises are only going to get worse unless you join our civil rights movement and take real action. As this site shows throughout, there is extensive drive and professional qualifications to secure long overdue reform to our divorce and Family Courts. But it cannot be done without proper resources against a bureaucracy so large and out of control. If ten people can invest $10,000 a piece instead of donating it to useless lawyers, we can get a good start and begin entering your cases and courthouses to expose similar abuses. Maybe you have the connections to assist in our fundraising and reform efforts. For every abused child, and our moral fiber as a nation, we are running out of time! Stay tuned, more alarming news to follow.

See Request For James Gorman’s Resignation (Click Here)

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