Parent sues judge over 3-year custody battle

This recent story is one of many cases that we’ve featured here at involving the abuse of parents who are fleeced of their finances while their children are being exploited in the process.


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3 thoughts on “Parent sues judge over 3-year custody battle

  1. A Person Can Sue a fast food chain for spilling hot coffee on himself, for an exorbitant amount. Praise you for taking on the biggest travesty of My Lifetime and Millions of other, Parents, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. With that said, it extends to Billions of people around the world.
    I will follow this closely. Good Luck and God Bless. Brian Moffett Face Book

  2. kashdoller

    It is absolutely mind blowing how currupt this entire industry is. Mind blowing not because it’s currupt, many things in America are at various levels of curruption, this just being another one of them. What is mindblowing about this is that these judges, lawyers, agents, case workers, police, all the players in on this all are WELL aware of what they are doing. And what they are doing is USING children to MAKE MONEY. It’s not true across the board but the bottom line here is that this entire secret hush hush industry has turned into a money jaugernaut. And for what? What do they gain? A multi billion dollar industry in which unscrupulous people actually chose as a career to profit from. A family law lawyer has no real reason to get into family law other than to make money. There is nothing else to gain from being in family law in America that I can see. Unless possibly you chose to champion a segment of people (like single fathers or battered women or something like that). But I’ve rarely seen any of these lawyers reduce their potential money sources by only targeting certain segments of population anyhow. And the kicker here is that 99% of the population is completely in the dark about this. The first thing out of everyones mouth when you say you have custody issues or problems with the ex is to “get a lawyer”. If anyone ever stopped to use their head for a god damn moment they would be able to see that hiring a family law lawyer makes absolutely NO SENSE. Why would I give away globs of money to a person who is only there to take my money. They don’t have my best interests in mind, they just want to make as much money as possible. They don’t want all my problems to go away. They want me to fight and make more problems so they can make more money by taking it from me. They don’t care about my kids, my ex, or even me. The worse off I am, the better off they are. These particular lawyers are the worst in my book because for them it doesn’t even matter if they “win” or “lose”. Mostly in part because there typically isn’t a “win” or “lose” to begin with. They are not there to make everything work out because that would lead them broke. At least with other types of lawyers you can mostly rest assured while they are still taking globs of money from you that they at least are working with you for your better interests like in a criminal case or other such types of areas of law where a lawyer would be needed. Not family law. These people are scum. Go into the easy area of law to make a ton of money and never having to really break a sweat. Easy cash. And these judges here like you got here, they are no better. Many times even worse. And mostly just working with the lawyers because they used to be a lawyer themselves. It’s just a big fat money making scheme these kangaroo courts.

    Oh and by the way I have told dozens maybe upward to over hundred people about your family law video series do-it-yourself kit. Not sure how many have purchased it but I am actually rather passionate about this family law scam. Sometimes people just don’t seem to care or want to listen though. Other times they are more receptive. Others don’t seem to believe everything I say. I guess I would find it crazy too. Others don’t really even seem to care, sadly this is most people I come across.

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