First Amendment Petition Docketed by U.S. Supreme Court in Koziol Case


Does the First Amendment apply to our third branch of government, and if so, can the rights found under the Fourteenth Amendment be set aside to suppress the protected activity of a civil rights attorney seeking to reform abusive practices in our states’ family courts?

This is the single compound question placed before the United States Supreme Court in a Petition for Writ filed on December 9, 2013 and formally docketed on December 12, 2013 under Case No. 13-702 entitled Leon Koziol v Committee on Professional Standards. It is an unprecedented filing which squarely confronts that long unwritten rule that our citizens should not criticize our courts, especially those most qualified to do so as civil rights attorneys.

The content of this case is sure to startle any reader. Putting aside the legalese, its fundamental principles make this an important filing for anyone who has found himself or herself abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Such victims are likely to find this landscape familiar while those who challenge government abuses may relate on a broader level. Media and public interest groups should find it even more intriguing.

This is a case which truly occurred in the land of equality, liberty and free speech. The Koziol ordeal over an eight year period has been compared to Gao Zhisheng, the civil rights attorney in China stripped of his law license and denied access to his children for criticizing a communist government. It warrants your support and internet sharing efforts. This is our duty as good Americans who will not surrender to such creeping forms of government.

Fortunately, in the days preceding this filing with the Supreme Court, Leon Koziol was able to secure a stay order in a New York appeals court to enforce holiday parenting time while a Family Court Magistrate referred his support case to a higher judge to decide issues of parental alienation as a defense to such obligations. These successes, however, may have come too late as the parents are now financially destroyed and the children harmed beyond measure. Such injuries are common in our nation’s domestic relations courts. It is a trillion dollar industry.

Read the First Amendment Supreme Court Writ: (Click Here)

6 thoughts on “First Amendment Petition Docketed by U.S. Supreme Court in Koziol Case

  1. I read through most of your supreme court writ, and I have to commend you for your sacrifice, Dr. Koziol. I’ll make my best effort to make it to any future marches you may organize, though I work 50 hours most weeks. I miss my little girl, and I sense you must be missing yours pretty badly too. I’m walking in your shoes, Dr. Koziol, so be encouraged there is ONE more to support you in this war against our liberties all over our nation and in so many different venues… I keep wishfully thinking there was some way we could get back that priceless time we’ve lost with our girls, but then reality sets in, doesn’t it? Your warfare on the front lines will not soon be forgotten by me. (salute)

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